Lake Garda holidays: should be aware of tourists per trip

All the talk about problems with tourists on Mallorca or Venice. But the lake Garda is popular with holidaymakers as a long time. That's not welcome. Sirmion

Lake Garda holidays: should be aware of tourists per trip

All the talk about problems with tourists on Mallorca or Venice. But the lake Garda is popular with holidaymakers as a long time. That's not welcome.

Sirmione - It is hot, crowds of people swarm through the narrow streets and the cafes were full of everyday life for the main season in the historic centre of Sirmione. The place on the Peninsula of the southern part of lake Garda has developed in recent years to a Hotspot.

places of lake Garda from the tourist crowds overflowing

"For the past three years, we have seen a very strong tourist growth ," said Sabrina Medaglia from the tourist office of Sirmione. The tourists storm the place, therefore, often in droves. Not all are pleased.

The Figures of the tourist year, the balance sheet of the province of Brescia speak for themselves: Around 1.36 million overnight Stays in Sirmione recorded in the year 2017. The almost six percent more than in the previous year . So that the Church, which counts about 8,000 inhabitants, is the most popular holiday resort in the province and one of the most visited places on the lake Garda.

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German tourists vacationers list on the Garda lake in

"We are happy when tourists come, above all, it is good for those who work in the tourist area," said Medaglia. One reason for the Boom, but also groups of tourists that did not exist previously in Sirmione are: " Chinese and Russian tourists have increased in the past few years," she said.

But German tourists still lead the vacationers list in Sirmione on . In Bavaria, the lake in the North of Italy is called even " Lago di Monaco "- because of the many visitors from around four and a half hours ' drive away, and Munich. Finally, the lake of the South of Germany is not too far away, and behind the Alps, the climate is already Mediterranean.

environmentalists worried: lake Garda increasingly

dirty While the tourist industry is happy about the many visitors, to look environmentalists are uneasy about the development . "The tourists cause a lot of traffic, the polluted, increasingly, air and water. Private investors are not interested in this, of course," said Salvatore La Magra, the Chairman of the environmental group, G. A. R., D. A.

Therefore, it is especially important that the local communities take care of this and take measures to protect the lake and its surroundings. "In some European tourist destinations such as Barcelona a rule, is already right-wing hatred against visitors . So this does not happen in Sirmione, you need to act responsible in a timely manner," says La Magra.

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driving bans 1. August 2018 in Sirmione, also for Bicycle riders

Sirmione has to the example traffic bans have been adopted . Cars may not be in the place. the But starting 1. August 2018, are also likely to have bicycles in the historical center , the Council for development and industry, Alessandro Mattinzoli. The car and Bicycle ban concern to the citizens of Sirmione, who lived outside of the old town. Of the rule, residents of the centre as well as hotel guests to the old town and the people who worked there were the only exception.

tourism on lake Garda: It is "there is total Chaos,"

"most of The visitors are to walk in the centre of the road. If there's many cars and bikes drive around , total Chaos prevails , especially for the high season," said Mattinzoli. Anyone who violates the law must reckon with a fine of up to € 80. Whether with or without a Bicycle: the number of tourists in Sirmione, the ban will change nothing.

And the Bicycle tourists are fond of on the coast on the way. On Saturday, it should be opened in the municipality of Limone, a new spectacular Bicycle path attached to the mountain slope.

What attracts the mass, has become some of the Locals to a Problem : the somewhat isolated location of Sirmione makes Living in the town becoming less attractive. "The youth here, because it's all very limited. There is no Parking, and you are allowed to drive with the car only up to a certain time to the centre clean. There is also no supermarket,“ said Alba Sirmione. Everything is very geared to the tourist, such as the smaller shops with Italian specialties are all too expensive.

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bathing naked in the lake: Fresh fiance lush punishment

Also a threatens a newly engaged Couple lush fine , because you have sealed the marriage with a Nude bathing in the lake Garda . Instead of a view of the protected place of the 29-year-old Austrian with his girlfriend in the vicinity of Bars, Restaurants and ice cream parlors in Gargnano, jumped into the water, reported the newspaper "Giornale di Brescia" on Tuesday. An eye witness informed the police. The sheet according to the risk of being fined the two now in the amount of several thousand euros.

dog ban on lake Garda?

On many beaches and in many of the Hotel on lake Garda dogs are allowed though. However, should inform the dog owner whether the dog is really desirable and what are the prerequisites for the entrainment.

dog beaches on lake Garda are approximately the following:

dog beach in Toscolano-Maderno, on the West shore at dog's beach in Salò, on the West Bank of the La Spiaggia di Braccobaldo, Peschiera, South-East Bank of the

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Limone on lake Garda: Where Ora lemons was wearing in the world

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