Greece-vacation now, as soon as possible - 5 secret Islands you didn't know

thanks to an early and strict lock downs, it has managed Greece to come out relatively well by the pandemic. Officially, there were only about 2800 of infection

Greece-vacation now, as soon as possible - 5 secret Islands you didn't know

thanks to an early and strict lock downs, it has managed Greece to come out relatively well by the pandemic. Officially, there were only about 2800 of infection in the whole country, almost half is recovered. The number of new infection was below five per day - so all in all, a surprisingly good record.

Therefore, Greece will again gradually open up to tourism. While the Locals are allowed to travel in the country is already back to the Islands, and the Restaurants re-open, Greece wants from 1. July the boundaries for a number of countries, with similarly positive Corona-paths is open. According to the statements of the Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, also of Germany to be part of it. What you need to know Greece holidays:

  • 15. June, there are international flights to Athens.
  • From 1. July, all the regional airports for international flights to open.
  • Currently no Entries for tourism purposes are allowed. Who is traveling for other reasons, must be tested in a two-week quarantine issued.
  • In the public space, safety, and spacing rules are observed - mask is mandatory in public transport, hospitals.
  • The beaches in the country are already open, here, too, spacing rules apply: 1,000 square metres are not permitted more than 40 people. The umbrellas need to be four feet away from each other - pro screen only two are allowed to Lie.
  • On the beach should be no unpackaged food and no alcohol is sold – otherwise, payments threaten closing and high fines.
  • Greece-tourists should in the future, use an App, which provides useful information and instructions on how to Corona, said the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis of the image. It should be ensured that there are on the Islands of sufficient test capabilities. In the event of emergencies in Corona Ill should be treated in major hospitals of Athens.

  • The detailed security concepts of the Hotels are still being worked out. Indoor activities should be limited spaces. It was also planned that Hotels employ hygienists and Doctors to collaborate.

at the end of may's wand of the Greek crisis in any case, the list of countries, the into the country. the Corona-Tests for inbound tourists to give it only sporadically. However, Hygiene of course also apply here - and-distance rules for the protection of tourists and Locals, in order to prevent the spread of the Virus in the country.

But that should do the holiday joy not detract – we are not in front of five stunningly beautiful island paradises in Greece which they knew still.

Amorgos: Hollywood in the southern Aegean sea

the white washed houses with blue roofs, small fishing villages and unspoiled nature – the Cycladic island of Amorgos in the southern Aegean sea and belongs to the picture book Islands of Greece. One reason why Director Luc Besson shot his action movie "the rapture of the deep". the / Idyll liable pur on the Cycladic island of Amorgos

in addition to dream, rocky coves and sandy beaches of the island but also with an impressive historical gem: On a steep slope below the Profitis Ilias summit, and about 300 meters over the sea the thousand sticks year old monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa on the Rock, leads up the steep stone steps. Already alone for this fantastic view of the sweat-inducing climb is well worth it.

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Astypalea: Paradise for climbers, snorkelers and non-Smoking

Only about 100 square miles, this island of the Southern Sporades in the Aegean sea, which is still a real insider tip. To your administration area, a further 45 uninhabited islets that surround it still. At first glance, Astypalea, with its mountains seems to be fairly sparse, but there are lots of green valleys, monasteries, churches and Golden sandy beaches that give this Island its special charm. /iStockphoto/Paul shark, the local authority imposed a real insider's tip to protect the Sporades island of Astypalea

To the environment and to ensure that the bathing areas remain beautiful and clean, has a Smoking ban on all beaches. Ideal for families, the shallow lagoons with sandy bottom, where you can snorkel with the Kids are wonderful. The climbers also come to the island on their cost: About 20 routes of varying difficulty through the bas-Reliefs of white lime-stone rocks

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Sifnos: arts and crafts, cliff divers and white sand dunes

About 130 kilometres Southeast of Athens, the Cycladic island of Sifnos is located. It is known not only for their scenic beauty but also for its cultural heritage: in ancient times, artists jewellery made of Gold and silver, which came from the private mines of the island created. This is no longer operated now by a number of potteries, however, offer on the island. Especially in the narrow streets of the towns of Vathi and Kamares, there are many traditional workshops, which offer beautiful goods.

/milangonda The artist town of Kamares on Sifnos

the Highlight of the island but the long white sand beaches around the two Artists metropolises, as well as the rocky coastline of Pnagia Chryssopigi: particularly daring scenes ever, where cliff divers plunge with feats of acrobatic prowess in the water. A particularly beautiful Spot to have a break: the somewhat secluded beach, Fykiada, with its white dunes.

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Kefalonia: the Greek wine and the sun, another secret island that not many know, is sick and tired

Kefalonia. It is located in the Gulf of Patras, to the West of the mainland and is the largest of the Ionian Islands, which include such famous neighbors, such as Zakynthos and Corfu. Known for their expensive and classy wine that is made from the Robola grape. It has a slightly sour citrus aroma.

/iStockphoto/ lucianbolca views over the Turkopodaro beach on Kefalonia

However, not only wine lovers, the island attracts, but also leisure travellers who love beaches, its rocky coastline with many bays and coves hidden sandy - many of which are roads only accessible on foot through narrow Switchbacks. One of the most beautiful Myrtos in the North of the island, for example, is located at the foot of the white limestone rocks. A Must-see is the underground lake Melissani, which leads through a cave and on a boat ride can be explored. When the sun comes from above, you feel like you are in a Cathedral.

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Ikaria: holidays in the blue Zone

Nearly 50 kilometres to the East of Mykonos, the 8000 inhabitants of the island of Ikaria is located. It is about 40 kilometres long and seven kilometres wide and is one of Samos to the Southern Sporades. To the Locals it is called "Nikaria".

/iStockphoto/PHG Pictures of Ikaria belong to the Southern Sporades

According to Dan Buettner, a US researcher and National Geographic author, life of the icarians in one of only five blue zones in the world. As such, he referred to the regions in which the people live, on average, longer and healthier. Holidaymakers will feel this positive and original energy in the up to 1000 meters high mountains, in the port cities of Agios Kirykos and Evdilos, in the small fishing villages and the beautiful beaches.

Between the villages of Armenistis and Gialiskari, the largest beaches on the island. One of them is the beach Messakati with Golden Sand and many sports possibilities. As the most beautiful beach only by walk to reach Seychelles-Beach, lives up to its name with large, round-cut cliffs and emerald green water, all the glory is.

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differences explained: The travel note, security advice and travel warning PCP differences in mean explains: The travel note, security advice and travel warning

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Updated Date: 28 May 2020, 06:26

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