And now? Five Lessons from Super Tuesday

1. Joe Biden is back, now really. It went on this Super Tuesday in allerster line to win the primaries in each state - in the end, only the number of delegat

And now? Five Lessons from Super Tuesday

1. Joe Biden is back, now really.

It went on this Super Tuesday in allerster line to win the primaries in each state - in the end, only the number of delegated votes (the News Ticker) counts. But that was impressive. Federal state to Federal state Biden winning: Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee. And then even Massachusetts, the home of Senator Elizabeth Warren. It was agreed that either you or Sanders would stand up on the podium. But Biden? The is not made once the election campaign, because he wanted to not waste money.

a week ago, the Kampagnge of Joe stand Biden shortly before the political and financial death (to the comment). Two catastrophic defeats in a row, then a really poor second place in Nevada. Biden seemed to have fallen out of time. A candidate who was trying to sell the past as a concept for the future. Then South Carolina on Saturday - a landslide victory. And even more importantly, Three moderate candidates subsequently rose, Tom Steyer, Pete Buttigieg, and Amy Klobuchar. The latter two now support Biden. All of this was enough thrust to get the democratic voters to Ponder. You want a candidate who can beat Trump, not more not less. And Biden, you seem to hold for very suitable. He has the large number of over-65-Year-old behind. And a large majority of the black population. It can be build.

But the road to the nomination is still far. Biden has a run - but lasts only four days. The past days have shown that the mood can turn quickly.

2. For Sanders, it would have to run considerably better.

The overwhelming victory of Biden in South Carolina has brought the campaign planning of Sanders properly mixed. He wanted to be gone after this Super Tuesday the other candidates with a big gap between himself and the Rest of the field. He, apparently, failed. What is due to the fact that the field within a day has shrunk from hopelessly fragmented in manageable together. What, above all, the fashion stock rates good to Joe Biden. Now the only progressive candidate Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, as well as the two moderate Biden and the multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg are facing.

But Bernie Sanders is not yet at an end. He has won in Utah, in Vermont and Colorado. The boy standing behind him and the Latinos. Maybe he will win Texas. And in the largest US state of California, the main competitor is Biden clearly.

But Sanders takes big victories, because he must enforce different than Biden - also against the party leadership. And for that he needs the Congress in July, a clear majority. The dynamics does not speak in the Moment that he gets them so easily, as he has still a week ago, maybe painted.

3. The decision is probably only in July. to win

the nomination right off the bat, you must have a candidate in 1991 delegates to vote in the Luggage before he leaves in mid-July during the democratic national Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If the Super Tuesday will go as he has begun, then the chances of getting none of the candidates, this number of voices rise together. The majority of the delegates votes are not awarded at the Moment. Already the end of March, but 60 percent will be set.

No other the day of the election but the democratic electorate is represented in the USA as well as this Super Tuesday. And this electorate has now brought a clear head-to-head race between Sanders and Biden out. At the Moment it is not clear what to change in the coming weeks - even if now soon, Elizabeth Warren, and Michael Bloomberg get off. These both have a head-to-head race-off for third place delivered this Tuesday. Unlikely that Warren supporters crowded Biden in large Numbers, or Bloomberg-trailer to Sanders. Your trailer is likely to remain, for the most part in their political Camps.

If neither Biden nor Sanders with the necessary number of votes to appear in Milwaukee, then the aisle will vote in a second election, the super delegates - mainly government officials and party functionaries -. And the seem to be Sanders ' to the majority to be rather averse to. At the end of Sanders could be after the primaries in front of Biden. But Biden win with the help of the super delegates, nevertheless, the nomination. That would put the party in front of a tear sample.

4. Momentum beats money.

Michal Bloomberg has, apparently, actually believed he could buy this election. He has only to give in November, his candidacy is known, the first primaries will be skipped. And wanted to leave on this Super Tuesday all behind. Soon to be 500 million dollars he has used so far. Far more than Barack Obama has spent on his entire re-election campaign in 2012. In the surveys, Bloomberg quickly rose in the two digit range. And what is left? A huge Bust. He has won on this Super Tuesday a few delegate votes. But not even in the approach enough to be able to seriously with Biden and Sanders to keep up.

It was a woman that knocked him out: Elizabeth Warren. In two TV debates, the Senator has made him to be. She put his sexism, as well as a racist police tactics, which he established as mayor of New York. And, not least, the fact that he has supported until recently, celebrity duck Republicans in election campaigns. "This man is not to be trusted", Warren said. The democratic voters seem to look similar.

5. The evening would not have been able to Trump better.

The election night showed once again that the Democrats are in a deep direction of the dispute - and that there are two similarly strong bearing meet. The great danger lies: At the end of the party could go divided on the presidential election, at odds over the path, split over the candidates. Trump could scarcely wish for an easier opponent. If the demo craters have a real Chance against Trump, will depend on the end probably just as much from the losers of the primaries, the presidential candidates themselves. Because the loser will have to contribute a decisive share to the party before the actual election battle.

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