These rights of rail customers in the event of delays and loss of baggage

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These rights of rail customers in the event of delays and loss of baggage
  • is not The rights of passengers in the Overview at the Deutsche Bank
  • passenger rights claim form in the event of delays
  • passenger rights in Flixtrain
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The good news first: the reason for the delay it. Also in the case of severe weather or strike in the EU-regulation, "rights and obligations of passengers in railway traffic". This applies to companies in the Rest of not only Deutsche Bahn, but for all railway. This can include suppliers such as Flixtrain, the new one seemed to offer the long-distance bus company Flixbus are bound. Passengers are to be informed in the case of a delay on the Situation, as well as departure and arrival times. In addition, rail passengers, the following request can:

booked trains cancelled

From an impending delay of 20 minutes, a passenger can travel with German rail on to the next reservation agents train more. This must not travel on the same route to the destination. If the delay is on target to be lower, should travelers wait, and according to a later train. The specific train is cancelled. Foreign owners reduced Tickets as a Nice-weekend-, Quer-durchs-Land, Bavaria or the Baltic sea-Ticket of the Deutsche Bahn are.

DB-Ticket refund - so it works out

According to the EU regulation, can select passengers from an expected delay of more than 60 minutes if you go later or on a different route to take. Alternatively, travelers can dispense with the travel and the reimbursement of the full ticket price to demand. The journey is already done in part, and to continue the journey, makes no sense, there is a partial refund. However, this only applies when purchasing a ticket prior to the announcement of the delay. The Person

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the DB Board in the event of delay

more than 60 minutes late at your departure as at your destination, the railway has to provide business passengers, free of charge, and adequately provided with food and refreshments, unless they are in the train or train station is available or in stock.


For delays of 60 minutes to 119 minutes, it returns in addition, 25 percent of the ticket price for a single journey.

For delays of 120 minutes or more, the railway has to refund companies 50 percent of the ticket price.

The price of a return ticket is divided by two, and then the respective a deduction of a 25 or 50 percent to make.

At the time, maps of the German railway, such as weekly, monthly tickets and the Bahn card 100 of the Deutsche Bahn, there are lump sums: given that the railway pays only amounts to four euros, if necessary, collect several delays and then submit. This is in line with the EU regulation.

Overnight in DB-delay

Cannot continue the journey due to the delay on the same day, or is unreasonable, you must pay the railway a reasonable Accommodation.


Alternatively, the track provides a different means of transport to continue the journey – for example, a Taxi ready or assumes the costs. Prerequisite: The train fails, the target is not reached before midnight or there is a delay of one hour between 0 and 5 at is. [Display]

a train delay?

now Check your entitlement to a refund!


in addition, passengers may be entitled to compensation in the event of failure, delay or missed connection, if you are not able to therefore continue their journey on the same day or is not reasonable. In the case of personal negligence and from the railway companies cannot influence circumstances not applicable to this.

delay confirmation

travellers on the best way to the delay of your train company to confirm. They are obliged also. The Deutsche Bahn has a passenger rights form at the ready. The processing usually takes four weeks. According to the regulation, the payment of compensation is made within one month after submission of the application.


For damage to or loss of your baggage, have companies, passengers may be entitled to compensation against the railway, if it or its employees is at fault. In the case of checked baggage, the carrier between the Transfer and delivery shall also be liable without proof of fault for damage, loss or late delivery.

compensations, however, are capped. In the case of a proven damage, there are 80 units of account per kilogram of Luggage, or 1200 units of account per piece of Luggage. The damage is not proven, there is a flat-rate compensation of 20 units of account per kilogram of gross mass short or 300 units of account per piece of Luggage.

The value of a unit of account changes. Currently (end of March 2018) amounts to nearly € 1.18. In the case of damage caused by defects in the baggage, of its nature, or by the traveler fault, the carrier is exempt, however, from liability.

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