Fashion Week in Frankfurt / main metropolis gets a fashion-fair | world

Frankfurt gets a "Fashion Week". The creators of the fashion fair to leave the capital and come in the main metropolis. Since 2007, the Berlin "Berlin Fashi

Fashion Week in Frankfurt / main metropolis gets a fashion-fair | world

Frankfurt gets a "Fashion Week". The creators of the fashion fair to leave the capital and come in the main metropolis.

Since 2007, the Berlin "Berlin Fashion Week" twice a year instead of However the creators of the Premium Exhibitions move to Frankfurt
Already in 2021, the fashion fair will take place in the main metropolis

+++ 10.25 am: Despite the good Suitability for an event like the Fashion Week, was Frankfurt still "very naive" in the fashion industry, said Anita Tillmann, CEO of Premium Group. The move of fashion week to give now but also the opportunity to think about the Fashion Week new. The challenge of Covid-19 had a lot of rethinking bring.

+++ 10.16 PM: Frankfurt was ready for the Fashion Week, said mayor Peter Feldmann in the press conference on Monday. The town was an old trade - and trade fair city and therefore perfect. The residents of the city were particularly good hosts, as around 200 languages are represented among them. The Hessian Minister of Economics Tarek Al-Wazir emphasized the internationality of Frankfurt as a location advantage. "I think people will be very pleased to Frankfurt," said the Minister.

Frankfurt Fashion Week under the Motto of Digitality and sustainability

+++ 10.09 PM: "Frankfurt says as of today, Fashion", Detlef Braun, managing Director of Messe Frankfurt at a press conference on Monday. The fair is the largest host for textile events will be the perfect location for the Fashion Week. Brown expects more than 140 000 visitors from 100 Nations for the event in 2021.

The activities under the Motto of "Digitality and sustainability" and beyond the fair in the whole city are to be worn. Messe Frankfurt would like to meet the so-called "Sustainable Development Goals" of the United Nations.

Frankfurt as the new location for Fashion Week

first message from Monday 08.06.20, 10: 00 a.m.: in addition to London, Paris, Milan and New York, the international fashion scene gathers twice a year at the "Berlin Fashion Week" . Since 2007, the fashion week in Germany's capital already. The series of events attracts thousands of visitors, the look at the latest Trends on the Shows of the well-known Designer.

Now a piece of news rocked the trade fair landscape. Because it is no longer Berlin, but a German city should be the future venue of the largest and most important fashion trade fair, the "Fashion Week": The Frankfurt .

Fashion Week: fashion fair left Berlin to Frankfurt

After more than ten years ago, the makers of the Premium Exhibitions in Berlin to leave the capital, and have chosen another place. the Frankfurt will be the center of good taste. The first Frankfurt "Fashion Week" should already be in 2021 in the main metropolis organized. For the makers to cooperate with Messe Frankfurt. Details to follow on Monday morning (06.06.2020) at a press conference.

What is already known: According to the Messe Frankfurt in January, a "Berlin Fashion Week", after that the fashion week is moving to Hessen. Of 6. to 8. July 2021, it should be the first fashion fair.

Fashion Week: designers come in the future, according to Frankfurt

A great success for the city of Frankfurt, had to the city of Frankfurt, only recently, the departure of the International automobile exhibition (IAA) to cope with. "After the bitter loss of the car Show IAA (changes to Munich) could be the Fashion Week in addition to the book fair, one of the figureheads for the Frankfurt trade fair. "So we bring the city back a piece," said economic Affairs, Markus Frank (CDU) "".

And also organizer Anita Tillmann expressed to the "image". "We don't want to compete with Düsseldorf or Berlin, but Paris or Milan." According to Detlef Braun, the Messe Frankfurt , the city has been able to fashion the Potential. He sees the "opportunity and the ingredients to one of the international Fashion and Lifestyle Hubs"


mystery and mass attraction: The fashion world fascinates millions of people. Fashion affects each of us - whether consciously or unconsciously. Reporter and fashion blogger Deliah Eckhardt was on the road in the past few days at the Berlin Fashion Week* and reported their experiences.

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Date Of Update: 08 June 2020, 04:33