The Federal government declared Turkey to the Corona-risk area | travel

For Europe, the situation is quite clear: The holidays can start. But what about the other countries? A risk list, the Federal government is now new evidence. T

The Federal government declared Turkey to the Corona-risk area | travel

For Europe, the situation is quite clear: The holidays can start. But what about the other countries? A risk list, the Federal government is now new evidence. The fact a country is that German tourists are particularly popular.

Berlin (Reuters) - The Federal government has classified the Turkey, along with 130 other countries, as a Corona-risk area. On the list on Monday (15. June) was published for the first Time by the Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) and now is regularly updated, there are also other popular vacation countries of the Germans, such as Egypt, Thailand and Morocco.

Passengers from a high-risk area need to expect that you have 14 days in quarantine. For these countries, a repeal of the still for more than 160 countries outside of the European Union-wide travel warning is therefore considered unlikely. However, there was "no automatism", stressed a spokesman for the foreign office.

especially the Turkey, the third most popular holiday destination of Germans to Spain and Italy, pushing for a repeal of this travel warning and advertises to German tourists. Turkish foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavusoglu had shown a few days ago, disappointed by the retention of the travel warning. "The scientific reasons behind the decision are hard for us," he said to the "mirror". Everything is prepared for a safe journey in Turkey.

infections in Turkey

On Tuesday night, the Turkish Minister of health, Fahrettin Koca reported, however, around 1500 new infections in 24 hours - almost twice as many as at the beginning of June (around 800). For comparison: In Germany, where, as in Turkey, around 83 million people, were reported on Wednesday morning, 345 new cases in 24 hours.

The official event of the Turkey numbers are considered in the Federal government anyway with skepticism. For the assessment of high-risk areas, it is not only on the pure data - it is also about transparency. Turkey explains that the infection numbers in tourism areas and intensive care beds are not sufficient, a regional breakdown of the case numbers they are known, however. This is not expected in Berlin for the trust.

Turkey is trying but, with a certification program to points, which is also tested by the TÜV Süd. Hotels and caterers can participate on a voluntary basis. A whole catalogue of requirements must be met. On the beaches about a security must be complied with distance and items to be disinfected in rooms. In Hotels and airports, thermal imaging cameras are used. Travelers must undergo according to the interior Ministry at the time of entry in addition to a health check. When symptoms and needs can be made, therefore, a free corona test.

More than 30 Non-EU countries, no risk areas.

The Federal government had because of the Corona pandemic imposed a global travel warning for tourists lifted on Monday for 27 European countries. For more than 160 countries outside the EU, it is initially up to 31. August, but it can be for individual countries, previously repealed.

For a risk area but this is unlikely, because the criteria are similar to those used in the travel warning. The decisive factor for classification as a risk area, the number of new infections is the same as for the travel warning. There are more than a total of 50 to 100 000 inhabitants within a week, applies to a country as a risk area. But even if the number of infections is lower, it can be declared a country at-risk area - for example, in the case of lack of Test capabilities or insufficient measures to mitigate the pandemic. "Also is taken into account, if no reliable information for specific countries," reads the website of the RKI.

countries outside The EU, which have not been classified as a risk area, can now hope for a lifting of the travel warning make. It is more than 30 countries, including Tunisia as a not far from Europe-located holiday destination, the hopes on tourists from Germany.

29 U.S. States on the list

In some other countries, which were not classified as a risk area for travellers no difference. In Australia and new Zealand, a entry ban for travellers from the EU, for example, in the same way as in the United States.

The United States is the only country for which the Federal government makes a to regions of differentiated evaluation. 29 of the 50 States can be classified as risk areas. These include California, Florida, and is the capital of Washington count. The in the meantime very much of the pandemic hit New York is not in view of the significant improvement in the situation on the list.

list of risk areas

Date Of Update: 17 June 2020, 17:33