Analysis: Now it comes to the turning point in the election campaign

In politics, once said of the British Prime Minister Harold Wilson, a week is a long time. Rarely was this phrase more true than in this election campaign in th

Analysis: Now it comes to the turning point in the election campaign

In politics, once said of the British Prime Minister Harold Wilson, a week is a long time. Rarely was this phrase more true than in this election campaign in the United States. the Bernie Sanders was still a few days ago, before that, to force in the fight for the democratic presidential nomination, a preliminary decision: a Lot of things pointed to the fact that the left Senator would settle on Super Tuesday at the head of the democratic Bewerberfelds. That he would collect so many delegates that he would not be almost obtained.

But something quite different happened: a Comeback of Joe Biden . He has fought on Tuesday on a way to be in the race, which would have only kept a few for possible.

victory without a Dollar-for-TV-advertisement

The former Vice President in the primaries and won in a number of States in the South, where he again benefited from the large support from the African-American voters, who had helped him to victory in South Carolina. 60 percent of Blacks in Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia submitted according to the post-election interviews for him. Biden won, but also in several States in the North of the country, where he had not managed a single campaign appearance in Minnesota, and probably in Maine. In Massachusetts, Biden's campaign had just 11’672 dollars for his campaign, and not a single Dollar for TV ads, while his rivals have invested millions. This is by any measure remarkable.

so It was understandable that Biden's speech was already in the middle of election night is a victory. He confused his wife with his sister, was rather embarrassing, and that he was harassed on stage by two Eco-Activists, for him was rather unpleasant. Stay away from the evening, but that he marked a turning point in the democratic campaign: that Moment, especially moderate white, and African-American voters to the party in a surprising clarity behind him, after it had looked a short time ago, when he was politically dead.

It was at this time still not at all clear how the pre-election in the important state of Texas would turn out. The longer the evening lasted, the more was that Biden would get more votes than Sanders – still a Surprise, still a Triumph. In the polls, Sanders had been located here, until recently, the front. The left-wing politicians who cut off according to the first projections in California at the best. There is to gain by far the most delegates there, Sanders had put a lot of into the election campaign, and a victory there on lifts defeats elsewhere. The counting of votes may take to be out there for days.

The biggest loser of Super Tuesday is Mike Bloomberg.

This means that the distribution of the delegate votes uncertain remains. Key Size: Democrats these are included in the primaries distribute delegates proportionally to all candidates, which is more than 15 percent of the votes in a state or in a particular constituency to get. In the case of a close result, the distribution is uniform, which in turn affects the further course of the election campaign.

what is Clear, however: The left wing of the Democrats hoped for, and the moderates feared by the March of Sanders has not arrived. Instead, the momentum is now with Biden. The post-election surveys reveal that voters have decided at the last Minute for a candidate, stopped by a large majority for the former Vice-President. Sanders benefited from the fact that many of the voters had cast their votes early. Particularly in California, the letter choice is important. Tens of thousands of votes are likely to be passed on this way to those candidates who have finished their election campaign in the meantime: Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar. Although both politicians, Biden recommended on Monday to the election, were lost this vote for him.

it is also Clear who are the big losers of Super Tuesday. Mike Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York, invested more than half a billion dollars of his assets in his election campaign. The yield is modest: He won only the area code in the US outer territory of American Samoa, the sets 6 of 3979 delegates, and landed in some other States in third place. This is not what was presented by Bloomberg, as he entered very late in the presidential race – in the Belief that he will be the candidate who rates the fashion force behind the flocking. According to media reports, the 78-Year-old will decide on Wednesday whether he remains a candidate or his campaign ended and Biden supported.

A severe setback to the Super Tuesday for Elizabeth Warren, the last female candidate could, at least theoretically, chances of the President's candidacy was. The Senator from Massachusetts ended up in their home state of Biden and Sanders in third place. Elsewhere, the former one of the favorites section is disappointing. According to the current state Warren has less delegates than Pete Buttigieg, who had cancelled his campaign at the weekend. On the left wing of the party, one of the Warren, and the demise of the votes, you call their candidacy in favor of Sanders to give up.

Everything is open after the Super Tuesday, but now probably with a slight advantage to Biden. The next primaries take place already on Tuesday. And in this election campaign, as well all know, a long time.

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Updated Date: 04 March 2020, 07:03

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