From the ball man to Balderschwang: How do we preserve new Tourist Hotspots before the collapse

to fight rubbish-strewn shores of the lake, endless traffic congestion, illegal Parking and Camping: a German tourist Hotspots such as the Walchensee in upper

From the ball man to Balderschwang: How do we preserve new Tourist Hotspots before the collapse
to fight

rubbish-strewn shores of the lake, endless traffic congestion, illegal Parking and Camping: a German tourist Hotspots such as the Walchensee in upper Bavaria or the beach of Timmendorfer strand in Schleswig-Holstein have for years with such problems. Through the Corona-the summer, this will now be reinforced. Because a lot of people shy away from trips abroad, especially in times of fear of a second virus wave, you can spend your summer vacation in Germany. This is for the Tourist Hotspots of our country is increasingly becoming a Problem.

this year, like to travel, 44 percent of people in Germany. The on Tuesday published an Online survey of the society for consumer research (GfK) on behalf of the Bavarian centre for tourism. Particularly surprising: Only 17 per cent aim to travel abroad. The holiday draws willing to Pomerania of the survey to the majority of German targets, especially in Bavaria and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

How can be distributed to the tourism rush?

Threaten these objectives now, States like, until recently, in Venice, or Barcelona? And: What can do German tourists regions, now that swung instead of ball man stands high in the course, in order not to be overrun?

so a lot of domestic tourism, as we are experiencing at present, Germany is not prepared at all, says Jürgen Schmude, Professor for tourism economy, sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. "Our holiday destinations are fully booked in the high season anyway, mostly 90%. Therefore, you can now record all of the trips abroad."

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many of the holiday regions are on the verge of collapse, was also due to the Corona location. Especially the call of many German Prime Minister, to make the "Corona summer" prefer to holiday at home in Germany, have meant that now thousands of relaxation, push the end in a confined space, is convinced that the Munich-based tourism scientists. "This call to action was ist. Anyone who has a clue of tourism, would have immediately known that we are running through these statements in a over-tourism problem," says Schmude. Because of the holidays for all German at home wasn't a calculator at all. "The Germans are mainly engaged in Outbound Tourism. This is not to say, two-thirds of all trips take place in Germany."

The consequences of this development are noticeable also for the tourists: In some Baltic sea beaches, for example the sun need to reserve hungry via the App in advance a beach. Thus, Overfilling of the popular also is to be prevented. Without registration, the swim in the sea falls into the water.

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Bente Grimm knows the Problem. The head of the Tourist mobility research at NIT, Institute for tourism and recreational research in Northern Europe, alongside concepts such as the "beach-Ticker" on the Bay of lübeck, just a way to relieve German tourist Hotspots. "It takes the places of marketing partnerships with adjacent, less heavily loaded regions, so that the tourist flow to distribute better," said Grimm in an interview with FOCUS Online.

The Munich-based tourism researchers Schmude has worked for years with such strategies. He recommends tourists places, the so-called B-Marketing: "Here locations Partenkirchen marketed with '1B-location', i.e., locations in the second row, so that tourists seek in the long term these destinations and the main points spare." imago images/Action Pictures of Garmisch-tourists have set up camp in a Parking lot near the Zugspitze.

A successful example of B being able to work on Marketing, there are in the Netherlands. The tourists crowded Amsterdam has marketed an hour's drive away seaside town of Zandvoort sent as the "Amsterdam Beach". The goal: to tourists who come a second or third Time in the Dutch capital to visit and all the attractions, would be motivated by the high - sounding names to spend some vacation days at the sea and not in the crowded old town.

I want holidays in Germany: What should I be aware of?

but What should I be aware of as a tourist, if I want to spend to Corona-the times of my holiday in Germany?

"First of all, one should consider the Intention of the holiday," says Schmude. "I want to have a rest, do sports or a cultural need to satisfy? It is important not to just go where all go,“ says the tourism expert. He also called for "1B locations", so lesser-known, but not necessarily less attractive targets. "The Rhön, Eifel mountains or the Thuringian forest, for example. The are unknown, but not worse," says Schmude. imago images/Kickner camping vehicles Parking on the Forggensee, rosshaupten, Bavaria, are on a motorhome.

Similar suggests mobility researcher Grimm. "If you want to avoid large crowds of people, is the best way to unknown places or just stay in the own Region and make your walks and Bicycle tours." This also against the Background of the sustainability sense, so Grimm.

The researcher is convinced that a over tourism, as, for example, Venice in the last few years, will not hold in Germany, in spite of Corona feeder. "In domestic tourism, there are few places so far, over a longer period of time so that the life - and quality suffers," says Grimm. The trip analysis of their Institute from January, also reveals that 29 percent of the Germans want to avoid for holiday travel crowded places; and although, for reasons of sustainability. "I'm going to assume that this proportion as a reaction to the Corona pandemic is now even higher," says Grimm.

The Virus will be with us for a long time - what is the influence of the long-term on our trips?

over tourism is not a new phenomenon and it is difficult to prevent, says a tourism expert Schmude. Nevertheless, our behavior will change in the future - also due to Corona: "I doubt that a weekend trip to Milan for shopping or stag parties will take place on Mallorca in the dimensions continue. This has mainly to do with that traveling will be more expensive."

The trend forecast by the experts: people are no longer "so often and not so far" to travel. "But who says that traveling goes back in principle, is wrong. Traveling is a basic need."

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