The city’s Optimist Foundation will sponsor a program, a 5-day, 3 and half hours per day committed to the town’s safety. The program will cover awareness program and safety education for pre-school aged kids in the valley. There will be 2 camps to be held on July 13 up to July 17 and another on July 20 to July 24 at the North Park Elementary School.

The children will learn about many things throughout the camp. There will be repetitive and interactive plays. The kids will also learn to practice fundamental safety skills that they can use on a daily basis, both at home and in school.

There will be a miniature city – the Safety Town, which was designed and built to the scale of a small kid. It will be assembled in a secured playground and will be a traffic light, too, including stop and street signs, crosswalks, streets, and striped walkways.

The children who will participate in the program will be taught by certain individuals specializing in safety issues. The youth volunteers and the state-credentialed teachers will guide the teaching and instructing.

Throughout the program, the kids will learn about crossing the street safely, obeying traffic signals, especially while walking or driving the miniature cars, including the use of safety belts so as to evaluate and compare the safe situations to the unsafe ones. Songs, videos, games, craft projects, and role-playing will emphasize the safe conduct rules that children will learn.

The kids will likewise learn and practice fire safety, earthquake, and other disaster safety issues. The teachers will also cover skills when it comes to the kids’ personal safety, stranger danger, playground safety, bicycle safety, pedestrian safety, vehicle safety, passenger safety, and water safety. Hence, the entire program will cover several issues about safety in the children’s personal perspective and social state.

Every single day of the camp, the children will learn different things. There will be representatives from diverse community agencies who will give discussions and provide safety demonstrations to the participants.

Amongst the community agencies to give special talks would be those from the local fire department, the forestry service, sheriff’s department, the American Red Cross, including “Smokey” the Bear.

Officials and event organizers are now urging families, especially those with children to come and attend the camp as there are several, fun, and educational tools in store for all participants. According to the Optimist Foundation, everyone is welcome to attend the camp.

Registrations are now ready for applicants, either for the July 13-17 camp or the July 20-24 schedule. Scholarships are also available for eligible families, while youth counselors are being called for, those from the seventh to the twelfth grade levels. They can earn community service hours through their volunteer work in the camp.

The event organizers and coordinators are requesting all interested participants to visit the Optimist Foundation’s website. More information about the registration forms and the Safety Town are available in their site. Wishful attendees are also urged to contact Dayna Thayer, director of the Safety Town program.


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