New year's eve around the world: Which country when in the year 2020, slips

31.12., 11 PM: "Samoa: the country where the sun sets last" is the Slogan of the small Pacific island state had marketed halfway between new Zealand and Hawa

New year's eve around the world: Which country when in the year 2020, slips

31.12., 11 PM: "Samoa: the country where the sun sets last" is the Slogan of the small Pacific island state had marketed halfway between new Zealand and Hawaii for many years. Because by the end of 2011, the population of just under 200,000 Samoa lived to the East of the date line 23 hours behind new Zealand, and a whole day behind the Tonga Islands, although only 900 kilometers southwest of Samoa. However, in four years, everything is different.

Samoa is now one of the regions where the people welcome the new year. Even before it is in Germany, new year's eve, lunch, are already popping 15,000 kilometres to the Southeast at 11 a.m. CET, the champagne corks. Because the independent Samoa has the international date line on July 29. December 2011, at midnight, in the direction of the East, moved, and thus, as it were, changed sides.

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advantage: The former German colony is again the same time zone as their most important trading partner for new Zealand and Australia. Disadvantage: The Eastern Islands of the group, American Samoa, the United States, and thus now in a different time zone. To 11: 15 the Chatham Islands, belonging to new Zealand to change to the new year.

31.12., 12 PM: Now pop the Cork in new Zealand, and the Fiji Islands. Also a part of the North-East of Russia slips straight into the new year.

31.12., 13 PM: at 13 of our time, the people in South Tarawa in Kiribati, Nauru, further parts of Northern slides-East of Russia and the Marshall Islands in the new year.

In Australia, the new year begins around 14 GMT

31.12., 14 PM: Sydney (Australia) and Vladivostok (Russia) is allowed to celebrate the new year.

31.12., 15.00: Brisbane, Sydney will follow in the new year in Australia. Also, Papua new Guinea, Vladivostok in Russia, and Guam (U.S. territory in Micronesia) write from now on, the year 2018.

31.12., 16.00: Japan after slips. In the temples and shrines, the Japanese ask traditionally, to make happiness, health and success for the new year. At midnight, so 16 PM German time, to sound the temple bells 108 Times in order for the new year is ushered in. To the North Korea ended the year of 2019 and start of 2021.

31.12., 17.00: China and the Philippines European time celebrating 17 at the new year.

31.12., 18.00: , Thailand, Vietnam, Kamodscha and large parts of Indonesia to 2021 to reach.

31.12., 19.00 : Five hours ahead of Germany, the people in Bhutan, the happiest country in the world and Bangladesh, for example, begin the new year. To 19.15 Nepal to 19.30 India and Sri Lanka.
31.12., 20.00:
at eight o'clock in the evening, it is Paradise: the Maldives start to the new year. With Pakistan and some French southern welcome and Antarctic lands of 2021. To 20.30 Afghanistan follows.

Seychelles, Mauritius and Réunion to celebrate new year's eve

31.12., 21.00: Paradise, it goes further: 21:00 German time, the Seychelles, Mauritius and Réunion to celebrate the new year. Also of Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Armenia, and parts of Georgia write from now on, the year 2021. Iran follows to 21.30 .

31.12., 22.00: in Russia is not always reached in the new year. But Moscow has done it now. At the same time, people celebrate in many Parts of Africa, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Bahrain.

31.12., 23.00: Only an hour before Germany, people in Parts of South Africa, Greece, Egypt and Cyprus from sliding into the new year.

Happy new year - Germany celebrates 2021

1.1., 00: 00: Happy New year! Together with Germany, the new year is about to begin in 45 other Nations. In addition to our neighboring countries, in Tunisia, Gibraltar, Nigeria, Malta and the Vatican.

1.1., 1.00 PM: With a one-hour "delay" start now, among others, the United Kingdom, parts of Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Morocco to the new year.

1.1., 2.00 PM: It's Cabo Verde and the Azores, as well as other small areas of Greenland to follow.

1.1., 3.00 PM: From now on, the first people in Brazil revel in the new year.

1.1., 4.00 PM: for More parts of Brazil, together with Argentina, Uruguay, and some of Chile as well as the majority of Greenland Share. To 4.30 the parts of the country-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada) to follow.

1.1., 5.00 PM: Now it goes around again. In 28 Parts of the world, the new year, including parts of Canada, and several countries of Latin America begins, as the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Guadeloupe. Also, small parts of Greenland to the back still.

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The United States celebrate the new year at 6 PM German time

1.1., 6.00 PM: Peru, Panama, Cuba, Jamaica, and the first great impetus to States of the United States (according to Guam, which has already begun to 15.00 at the new year) begin the new year. In New York, for example, where the people celebrate traditional Times Square new year.

1.1., 7.00 PM: There are more States in the United States as well as Costa Rica, Mexico city, and Guatemala consequences.

1.1., 8.00 PM: The United States of America to move on, together with Parts of Canada and Parts of Mexico.

1.1., 9.00 PM: It is still continuing in the United States, for example, in Los Angeles, Canada, and Mexico.

1.1., 10.00 am: Now, the people in Alaska and Parts of French Polynesia to celebrate the new year.

1.1., 11.00 am: While we prepare for a German lunch, follow the last parts of the United States, including Hawaii, and the Rest of French Polynesia and Tahiti us in the year 2018.

1.1., 12.00 PM: More than a whole day later than the Rest of the island of American Samoa will now start into the new year.

1.1., 13.00: , The Baker and Howland island, belonging to the United States, are the last to start the new year.

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