Holiday home-holiday: Pro and Contra | travel

summer, sun-protection mask: After weeks of restrictions, many are in need of recovery. Holiday homes are in demand this season, for good reasons, very. But the

Holiday home-holiday: Pro and Contra | travel

summer, sun-protection mask: After weeks of restrictions, many are in need of recovery. Holiday homes are in demand this season, for good reasons, very. But they come to everyone in question?

Eberswalde (dpa/ tmn) - in the full plane and in a mass hotel with hundreds of rooms, and the much-vaunted battle of the buffet? Many holidaymakers are likely to want in the face of Corona this summer to engage with.

The tourism researcher Prof. Claudia Brözel, that this year, more people leave forms of self - sufficient select the Camper, cottage and apartment are from-so. A cottage in the middle of Nowhere, this sounds pretty ideal. However, travelers should carefully consider whether this form of vacation is actually something for you.

Safe arrival and the number of contacts

"A cottage holiday is a classic self-arrival-holiday," says Torge Petersen, managing Director of the operator Wolters Reisen. Most of the guests come in their own car and spend differently than in a plane or train, with Strangers in a confined space. While there is of course also holiday apartments in Mallorca or Greece, but most of the Apartment vacationers to stay in Germany or go over the limit in one of the neighbouring countries.

German holiday home Association (DFV) explains: holidays in their own country is currently in high demand. The shorter travel, good medical care and familiar surroundings made it a greater sense of security, says the communications office Manager, Michelle, of sulphur. It is not endangered in the apartment more than at home and can provide them in the supermarket.

a Lot of freedom of movement on the spot

The mouth-nose protection can't stay still at home. In order to protect the health of holidaymakers and staff, has developed the tourism industry hygiene concepts. Many of the cottages on the key transfer is without personal contact. Or there is a restocking period between the stays of the guests.

What is offers is on-the-spot in terms of leisure, to determine the country-specific regulations. "The best keeps in close contact with the cottage landlord," recommends sulphur. In Germany the rules are very inconsistent.

restrictions not to avoid due to the Corona pandemic. But apart from that, a cottage holiday offers according to Torge Petersen "maximum freedom and freedom of design". The vacationers were undisturbed in their privacy and don't need to stick to a predetermined meal times. "Families come here on their costs, as can children move freely."

In the case of a Germany-wide Online survey of the society for consumer research reported in early to mid-may, 27 percent of the respondents prefer for your next holiday, a holiday apartment or a holiday home. 36 percent called Hotels, large houses, the interest was nine percent at the lowest.

recovery Service?

But there are also disadvantages. For families who have spent during the contact restrictions and due to the Home Office a lot of time in a confined space, sounds a cottage holiday may be of little tempting: Again, all in the same house, again cook for yourself. A Service like in a Hotel and can't wait for travelers in the apartment, of course.

Complete without Service that we must not do, however, says Petersen. Some of the holiday facilities you could book, for example, the Breakfast with it.

So that the holiday brings the longed-for rest and not to stress is the case, you should consider in advance what rights you have. The constellation plays a big role. So it not only needs a special planning, if children or risk are people - larger groups must pay attention to the local regulations, such as how many people may visit a Restaurant or attraction.

the Unknown regions in our own country

in addition, the choice of location is critical: if you like Hiking, traveling in the Eifel, the Harz or the Allgäu. Water sports fans it attracts to the North sea and the Baltic sea, and for cyclists and wine lovers Wolters travel recommends the Mosel. Also some of tourism's less-developed regions have been upgraded. Who else prefer to the Hotel, discovered by an apartment possibly places he would have looked at otherwise, never.

In the search after the suitable accommodation for families and other vacationers have to prove patience. Look around is worth it, says Michelle of sulphur. If the place is fully booked, there are in the environment, often with attractive offers with a matching price-performance ratio.

a Total of Prof. Brözel observed by the University for sustainable development Eberswalde significant efforts of the tourism industry, to enable vacationers to a relaxing break. Strong price increases are not currently feared. In the long term, the new quality requirements call for example in matters of Hygiene, but many of the investments - which could mean an increase in price.

Some units, mobile homes and campsites in Germany are likely to fill up quickly, because the demand is high: "Many holidaymakers are already in the starting blocks," says Brözel.

Date Of Update: 04 June 2020, 13:36

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