Government gives hope: lifting of travel warning - Turkey-holidays still possible?

the Turkey-travellers must, on return to Germany with a 14-day quarantine Who flies despite the travel warning, don't anticipate the state return action

Government gives hope: lifting of travel warning - Turkey-holidays still possible?
  • Turkey-travellers must, on return to Germany with a 14-day quarantine
  • Who flies despite the travel warning, don't anticipate the state return action expected
  • Free cancellation can pay already booked holidays, only possible to a limited extent

As a prerequisite to apply in addition to the low Infection also the Turkish health system-the virus is able to cope with outbreaks so that holidaymakers come back home and be healthy. Bareiß, following talks with the Turkish government's optimistic: "You realize, there is certainly also a lot of that is to ensure that the protection is there." Bareiß not warned, also, to assess Turkey is stricter than other countries for a holiday. "With any country, we need to deal fairly and justly," said the tourism Officer.

The Federal government has a travel warning for Turkey and more than 160 countries outside of the EU, in the first to 31. August extended. In addition to this General warning, the Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) has published a list of States in which an increased risk of infection. Also, Turkey was classified as a Corona-risk area .

A trip, however, is not prohibited. The answers to the important questions:

Why is the Turkey as a risk area?

Turkey has cases, according to the John Hopkins University currently 206.000 confirmed Corona. But the official numbers of cases, the Turkey will be considered in the Federal government with skepticism. For the assessment of high-risk areas, it is not only on the pure data - it is also about transparency. Turkey explains that the infection numbers in tourism areas and intensive care beds are not sufficient, a regional breakdown of the case numbers they are known, however. This is not expected in Berlin for the trust.

The Turkey, however, has the ban on entry for German nationals since 11. June 2020 lifted and is pushing for a repeal on the part of the Federal government. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said his colleague Cavusoglu to Mevlut only to examine data on the infection situation and health care in Turkey again. Was aiming for a coordinated approach in the EU. Cavusoglu accused the European Union travel restrictions for Turkey from "political motives" to maintain. Turkey is a safe country to Travel in.

What are the consequences of travel in a risk area?

a trip to A risk area is not prohibited, it allows travellers to decide for themselves. However , the Federal government has ruled out a further return action of the traveler , such as at the beginning of the pandemic, is already . So it is not sure whether and how travelers can return in the case of the possible outbreak of a second wave of Infection to Germany.

in Addition, vacationers to the traveler to the end of a high-risk area in a two-week home quarantine . The individual provisions of the rules of the Federal States. Turkey-holiday-makers should the start of the journey prior to travel with the current regulations for re-entry to Germany to familiarize.

What is valid for already booked travel?

The already-booked summer holiday in Turkey can be cancelled free of charge. A key factor is the circumstances of "force majeure" to exist at the time of Travel. When traveling in third countries until December 31. August imposed a travel warning as "force majeure". If the trip is planned to a later point in time may not be on a cancellation free of charge familiar.

by the Way: The pure fear of developing a disease is not sufficient to cancel a trip free of charge. The tour operator says, however, the trip itself, he must refund the price of the trip.

Pays the health insurance/ travel cancellation insurance in the case of a Corona-infection?

Many insurance companies exclude the performance, when, as it is currently a travel warning exists. Often there are also disclaimers for pandemics. The WHO has classified Corona as a pandemic. This means that Contains the insurance contract this clause, the insurance pays, if a traveller in Corona ill. The clause must be included, according to consumer protection, however,, subsequently, insurers are not allowed to insert such clauses.

Also, many trip cancellation insurance policies exclude a power in the case of pandemic, or the Existence of a travel warning. Ask before the trip after commencement with your insurance provider or insurance.

99 per cent less than in the previous year: tourism numbers in the Turkey in may strong

broke Through the Corona of a pandemic, the tourism numbers in Turkey sharply. In may, some 30 000 visitors came to the country, and thus the 99.26 percent less than in the prior-year period, such as the Ministry of tourism announced on Monday. In the first five months of the year, the visitor numbers fell accordingly in comparison to the prior-year period to 66,35 percent.

tourism is one of the most important sectors of the economy in Turkey. Last year, more than five million German holiday made according to official figures in Turkey. Ankara has been promoting for some time for German tourists, especially the resort town of Antalya is popular.

for General information about Turkey vacation:Turkey wants to score points with the strict hygiene regulations - TÜV is involved

The government has developed a "program for safe tourism", where restaurateurs and Hotels to participate in voluntary and leisure trust to advertise. Also German companies such as TÜV Süd now inspectors will review the company on a regular basis. The measures include the equipment of Hotels with protective clothing, as well as the development of hygiene regulations and clearance rules for example. The staff should receive pandemic training.

food and drinks are to be issued by the staff, Buffets with plexiglass Windows will be backed up. Luggage is treated with disinfectants. Hotel guests must be able to a distance of 1.5 m meet at the tables, and queues, but also with their sun beds on the beach. On the beaches of the Mediterranean, it should be only many give. Pools towels are to be Packed is passed.

air traffic again Turkish travel included - Intra-only with the authorisation code

regular air traffic between Turkey and Germany has been resumed. The semi-state airline, Turkish Airlines announced that they will use on their flights now, so-called Hygiene experts. This is to ensure that the toilets no queues.

upon arrival in Turkey, but also in Hotels can be used thermal imaging cameras , to be able to determine whether people have a fever. At elevated temperature measurement, or other symptoms of a Corona Test is necessary. In case of a positive Test, a medical treatment will be arranged even quarantine measures are possible. Travelers need to cover in the Terminals, the nose and mouth.

As the Foreign office informs, is for all domestic Turkish flights and train rides at the time of reservation, an approval code ("HTS Code") is required. This can be obtained via SMS or via an App. Information on this is provided by the respective airlines.

All the news about the Coronavirus, you will learn in the Live Ticker of FOCUS Online

Public life: curfew for people over 65 years of age from 20.00 to 10.00 am

For people over 65 years of age have a curfew from 20.00 PM to 10.00 PM. Travel restrictions between provinces since 1. June 2020 repealed.

To market places, super markets and public transport, and the mouth and nose must be covered; in some towns and areas everywhere in the public space. " Three steps " should be respected to other people.

hairdressers and shopping centres, as well as the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul already have open.

Turkish foreign Minister: "holidays safe and carefree"

The Turkey is dependent on tourists: 2019, the country took approximately 31.9 billion euros through tourism. Holidaymakers from Germany play a great role. However, the measures to guarantee a safe holiday in the Corona of a pandemic? "This summer, we expect our German friends to a safe and carefree holiday in Turkey," says Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on the website of the Ministry.

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