Hydrogen cars will soon have a real Alternative? EU countries want to speed up Development | car

In terms of clean mobility hydrogen as a major hope, but the Expansion is running sluggishly. Several EU countries want to speed this up now and demand a concre

Hydrogen cars will soon have a real Alternative? EU countries want to speed up Development | car

In terms of clean mobility hydrogen as a major hope, but the Expansion is running sluggishly. Several EU countries want to speed this up now and demand a concrete roadmap for the next few years.

The hydrogen car offers the perfect solution for clean mobility. The Expansion of the refuelling network and the production run still, slow. Germany and other EU countries, now the EU Commission is under pressure and calling for a concrete timetable for the Expansion.

diesel vehicles have lost in the last few years in popularity, electric cars are viewed by consumers, partly skeptical - but the hydrogen car, which would be the perfect solution for exhaust problems, or not?

Expansion of hydrogen: Germany and other countries of the EU-Commission under pressure

This is the view of Germany and the so-called Penta - countries-Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland at least. The above-mentioned countries, according to the German press Agency, the EU Commission asked in a joint statement, a roadmap for the Development of hydrogen energy to submit. Specific objectives should be formulated, the up to 2030 and beyond are to be achieved. Among other things, the States require a Plan with legislative proposals, after which they can turn to.

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The emphasis is on the Development of the infrastructure for hydrogen, especially in renewable energy . The " green hydrogen " target, in perspective, to be a real Alternative for the combustible fuels created, the traffic for the cars in question, as well as in the industry. In the ideal case, hydrogen could in future replace coal, Oil and natural gas.

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Is the hydrogen car is really emissions-free?

hydrogen cars, fuel cell cars will apply as a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) , since the electro-chemical process, local emissions on the stage. Alone heat and water vapor as well as small amounts of nitrogen oxides (NOx) are released, such as the ADAC writes. In order for the balance of the hydrogen cars default could, however, have made an overall positive, would have to be emissions and energy losses, incurred in the generation of the hydrogen included in the equation with . Hydrogen is likely to come only from renewable sources , such as photovoltaic, solar thermal, Wind and water power, or the like. And here there are already the first problems that make it difficult for the fuel cell car, to be a true Alternative to combustion engines or electric vehicles For the mass production of renewable energy there is a lack of Transport and storage infrastructure, as well as a gas station network .

And the latter is for the consumer significantly. In April 2019 at a total of 66 hydrogen was gas stations in all over Germany, in October, at around 75. Until the end of the year, 100 were planned. the But first of 1,000 stations nationwide, fuel-cell cars for consumers would be interesting , such as Peter foot from consultancy Ernst & Young, the German press told the Agency. This results in a vicious circle, as well as auto expert Stefan Bratzel of the University of applied Sciences explains as follows: "as Long as there is not enough demand, not worth it to build this infrastructure properly, and Vice – versa, the people do not buy a fuel cell vehicle, when the infrastructure is widely available."

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hydrogen car: Good range and fast charge vs. costs

water lure-fuel cars, especially in areas where the previous Alternative to the combustion engine - the E-car is ailing: In the case of the range and rapid refueling . Up to 500 kilometers, would be able to offer the fuel-cell vehicles, and within a few minutes to load, as Peter explains foot.

Despite these advantages, consumers can not see but a crucial Detail to ignore: The price . According to Ferdinand Dudenhöffer of the University of Duisburg-Essen this is downright "unacceptable". 70,000 to 80,000 Euro a hydrogen car currently costs in Germany. Debt-to - be the most expensive development in contrast to the low unit numbers . Only when the production is mounted, the cost could be reduced per vehicle and thus also the prices are reduced. As the Handelsblatt reported, is also the hydrogen, even in comparison to Alternatives such as Diesel is too expensive: A kilo of it would need for 100 kilometers, and this cost just under ten euros at the gas station .

that the efficiency of hydrogen cars is quite low. Only 25 percent of the original energy would ultimately provide for the movement of a fuel-cell vehicle, as Florian Hacker from the Öko-Institut reported. The Rest would be during storage or the lost and Convert it into electricity in the car. In the case of E-cars the value would be at 75 percent.

Slowly there are, however, motion in terms of fuel cells : BMW has announced at the IAA, to want, to 2022, in small series and, by 2025, in large series, a model can produce. The car manufacturer Toyota, with the Mirai already since 2015 is a free-for sale hydrogen car, want to take the next steps to the large-scale production. So far just over 10,000 copies of it were produced in Japan, of which to date only around 200 to Germany.

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