Athlete of the year: As a Team Sport is more fun | Landkreis Miesbach

2019 won Sophia Black, Magdalena Baumann and Lisa Bramm of the SG Hausham the Bavarian championship 3 x 800 meters – and were chosen by the readers to the team

Athlete of the year: As a Team Sport is more fun | Landkreis Miesbach

2019 won Sophia Black, Magdalena Baumann and Lisa Bramm of the SG Hausham the Bavarian championship 3 x 800 meters – and were chosen by the readers to the team of the year.

Hausham – title wanted to gather routes Sophia Black, Magdalena Baumann and Lisa Bremm heuer not only as a team in the Jersey of the LG Oberland, but also on the individual. But then parted Corona in between, great titles have been cancelled fights and "small" title fights "just maybe", or not at all.

Sophia-Black the Corona-Phase bridged with runs around your place of residence, Fischbachau. "Our coaches have made the effort to create training plans," says the 16-Year-old, which has been running since 2014 and active in the Association and in the year-on-year in the German 3000 meters-Elite U16 is pre-encounter. "Often to me when Alone, Running has been missing is the Motivation, but if I had done the Training well, it was a great feeling," says the pupil at the gymnasium Miesbach. According to your valuable Be done in the Cross and in the hall in the Winter, is now hoping the season 2021, and would like to heuer to launch more in the case of "forest and meadow runs," and especially in the Cross more achievements to collect. However, she has a hike in your alternative training on the mountain with and mountain Biking lost some speed. But: "of course, That was also quite nice that I could inspire me for other sports."

+ space 2, the choice of the TEV Miesbach. Mercury staff Thomas Spiesl (R) is presented with the trophy (from left) David Keckeis, John Bacher and Dusan Frosch.©Thomas Plettenberg

Glad Lisa Bremm is that the lonely, in-home Training is over. The actual 400-Meter specialist from Radthal in Irschenberg has discovered the athletics only three years ago, but in the long-print it is now a steep uphill climb for the Miesbach high school student. "I find that I turn off when Running just fine, to think and to push my physical limits can go." However, in the group the more fun. Therefore, it was for the 16-Year-old a very long time "to train without the other". Your planning on a potential Competition is currently running in a rather spontaneous, although they had also some runners residues in terms of speed and reaction, from the starting block plug.

County athlete of the year: these are the winners.

2015 came to Magdalena Baumann for running. A great deal of pleasure your here is that "I can turn off when you just Walk by everyday, and I like the feeling to be totally exhausted". The 17-year-old Mies bacherin completed "their" routes on the doorstep: Uphill run to the water castle, at the Stadel mountain or the Giglberg or simply a round in the forest. "Our coach Barbara Stich has provided us from the beginning, with a great diverse training plans," says churches, the student of the FOS wood. "I found it alone so beautiful, because I I motivate just totally happy with each other and with our training group over – me kind of different." Especially nice is the feeling afterwards, "that it is all done, or that the other is also just like me be yourself". Although it was speculated after the failure of two intended for a Competition, the mountain runs more on the autumn, you now glad that you can train with your group. On the train in Hausham, you do not depend, although, because, "I'd rather walk in the nature". To strength and conditioning, she has lost nothing in speed and tactics, however, already. The season of failure Magdalena Baumann takes in its stride: "it has Annoyed me actually, nothing, because it is just the way it is and it is for us and the health of the other better."

+ space-3 reached the League-Curling-contactor, the interior of the TSV hard penning. Mercury editor Sebastian Grauvogl congratulates (from left) Barbara cross, cher, Andrea Lembert, Sandra Schneider, Gertraud Zellermayer, Romy Weikel and Monika Mösl.©Andreas leather

Now allowed to train the three young runners together to train in Hausham. A bit of melancholy about the spring, one notices especially a trainer stitch: "Our annual training camp at Easter in Italy is an ad hoc ceased to exist", regrets. There, they would have prepared for their wards like intensive on the season – to be able to use the title of choice for team of the year defend.

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