Thermomix have to fear competition: this device Is the Alternative? | Enjoy

The Cookit from Bosch to recruit a Thermomix customer. Can't save to the device, but it's supposed to be TM6 and co. in many areas superior. Is it true? The

Thermomix have to fear competition: this device Is the Alternative? | Enjoy

The Cookit from Bosch to recruit a Thermomix customer. Can't save to the device, but it's supposed to be TM6 and co. in many areas superior. Is it true?

The Thermomix of course the deer is under the kitchen machines. The device is regarded as a crowning achievement, but it also has many critics. Bosch brings the Cookit is now a little too late for a new Alternative.

The Thermomix is one of the best sellers of Vorwerk and enjoys since its introduction in the year 1961, as a rule, the right cult status. But there are also just as many critics as Fans, not complain about the high price of approximately 1.379 euros, but also function.

For all to see, at least in the price is not a Problem, on the device, Bosch is now an Alternative. The Cookit is 16. June, 2020 for sale and will be the Thermomix in some areas superior. The device is operated by voice control - useful if you are cooking dirty fingers* - but that's not all.

Thermomix-Alternative Bosch Cookit

A frequent point of criticism in the Thermomix the small mixing bowl is. With a capacity of three liters, Bosch lays the Cookit at least 0.8 liters. With 24 automatic programs, step-by-step instructions and a manual mode the device hobby is chefs in the kitchen. A function on the Thermomix customers had to wait a long time, the Cookit also included ingredients that can be> up to 200 degrees roasted

Bosch for some time now, the Smart Home, and also the Cookit is integrated in the System. It is connected to the Internet via wifi, so you can download new recipes. The control works either directly on the device, via an App or via control voice . The voice assistant, Alexa, Amazon is used.

really cheap these Thermomix Alternative, however, is not. the 1.299 Euro wants to have a Bosch for the Cookit and accessories.

Kenwood Cooking Chef Gourmet

in addition to the Cookit by Bosch, the Kenwood Cooking Chef Gourmet with € 1,000 in the same price League, plays but chefs from many of the hobby as a superior Thermomix competitor considered. The device is built with a 1,500-Watt Motor and a 1,100-Watt induction cooktop, the , temperatures of 20 to 180 degrees Celsius reached the Fry is also possible with this device. With a 24 automatic programmes and a 25-optional accessories the Cooking Chef Gourmet in the kitchen, in many areas. By default, only nine accessories are included, including a balloon whisk, a dough hook as well as two stirring elements and a mixing bowl with a capacity of 6.7 litres, however, a cooking capacity of up to 3 liters. When dough is 4.5 kg, which creates the device.

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Thermomix Alternative from Lidl: Monsieur Cuisine Connect

Discounter, Lidl, sends a device into the race for the Thermomix-crown. The Monsieur Cuisine Connect, Silvercrest only costs about 300 euros and provides for the relatively cheap purchase price, in addition to the conventional functions such as Stirring, Mixing and steaming, it also stages an LCD for recipe instructions , a built-in scale and a ten-speed. The device can reach temperatures of 37 to 130 degrees Celsius, it is mixing with 800 watts and cooks with 1,000 watts . To do this, you get a 5-Liter jug (the Thermomix is only 2.2 liters), and miscellaneous accessories, creates, such as a steamer attachment. Drawback: Lidl, the device is not permanently in the program, so you need to pay attention to actions.

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Thermomix Alternative Krups Prep&Cook

For many Amateur chefs, the many different functions that make the Thermomix so appealing. Krups has developed the multi-function-kitchen machine Prep&Cook is also a device with many possibilities. For approximately € 400 , less than half of the Thermomix price, the Prep&Cook, kneading, mixing, chopping, grinding, stirring, ice crushing, steaming, braising, and more. The manufacturer advertises with 14 functions: , six automatic programs, twelve speed levels, an engine power of 1,550 watts and a maximum temperature of 130 degrees Celsius . A scale is not integrated and for the popular App control of the Thermomix, you need to put in the Prep&Cook even extra money on the table - it is not included in the basic version. A variety of knives and Attachments are included.

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Thermomix Alternative clear stone Grand Prix

Still a bit cheaper, but still with the main functions and even a built-in scale equipped the Grand Prix-multi-function-kitchen machine to clear the stone is. The built-in engine mix, although only with 500 watts and cooks with 1,000 Wat t , but for the conventional Work occurring in the kitchen so every day, that is sufficient in the rule. The Grand Prix works with temperatures of 30 to 120 °C and also here, you get end-to-end accessories, such as steamer attachment, spatula, and co.. The device will cost 250 Euro .

Jupiter MyCook

Not quite as cheap as the previous two devices, but not as expensive as the Thermomix, the MyCook All-in-One kitchen machine from Jupiter. The 1600 watts of power is made up of 1,000 watts for the induction heating element, and 600 watts for the Motor . Disadvantage: The MyCook only on the temperature range 40 to 120 degrees Celcius. For some dishes, such as baby food is too hot and the Sear falls so hard, because for 150 to 200 degrees would be necessary. The MyCook has common features , but not via automatic programs . Beginners have it so it is not so easy as in other machines. There are high-quality accessories, and you can transfer Thermomix recipes from the Internet to the device. The Jupiter MyCook will cost approximately € 750 .

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