Holiday in popular destination countries: Everything you need to know | travel

Whether to the sea, a city Trip or in the mountains: a holiday is for many people. Everything Important you can find in the Overview. Update from the 09.06.2

Holiday in popular destination countries: Everything you need to know | travel

Whether to the sea, a city Trip or in the mountains: a holiday is for many people. Everything Important you can find in the Overview.

Update from the 09.06.2020, 15.45 : The cruise company Aida has taken a far-reaching decision. In the year 2020, no cross to more trips in the United States or Canada to be done. Everything else you need to know about the timetable of Aida, you can learn in our Overview.

Update from the 09.06.2020, 11.20 PM : The tourism operation on lake Garda in Italy hopes this year, despite the Corona on a great number of tourists from Germany. "Visitors can feel absolutely safe. We had only a single Corona event," said the mayor of the commune of Limone sul Garda, Antonio Martinelli. Hotels, attractions, and ferries would now take the operation. Vacationers do not need to be of respirators on the beach or in the Restaurant to sit, a safe distance but was also true during the holidays. To learn more, at a Glance, which country to Travel, when to travel back to*.

Update from the 08.06.2020, 15.57 PM : the leisure and tourism sector hope because of the current Corona-relaxations. Many European countries are now allowed to be re-visited. What is allowed in the summer vacation of 2020 and what is not, you will learn Overview*.

Update from the 08.06.2020, 12.31 PM : "apartments are considered to be the accommodation type that offers a Corona the summer, the most security in terms of planning and spacing . Correspondingly high is the demand is. In addition, there are already lots of existing bookings that were made months ago before Corona-crisis. The prices of the available properties seem to be in popular holiday countries are partly to be very high," explains Jonas Upmann, Head of PR of HomeToGo. That doesn't mean, however, that not even high-quality yet low-cost accommodations are to be found. "In addition, there are within the countries of great price differences in different holiday regions . Travellers should inform themselves about the relevant provisions in the request-leave the country and then quickly book to get a good offer," said Upmann. You want to the entire price table, with the overview of 25 popular European travel destinations see ? the Then click here to read more*.

Update from the 05.06.2020, 16.37 PM : Many countries, the life for the most part from tourism, had during the Corona-crisis. After a worldwide travel warning to 15. June is likely to be repealed, and many countries are opening their borders, want to lure these tourists with tempting Offers. Sicily wants to, for example, costs half of the flight and any third hotel night assume.

Update from the 05.06.2020, 14.59 Uhr : Since yesterday it is for holiday makers from Germany possible again, to enter without border and health controls to Austria*. Who is on the trip to Italy, may also stop a stop, but not when returning from Italy. In addition, the cross-border transport is added slowly.

Update from the 04.06.2020, 15.58 PM : The Deutsche Bahn wants to warn passengers during the Corona-crisis on crowded trains*. This is supposed to be about the Deutsche Bahn App and on the Internet presence possible. In this way, passengers can change to less-congested Links.

Update from the 04.06.2020, 10: 53 PM : In June, some airlines to take back the operation. The UN aviation organization has made some recommendations*. Therefore, passengers should wear a Mouth guard in the airport and on Board the machine, as well as distance from other persons. According to the recommendations of the middle seat, but must not be allowed to explicitly release.

Update from the 03.06.2020 : as of today, the borders to Italy for holiday-makers are re-opened. Travellers have to worry about any quarantine measures. If you want to go via Austria to Italy by travel*, you must keep in mind that here, the limits only 15. June re-open. Transit tourists are allowed to do so, not stop - not even for the toilet or to Refuel. Otherwise juicy the threat of fines.

Update from the 02.06.2020 : For a couple of weeks has brought the Corona, with the crisis in the travel industry to a Standstill. Now it is slow again hope for all with Wanderlust. Borders are passable again, Hotels are opened and also the first Airlines to take the operation slowly. If it is driving you soon again on Board of an aircraft, you should be aware of some things. A flight attendant has opened, what kind of behaviour can't stand the Crew at all* - and some of it could have ever made.

original message : The Wanderlust plagues a lot of German: after all, everyone wants to escape the gray everyday life someday and discover something New. The Federal citizens to stay but still like to be in the vicinity of the home. Most popular holiday destinations in Germany, Spain and Italy in 2019, namely. A little out of the mass break out, it's also time to Destination outside of Europe - the choice is eventually huge. No matter whether you are by plane, cruise ship, Bus, train or car - we feed them with current information around the topic of travel.

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