Smoke-free destinations: The best countries to spend your holidays smoke-free

Long non-Smoking only value put on a smoke-free environment even on holiday. At the latest after the adoption of the German law for the protection of non-smoker

Smoke-free destinations: The best countries to spend your holidays smoke-free

Long non-Smoking only value put on a smoke-free environment even on holiday. At the latest after the adoption of the German law for the protection of non-smokers, more and more people have learned to appreciate clean air – stink clothes and hair no longer falls under the old smoke, and even Breathing after a night in the Bar a lot easier.

the fact is, however, that in many countries of the world still have no laws for the protection of non-smokers exist or are there exceptions, the unrestricted Smoking in some public places still allow. Especially the hotel room in which a smoker lived, has suffered for non smokers noses are difficult to. FOCUS Online shows the countries in which they are smoke-free holiday can make.

the Netherlands

On the safe side, vacationers go in the Netherlands. Already in 2004, a strict non-smoker protection act came into force there. Smoke were at first, for example, in bars and spaces allowed, so these are forbidden since April 2020 final. In hotel rooms Smoking is not allowed also, but it is tolerated in part. Therefore, travelers should pay attention nevertheless, to insist on a non Smoking room or Hotels to visit, the have no Smoking rooms. No other country is so good for exploring by Bicycle as the Netherlands.

holidays in Holland, not only in the Form of short trips to Amsterdam. Along the North sea, an extensive time-out is also. With the Fiets, the Bicycle, vacationers can ride on endless Fietspads through the dunes and over hills and fields – or stretch their feet into the cool water. The right Hotel in the Netherlands you will find here at holiday check (including advertising)


Similar to the one in the Netherlands, a strict non-smoker protection law that prohibits Smoking in Hotels in Norway since 2004. In the event of violations will be punished in the Scandinavian country, not the smokers themselves, but the owner of the Venue – in case of repeated violations of the can even lose his license.

Norway is one of the Top travel destinations of the Germans, is to be despised, therefore, but by no means to. Vacationers can observe there seem to be endless hikes, Northern lights and whales. The island group of Svalbard also offers experiences that gets to the European eye, rarely to the face: it is located between Norway and the North pole, and consists of pristine, artkischer Wilderness full of glaciers, polar bears and penguins. /iStockphoto/hall beach, photo, fjords, glaciers, sandy beaches: Norway has been landscaped to offer a bit of everything.

tourists, which are not bumps on frost, the coasts in the South of Norway is the perfect contrast: There is a beach-lined to the next, fishing villages lure with the catch of the day and also the first under water restaurant in Europe, the "Under", invites you to culinary pleasures. Suitable Hotels in Norway, you can find here at holiday check (including advertising)


Pizza in Naples, sunbathing in Calabria, or the pure island of happiness on the island of Sardinia: In the southern Europe, Italy is vying for the favor of the non-Smoking. Unexpectedly, the strictest non-Smoking law for the protection of Europe is here. Who smokes in Italy, in public buildings, have to pay. But also, the operator has to pay. It comes in its establishment, repeated violations, he faces here is similar to that in Norway the loss of his concession. /iStockphoto/CAHKT La dolce vita in Italy: here, Too, tourists are free to move most of the smoke.

nevertheless, in Italy, more separated Smoking are allowed in spite of areas. Also, some Hotels still have Smoking rooms, and their number is almost negligible. In General, Italy should be able to vacationers of their trip so to be smoke-free enjoy. Who wants to be on the safe side, requested at time of booking at the best specifically a non-Smoking room. Available Hotels for non-smokers in Italy you will find here at holiday check (including advertising)


La vie en rose released in France also mostly smoke. Since 2008, a strict non-Smoking there is prohibited in public areas. The exceptions are for the traditional tobacco shops that also act as Bars.

In the public areas in Hotels, Smoking is also off-limits. Designated Smoking rooms are allowed, but similar to that in Italy only in vanishingly small numbers available. Three-quarters of the French language in a survey even in favour of banning Smoking on the beach. /Alex Kozlov At the coffee vacationers need to have to drink in France is not afraid of cigarette smoke.

holidaymakers in France can expect that they are sinking either in the hotel room, or even in Restaurants or Bars in clouds of smoke. Whether Strolling through the streets of Paris, walks along the coasts of Brittany or sunbathing on the beach – a smoke-free holiday experience, nothing stands in the way. Hotels for non-Smoking in France you will find here at holiday check (including advertising)


In no other European country are there so many smokers in Greece. A 2017 published study showed that Hellas is a of Smoking in the population from 37 percent of reprisals. For comparison: In Germany, 25 per cent of the population smoked at the time.

despite this, Mr strict rules in Greece since 2010 for the protection of non-smokers, by the end of 2019, the country even announced a tightening of the rules. Anyone who goes against you, by Smoking, for example, in public buildings, or even in your own car if children are in the process – must reckon with high fines. With these measures, the government would like to get the high Smoking rates in the handle.

a good example is the small island of Astypalea is preceded by this: she wants to be the first completely smoke-free island in the world. The reason for this decision was, apart from the innumerable cigarettes the Motto of the island: well-being and quality of life, frolicking on the beach. /iStockphoto/free artist Unknown island of Astypalea: The small island in the Aegean sea is to be the first smoke-free island in the world.

tourists can reach the 100 square kilometres of Einöd in the Aegean sea by ferry or by plane from other Greek (air)ports, such as Athens. Is rock rewarded the complicated arrival, with turquoise sea, sandy beaches, and climbing trails along the white limestone. For smokers, a stop Smoking is out of the question, and want to continue to smoke, there are less harmful Alternatives such as a tobacco heater or an E-cigarette. Suitable hotel for non-Smoking on the small Greek Islands you will find here at holiday check (including advertising)


if you want to enjoy a smoke free vacation, need not travel far. To experiencing times of Corona holidays in their own country, a Boom, and that it is in Germany, smoke-free, we know since September 2007, than in this country, the Federal has entered non-Smoking protection law in force. /iStockphoto/Rike_ Germany Smoking is increasingly free. Some Hotels prohibit Smoking on the entire grounds.

on the coasts of the North sea and the Baltic sea vacationers flock in Germany. There are now more and more Hotels, the Smoking say completely – both indoors and in the outdoor areas. Watts Hiking, build sand castles, and Breakfast on the hotel balcony, you can in your own country to be smoke-free enjoy. Suitable Hotels for non-smokers in Germany can be found here To holiday check (including advertising)

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