bfz now on Fischer Ried: professional training under one roof | Weilheim

The Logo with the green bow is gone from the yellow Villa on the cold Moser road. However, the "bfz", a company for professional training, is more in Weilheim

bfz now on Fischer Ried: professional training under one roof | Weilheim

The Logo with the green bow is gone from the yellow Villa on the cold Moser road. However, the "bfz", a company for professional training, is more in Weilheim in front of the place, and the Fischer Ried. The Coronavirus affects the work in a larger scale.

Weilheim– farewell to The location of the cold Moser road was not easy. There "is much developed, what makes us because of the home," says Barbara Winter, the "bfz"-head Munich. 30 years ago, the "Vocational training centers of the Bavarian economy had settled" in the yellow building. In 2003, more training spaces were opened at the Fischer Ried. To have everything under one roof, is simply meaningful. A role played according to Winter, the higher demands on computer cables and practice-related qualifications. On top of that, the access to the Fischer Ried is wheelchair accessible. So the move was made in December 2019.

In the building across the company, "Bremicker" there are 2000 square meters of space, in addition to training and computer rooms, workshops for wood and metal, as well as a teaching kitchen and practical rooms, in which the participants can meet if necessary, professions, such as hairdresser or nurse, literally with hands. In preparation for a training, it is "important that we talk about a profession, but also practical experiences," says Winter. The offers of the "bfz" are encouraged in the rule. Among the clients of the employment Agency, the Jobcenter, the pension insurance and professional associations, among others. The "bfz" can apply to every person or company to contact, whether private.

Corona provides for a change

internally at the Company and was incorporated in December because "home" in the location "Munich". In terms of personnel and also structurally much of the Old remained, though. The Deputy head of sibyl Hardt has held. In because of the home and the outdoor places in Schongau, Starnberg, Landsberg and Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 45 employees are active, with the addition of nine Career coaches to middle schools. For the open all-day offer of the peissen Berger elementary school, the 100% subsidiary "gfi" serves as a cooperation partner.

The Coronavirus have influenced the "bfz" in several ways. The "Presence mode", i.e., seminars, in classrooms and in the workshops, had to be discontinued for several weeks. Since 11. May to run the training again in stages. In the time of the Lockdowns, trainings were held more, but digital methods were used. Corona was a "digitisation accelerator," says Hardt. Thus, further training could be provided to the participants, "some of Laptops available and the data volume to be bought". Learning via the Internet requires independent Working and a certain amount of (Self-)organization, explains Hardt. With those who have a device about no Online, there was contact by phone or Post.

Corona has brought new forms of knowledge mediation on the Table. Some courses run so that some of the participants are sitting in the training room, and other the notes of the speakers on the digital path to follow. A whole package of training runs under the name of "Digital Learning" – for electrical professions, mechatronics specialists, and business professionals. The training with the Online Tutors and in the conference call will be held. The concept is based on the "Blended Learning"; there, face to face training and electronically supported Learning are combined.

building blocks instead of complete retraining

The contact to companies and to the employment Agency makes the "bfz"employees quickly recognize how the Corona changes in the labour market. "The shortage of skilled workers is changing," says Winter. In the areas of "care", "logistics" and "sales," there is a lot of demand. However, applications for restaurants and public transport were driven back.

short-time work leads to an increase in requests from private persons who want to continue. Often it is a matter of blocks, not a complete retraining. Recently a participant had taken the exam for the SAP data processing software. On the course, he took part via the Internet, the test was carried out under the supervision of in because home. So he now has a certificate in Hand, which opened to him opportunities.

The "bfz" understand according to the Winter as "a bridge-Builder in the labour market, or if people in other professions or industries". The Motto: "support and challenge is, according to Hardt". The cooperation of the participants is necessary. "We are not a TV-program, the irrigated," says Winter.

location Weilheim

The "Vocational training centers of the Bavarian economy" in Weilheim (Fischer Ried 1-7) are Mondays to Thursdays from 8 am to 17 PM and Fridays from 8 a.m. to 14 p.m. by E-Mail and phone 0881/9249 610 accessible.

Date Of Update: 08 June 2020, 02:33