The first German in Mallorca | travel

for Months, the favorite holiday island of Germans was due to a Corona out of reach. Now the first Bold back to Mallorca. The joy of the newfound freedom is lar

The first German in Mallorca | travel

for Months, the favorite holiday island of Germans was due to a Corona out of reach. Now the first Bold back to Mallorca. The joy of the newfound freedom is large. And one feels as if he would have been on the moon.

Palma de Mallorca (dpa) - for the First time since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic are returned holidaymakers from Germany to the Mediterranean island of Mallorca. With 189 passengers fully occupied Tui flight from Düsseldorf landed on the airport of Son San Joan Palma de Mallorca.

"We have been looking forward to Mallorca and the Mediterranean sea, we have been waiting for five months, that we can come and are overjoyed that it is now ready," said Georg Käsbach from Lindlar near Cologne, which belonged together with his wife Diana, one of the first travelers.

Overwhelming welcome

The sun-hungry Germans, "Test-tourists", who were after a three-month Corona-break, first to Majorca, were employees of their Hotels, and from politicians, with applause and great enthusiasm. Also, some of the passers-by clapped as the tourists got out of the buses. "Overwhelming, I think the features really on us here," said Hans Gerhart Inger from Horn-Bad Meinberg (Ostwestfalen-Lippe).

For Spain, the dead, with more than 27,000 Corona-in Europe most affected by the pandemic-affected countries, tourism is of enormous importance. The sector contributes about twelve percent to the gross domestic product (GDP) and employs more than 2.5 million people. For weeks, the Corona-fall-Numbers.

"The desire to travel to the beaches of the Mediterranean, is large, the first arrival dates of the pilot programme were fully booked early last week, within 36 hours", stressed the competent Tui Board member Sebastian Ebel. The media interest in the arrival of the first tourists after 92 days of downtime, was huge: At the airport, around 100 journalists were waiting. Daniel Wiener from Düsseldorf was surprised by all the fuss: "I thought we came back from a trip to the moon!", he said, laughing, of the Germans.

getaway awaits.

The fly mask was a transition, he said. "You are sitting shoulder-to-shoulder, but all have worn a mask, I didn't feel unsafe." For the past two weeks, he and his wife leave would. "We have thought about - what to do, but the limits were. And then the good news came that put up here will." The loyalty of Mallorca, visitors can expect a relaxing holiday, but not normal: "the fact That so few tourists are there, is for this time of year, of course, unusual."

In the context of a two-week pilot project, in the case of Spain, initially only up to 10.900 holiday makers and from Germany to the Balearic Islands of Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera. Germany was selected according to the regional government, because from there, most tourists come, and the pandemic in Germany is under similar control as in the Balearic Islands. In the afternoon, a second vacation airline from Frankfurt and should arrive.

Rest of Spain will open later for tourists.

In the Rest of Spain are not permitted to enter leisure yet. However, the government moved to Madrid, the date on which the entire country for European tourists open, in the face of falling Corona and of the pressure of the tourism industry from 1. July 21. June. Thus, the pilot project will be reduced to the Balearic Islands.

Kim Edliger from Würselen was one of the youngest guests. She felt that the control measures upon arrival at the airport, "not so great", the fever measure, and the Filling in of many of the documents would have taken a half-hour too long - "but now we have arrived Yes, and I'm really grateful for this," she said. The Discos and Clubs have not yet opened, was not a Problem. The plans for the first holiday after the crisis were outlined, however, is clear: "Drink, drink, drink," she said, laughing.

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Date Of Update: 16 June 2020, 02:34