After Biden's a brilliant Comeback, a duel is in the offing

Where had been only this Joe Biden ? The should have some of his supporters asked, as they looked on Saturday night, his victory speech. Freed, combative, euph

After Biden's a brilliant Comeback, a duel is in the offing

Where had been only this Joe Biden ? The should have some of his supporters asked, as they looked on Saturday night, his victory speech. Freed, combative, euphoric: So, the Americans had seen the 77-Year-old in this election campaign, never.

But Biden had previously had no reason to celebrate. Not after the disappointing first area code in Iowa, not after the Disaster in New Hampshire, when he left the state before the end of the election day rush. The obituaries on Biden's political career were already written. And now this: a Comeback in South Carolina, a Comeback, thanks to those voters who were playing for the first time, an important role – the Black.

That Biden won in South Carolina, was in itself no Surprise. However, the clarity of the outcome of the Election was a victory, a Triumph. Biden came to the first results on almost 50 percent of the votes, much more than the left, Senator Bernie Sanders, who came on just 19 percent. The entrepreneur Tom Steyer ended up with 11 percent in third place. All other candidates: relegated to the rear ranks. Steyer had known in the night of the election, that he ended his candidacy. Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar announced, however, continue.

election recommendation brought Biden back in the race

In South Carolina, there were to win 54 delegates for the nomination, party conference, almost as many as in Iowa and New Hampshire. The exact distribution was not initially, however, Biden has secured a clear majority. The first post-election surveys showed that Biden met with especially in the case of the African-Americans on big support. 60 percent of them for Biden, the former Vice-President of Barack Obama. Only 17 percent chose Sanders. The were only slightly more than in his first presidential bid four years ago, when he lost in the South Carolina house against Hillary Clinton. Overall, Blacks accounted for according to the post-election surveys, 55 percent of the voters – much more than in the first three primaries.

As important is the choice of recommendation he had received a few days ago by the black members James Clyburn was for Biden apparently. Clyburn of South Carolina has for many years in the house of representatives in Washington, he is there almost the highest-ranking African-American representative, and has also in his home state a great influence. In the post-election surveys, a third of black voters said that Clyburns recommendation was in favor of Biden, the most important factor is for their own decision. In the case of Biden's victory speech on Saturday night, Clyburn stood at the side of the former Vice-President. "My buddy Jim Clyburn, you brought me back!" called Biden.

The post-election surveys show, however, that Biden also scored in almost all other groups of voters more votes than Sanders. He secured both a majority of those Democrats who identify as moderate, as is the case with those who view themselves as very progressive. Sanders swung only in the case of two groups rose to the top: among voters under 29 years of age, as well as those who never go to Church.

Now the Super Tuesday on

The American pre-election campaign is to good to Share a game with expectations. Candidates who remain in a state of expectations, risking the crash. Candidates, the cut off, however, better than is generally thought, to get momentum for the next Primary. Biden's pitch is that already on Tuesday, the Super Tuesday is up: the day in 14 States, as well as the foreign Democrats elected. More than a third of the delegates are awarded. Biden not so much time to benefit from the positive reporting and the donations increase, which is a candidate to victory in a prefix in the rule can be expected.

he would be instructed to do just that. In the night of the election, Biden, belongs to the moderate wing of the party tried, the race for the democratic nomination as a two-way battle between him and the self-declared socialist Bernie Sanders to represent. Sanders after his Victories in New Hampshire and Nevada, most of the delegates. He is also in the polls in many States in the Super Tuesday at the first location, including in California, which has awarded by far the most delegates to. The democratic voters would have to decide now, not Biden said on Saturday evening: "The majority of Americans want the promise of a Revolution, they want results." He was the guarantee that the Democrats Donald Trump could defeat.

This view are the result of South Carolina also many representatives of the democratic Establishment. The former party chief Terry McAuliffe called on the other presidential candidates, more or less directly, your choice to stop fighting and to stand behind Biden if they wanted to prevent a nomination of Sanders still. He spoke explicitly of Pete Buttigieg, who won the first code in Iowa, and Amy Klobuchar, which was landed in New Hampshire in third place. These candidates, McAuliffe would have to now seriously ask, on what grounds they wanted to remain in the race, but it was clear that there is no way to a victory.

The greater danger for Biden, a man who does not stand in South Carolina, even to the choice: Mike Bloomberg is well, however. The former mayor of New York was entered late in the democratic pre-election campaign, because he wanted to prevent the election of Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, and the Belief was that Biden's going to take the application anywhere. Bloomberg is on Super Tuesday, for the first time on the ballot, and his campaign aims to similar voters, such as those of Biden: moderate Democrats. In addition, he has in the Super-Tuesday-States ad been connected for hundreds of millions of Dollar spots. Biden or Bloomberg: Want to stop the Democrats, Sanders is actually, must give way to a from you soon.

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