RKI-list: In these countries, the majority of German travellers to put

The joy of re-gained freedom to travel does not last long, Because the infection numbers to increase in many holiday countries. And thus, the number of foreign-

RKI-list: In these countries, the majority of German travellers to put

The joy of re-gained freedom to travel does not last long, Because the infection numbers to increase in many holiday countries. And thus, the number of foreign-brought to infections. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has already since the first border in mid-June openings an increasing share of coronavirus infections, are the result of stays abroad.

Before the Lockdown in the middle of March, this ratio reached according to RKI, with 46 percent of its peak. That is, almost half of the infections in Germany, had their origin in foreign countries - they were, so to speak, imported. Through the border in the March closing, these Figures fell to 0.4 percent.

However, since many countries have their borders re-opened, to take the Numbers again - the last time you even reached a rate of 31 percent. The reported Corona-cases of the last week of tour returnees, which have been infected abroad, came in 1777. Surf tip: All the news about the Corona of a pandemic, refer to the News Ticker of FOCUS Online

the Top-15-infection countries are due according to the RKI

the following Nations, according to the RKI, the most common foreign infections of the past four weeks:

1. on Kosovo in 1096 cases,

2. on the Turkey in 501 cases,

3. to Croatia in 260 cases

4. to Serbia in 196 cases,

5. to Bulgaria in 166 cases

6. in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 156 cases,

7. to Romania in 113 cases

8. on Poland, in 112 cases,

9. in Spain, in 107 cases,

10. on Macedonia in 92 cases,

11. to Albania, with 86 cases

12. in the Netherlands, in 50 cases,

13. to Austria in 44 cases,

14. in France, in 43 cases,

15. on the Ukraine in 43 cases,

most of The infections take place in Germany, not abroad

However, the number of infection that occurred in Germany in the last four weeks, with approximately 8607 cases, significantly higher. That is to say, most of the infection are still held in their own country and not abroad.

Also not to the exposure to countries like Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Ukraine, that contagions abroad are due not only to tourist travel, as it is typical of the destinations and the list of the RKI, not only tourist trips. However, on the countries some popular travel countries in which German plug in seems to be increasingly:


The Turkey was named among the popular holiday countries most frequently as a site of Infection (501 cases), although according to the foreign office in a travel warning. list Of the following provinces under the condition of strict observance of the Turkish government had tourism - and hygiene-concept, but were recently excluded:

  • Aydin
  • Izmir and Muğla in the Aegean region
  • Antalya province the Mediterranean region

anyone Who travels in these regions of Turkey, must, however, prove yet before the return trip to Germany in a negative Corona Test must not be older than 48 hours - just because the entry to Germany in the last weeks is very high.


striking high Numbers of infected German traveller (260 cases) also includes Croatia, where it was the last one to clear infection climbs in the country. According to the foreign Ministry, the Covid-19 reached-infection, emergence of even values that were, on average, than those in the spring, according to the European Centre of Disease Control (ECDC) were the case, figures of the past week, more than 70 new infections a day. The regional focus will be the capital and the surrounding area of Zagreb, Slavonia and Split-Dalmatia so far.


As in Bulgaria, the infection will happen has greatly increased, apply there since 7. August, the following administrative districts officially areas of risk:

  • Blagoevgrad
  • Dobrich
  • Varna

belong to Varna and the neighboring gold beach to the tourist resorts on the Black sea, which are especially for young party travelers on the right course. According to EDC, the daily infection figures were in the country within the past seven days, more than 300 cases per day. 166 Times the RKI recorded in the past four weeks, Bulgaria as a country of origin of infection.

, Spain

Spain was one of the worst of Corona-affected countries within Europe, so that long at all, it was not clear whether it will open this year for tourism. But since July, when the borders to Spain are open again and tourists and travelers are allowed back into the country, also increase Infection rates in many places, again.

After the UK and other countries such as Spain have in the meantime been classified as Corona-risk area, moved to the Federal Republic of Germany: Since 31. July Aragón, Catalonia and Navarra are considered to be risk areas within the country - for 11. August, the Basque country and Madrid. According to RKI approximately 107 infections in Spain are the result of travelers.

the Netherlands

According to the foreign office, the risk, in the Netherlands with Corona infect is similar to that in Germany. Therefore, the entry of Germany, without limitation, is possible. However, 50 Corona-cases go back to Holland-returnees. Regional focal points were, so far, Noord-Brabant, Zuid-Holland and Noord-Holland.


The small Alpine Republic was one of the first goals, the German holidaymakers were again able to control. In the meantime, the Numbers in the country to rise as a result of tourism, the resort of St. Wolfgang turned out to be for a short time even as a new Hotspot, because many of the new infections occurred. The situation was again under control, however, vacationers should there distance and hygiene rules not disregard. Because, after all, were infected, and 44 Germans in Austria.


Just like Spain, France was severely affected by the Corona of a pandemic, but in the meantime, the pandemic is well in hand, so that only a handful of local infection appear herd. In the past four weeks, have infected 43 German.


Kosovo is actually not a typical holiday destination, nonetheless, most of the returnees have been infected with Sars-CoV-2 currently, and from there - 1096 in the past four weeks. Kosovo has already applied since the beginning of the travel warnings as a risk area and has never been downgraded. There are currently twelve people per two million inhabitants there are dying of the consequences of a Covid-19-disease - daily. The "ZDF" reported. For comparison: In Germany the Figures of the "Worldometer died, according to" in the past two weeks every day between three and 13 people to the consequences of their infection.

Why the Numbers of the Kosovo returnees are so high, is not known. In Germany many migrants from the Balkan state alone, almost 150,000 of life but with a valid residence title. On 3. August was there, as in all Muslim countries, the celebrated Muslim feast of sacrifice, which is an important family feast. It is possible that many of the in Germany, where life immigrants are, therefore, to their families at home. In addition, you could use the summer holidays for family visits.

Some of the reports but also of tourists. In Amberg in the upper Palatinate, for example, was recently tested in a rear sweeper positive, which had made with a tour group, a bus tour of Kosovo, such as from regional newspaper reports.

mandatory Testing for returnees from high-risk areas

Since 8. August to holiday makers, which consists of a high-risk area to return to Germany, mandatory to Sars-CoV 2 test, or in a two-week quarantine issued. The Tests are free of charge and test stations stations are now available at many airports and rail.

  • The official list of risk countries of the RKI, see www.rki.de/Risikogebiete

As a risk-area countries are classified in which the infection happen to the value of 50 new infections are among per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days exceeds. But it can also be classified the countries as risky, which undercut this value. This is a question of the nature of the outbreak (local or nationwide), as well as the measures to mitigate on-site and the test capacity.

travelers who were not in a risk country, but certainty would be that you have plugged in anywhere, you can try it for free, if you contact us within 72 hours after the return to the health office or a test center.

This Tests for travel returnees to help control the entry of infections after Germany better and stem the pandemic.

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