ALB probably for 20 years in Miesbach – LfL says Fang, trees | Miesbach

, The ALB was probably introduced around the turn of the Millennium to Miesbach in. The Gerhard Kraus of the country suspected Institute for agriculture, the ne

ALB probably for 20 years in Miesbach – LfL says Fang, trees | Miesbach

, The ALB was probably introduced around the turn of the Millennium to Miesbach in. The Gerhard Kraus of the country suspected Institute for agriculture, the new field supervisor.

Miesbach – Gerhard Kraus, the new field supervisor of the country's Institute for agriculture (LfL) in Miesbach. The horticultural engineer in a controlled and co-ordinated with search dog Louis the measures to combat the Asian longhorned beetle (ALB). In our conversation he reveals, among other things, how the ALB could have come to Miesbach and why the LfL-catching trees planted.

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ALB probably for 20 years in Miesbach – LfL-catching trees

Mr. Kraus explained, what are your tasks in Miesbach are?

I am in control of ALB-suspected cases. Alone over the weekend, I have received eight e-Mails with photos of beetles and damage to plants. In addition, I help with the waste controls, and the planning of Tree and organise the Monitoring and its tender to the company. Businesses, experience in Climbing and ALB have detection, can contact me. Finally, I monitored the trap trees.

keyword trap trees: The LfL has felled thousands of trees and shrubs. Now she has planted in the Fällzone 30 new maples. This makes your opinion make sense?

fishing trees are a monitoring instrument. We find this as an ALB, we know, it still exists in Miesbach. In addition, they are intended to prevent the beetle infests other species.

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, you Explain.

In the Fällzone we need to in the EU regulation, established trees and shrubs to remove. No fruit trees, red oaks and black locust belong to. Not infested with the beetle in Europe, outside but. There are ALB in Miesbach, you can never rule out – could think of a beetle: "There is no maple, so I go in a fruit tree." Then we would have to rethink our entire strategy.

And more cases?

We have to ask ourselves whether we also need to cases, fruit trees. The trap trees to prevent that. To do this, you need to be safe now infestation-free. In the case of old trees, we can not guarantee the. So we had to new plants.

you Know how the ALB came to Miesbach?

the focus of The infestation, the tax office was. This suggests that it was introduced. In old air pictures we were looking for, when and how this might be happening. We found: ten years Ago, few trees were cut down at the tax office. Today no one knows why. Under these circumstances, the ALB was already at fault.

So, the ALB has been living for ten years in Miesbach?

Maybe even 20. The Parking at the tax office has been built around the turn of the Millennium, also with granite. In the pallets for the stones, the larvae were occasionally to Europe. Since 2006, fumigated or heated. It took a little while, until the System was recorded. Since ten years, practically no ALB more to come. It is much to be said, therefore, that he is no longer in Miesbach.

How sure are you that there is the origin?

We still need to keep looking. We are going to examine the materials and their origin. The obligation to retain files ends after ten years. In some cases there are no documents more. Also, the employees are part of a pension. So it could be that we will never know for sure how the ALB came to Miesbach.

you Know, whether it was more widespread?

As of the ALB in August in Miesbach was found, I got a photo of an ALB beetles on a car in Hausham. The Finder stepped on it. We have searched after that, the environment also with dogs. But we have found nothing. We assume, therefore, that the ALB from Miesbach went as a stowaway on a car to Hausham, but there was not widespread.

So, the all-clear for Hausham, but you have to be careful?

Yes. In Neubiberg, Germany, where I have previously worked as a field supervisor, we found the beetle after the first Felling of a forest, edge – 800 meters from the infestation zone. So far, the beetle is not flying normally. At the point of intersection was deposited wood. He probably is so there. This is what we should avoid in Miesbach.

you Mean this works?

I'm optimistic. The people have received me kindly, and are working on it. If we trust more fully work together, we will create the.

Date Of Update: 15 June 2020, 23:33