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Gesture, feigned anger or severe algarade diplomatic that this recall of the ambassador of Algeria in France is-we tried to question ? A closer look, one can sa

Algeria, where the diplomacy of discontent - The Point

Gesture, feigned anger or severe algarade diplomatic that this recall of the ambassador of Algeria in France is-we tried to question ? A closer look, one can say three, and in the guidelines, it is the work of craftsmanship, the china policy, a vase of Soissons that we will break with a real sense of the staging. Act 1, the news agency state, Algeria Press Service, made it big. A paper opening titled "the documentary film about the Hirak broadcast by French tv channels widely decried in Algeria," explained Wednesday afternoon that " the institutions and the people of algeria have been attacked ". Act 2, shortly after the APS, the ministry of foreign affairs publishes a press release furibard in which he denounces " the recurring nature of the programmes broadcasted by public tv channels in French, of which the last in France 5 and the Parliamentary Channel, on may 26, 2020, seemingly spontaneous, and under the pretext of freedom of expression, are in fact attacks against the algerian people and its institutions, including the national popular Army (ANP) ". The words are stinging, the words bleeding : "enmity ", " grudge ", "malicious intentions" ... there would be a conspiracy hourdi by " certain circles who don't want to the advent of more pacific relations between Algeria and France, after 58 independence ". Paranoia ? Certainely. A sign system. Use strong tactics of the news by a regime great political and economic difficulties.

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power disputed for the last fifteen months

The regime in algeria is not known for having the epidermis sensitive. On the contrary. Over time, it has gained a reputation of indifference to criticism, for not much pay attention to the critical, above this kind of troubles. But the power knows how to make excellent use of some of the sequences. Only two documentaries to be able to create a beginning of a diplomatic crisis between Algiers and Paris seem out of proportion. Two documentaries capture facets of the hirak without the leader, what could be more normal fifteen months after the beginning of this movement. Any movement of this size, about sixty weeks of protests every Friday, excluding the pause-related Covid-19, causes the curiosity of journalism, and the desire to understand, to deepen. Either two channels of the public service of French broadcasting, it is also natural, the ecosystem of audiovisual explaining this. "Algeria my love" directed by Mustapha Kessous was screened on France 5 when The Parliamentary Channel was "of Algeria, the revolution up to the goal ?" followed by a debate. Social networks, Facebook primarily, were upset yesterday in the evening, some challenging the youth shown in " Algeria my love ". Testimonies which do not call that a change of governance, but asking for their rights to individual freedoms.

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A feigned anger

the conjunction of The broadcasts has thus provided a great pretext for the algerian authorities to create a diversion in-house : to try to be exhilarating its poor image with its population by playing the nationalist card, sovereigntist, way, " it is our country that is attacked ". And not by anyone : the France. Not to mention the temptation to undermine the hirak in amount against each other. When the reaction viper of the ministry of foreign affairs, she cannot forget the arrests that have multiplied over the last several months in Algeria. Journalists, correspondents of foreign media, have been bones or summoned by the authorities. There are few, " El Manchar ", the equivalent of the Gorafi, was closing its site, concerned about the growing restriction of freedom of opinion. Just a status for Facebook to finish the job. More challenged than ever, the power shines. He knows that after the end of the confinement related to the Covid-19, the protests will resume. And as the economic crisis worsened by weeks of inactivity, will aggravate the anger toward her. Where this diversion diplomatic.

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A severe algarade diplomatic

recalling an ambassador for consultation ? Algiers uses according to the terms of a diplomat neighbor " a measure that has nothing serious, it is the gesture, the demonstration theatre of discontent ". And to add : "in all likelihood, in a few days, the ambassador will be back and we'll move on to something else." This is the press release of the ministry of foreign affairs, which is not the French government but the public media, it is otherwise. The words used are violent. They are reminiscent of those often used by Gaïd Salah, the former chief of Staff, who ruled the country after the resignation of Abdelaziz Bouteflika. In October 2019, he portrayed the hirak, noyauté by " unknown entities with malicious objectives who spend the dirty money in order to amplify the number of these events, bringing the citizens of other provinces outside the capital ". And it décela numerous times "the hand of the foreigner" behind the protesters who challenged. One could imagine the shadow of Paris in the eyes of the military. The incident today is not a continuity of that state of mind.

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Algeria : in the face of coronavirus, the hirak plays its survival ? Algeria : the political calendar, which was impacted by the coronavirus In Algeria, "the repression is not confined" Algeria : "I cry in rage ! "The delicate after-Covid-19 waiting for the Maghreb region Algeria : press freedom put in confinement
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