Notes from the history of the mobile living | travel

discover The world without timetables, or Hotels, it fascinates many people. A home on wheels for mobility and convenience it offers, at the same time. The know

Notes from the history of the mobile living | travel

discover The world without timetables, or Hotels, it fascinates many people. A home on wheels for mobility and convenience it offers, at the same time. The knowledge of travelers for centuries.

Berlin (Reuters) - summer holidays in 2020 - there is nothing like it was. Who is afraid of air travel in Corona-times are looking for Alternatives. This can be a staycation. Or you can take home easy with:

In a mobile home or Caravan, the family remains under. The recent decision by the caravanning industry Association released the current admission figures prove that the long-lasting Boom after the pandemic-related collapse in April is unbroken.

The mobile home is nothing New. Even before the time of the turn of Queen Cleopatra and her lover mark Antony were in one of the 22 ox-drawn residential-equipped cars through Egypt to ride, tell camping friends. In the 13th century. Century, reported the Venetian merchant Marco Polo from his trip to Asia: The Tatars, a nomadic people in China, used with felt-covered carts, where you led your entire house stood and in which they are protected all day from the Wind and weather were able to spend.

France's Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) is said to have directed his slaughter of a caravan. And the Poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe got his trip to Italy at the end of the 18th century. The with a Secretary, a bed and coal stove-equipped Post-Chaise described, it is said. Historical evidence, however, are hard to find.

The beginnings of motorised travel in the RV, in contrast, documented it, because you caused a stir. The "New York Times" reported in 1915 from a - and removed the Bus, the New York Investor, Roland R. Conklin used to make himself and his family in the comfort of to California to ride. On Board: a cook, a Chauffeur and a mechanic. The equipment of the double-deckers, a bathroom, a stove, dishes, trays, a freezer, and enough cabinets to make most women happy "belonged".

In Germany in the 1930s the first reports about travel with home-equipped trailers. Arist Dethleffs, the son of a whip manufacturer in the Allgäu region, wanted to take in 1931, his fiancée, Fridel on business trips. She imagined a car, "we ride together, and I could also paint", as it is stated in the company's history. Because there were to buy such a vehicle but, built of the groom, the desired "living car" in. The trailer served the growing family also to holiday purposes. But most of all he was a Foundation stone for a re-orientation of the family business. Lashes had finally, with the motorization to a large extent. Motorhome belonged to the future.

Dethleffs was not the only Innovator in mobile Living. In 1938, found, according to data from the Deutsches Museum, already a dozen competitors on the trailer market. With the beginning of the war in 1939, the pleasure of the home was completed on-wheels quickly. In the following years, although more furnished trailers were produced, they ministered to army staffs and war observers.

In the post-war period was the mass production of the VW beetle to the caravan market a new impetus. The traction was for many years the measure of all things for the Trailer manufacturer. Not only for German tourists, the "house on the hook was" to the companion when traveling in southern Europe.

1950, the year of birth for the VW-Bus, up to today, affectionately called "Bulli" was called. He was and is - like the Vans and small buses from other manufacturers - especially work animal. The removed and with furniture-equipped vehicles do not have accompanied as a camper generations in all the world, and by the way, film career. The quirky family Comedy "Little Miss Sunshine" (2006), without the VW camper just as little conceivable as the Song-dramatization of "Alice's Restaurant" by Arlo Guthrie (1969).

a Majority, it was never made, the acquisition or the rent of their home on wheels is many to expensive. Nevertheless, the industry is expected against the Background of the Corona pandemic is a high demand: "Caravaning is in these times one of the first Vacation, since you are traveling with a recreational vehicle only with persons of their own households and, through its own sleeping, living, cooking and sanitary facilities that are largely self-sufficient and practical, at home anywhere," says Association chief Daniel Onggowinarso.

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