Corona-crisis: Difficult Start into the season at the Tegernsee | Rottach-Egern

bathing at a distance – this is not easy to implement. Because mandatory specifications are missing, the alignment of the two hot baths in the town of Rottach-E

Corona-crisis: Difficult Start into the season at the Tegernsee | Rottach-Egern

bathing at a distance – this is not easy to implement. Because mandatory specifications are missing, the alignment of the two hot baths in the town of Rottach-Egern and Kreuth the opening for 15. June.

Tegernsee valley – At the record day 3100 visitors frolicked in the Rottacher Warmbad. "That was a year or two ago," says operations Manager Klaus Bickel. This year there may be 300 or 400 visitors. The exact number is not know, the community currently. That is precisely why mayor Christian Köck can't say definitely when the Warmbad opens its doors. "We need a binding guideline of the state government to the rules of hygiene," explains Köck.

According to the Prime Minister, Markus Söder free baths may on Monday, may 8. June, open. "We would also like to," says Köck. But the existence of two different sanitation concepts of associations, but as yet no concrete requirements of the state. Therefore, an Opening only on Monday, 15. June, planned. There are rules, there is a lot of. How many visitors are allowed on the lawn, how many at the same time into the pool? How is the Situation in the locker room, as at the entrance and at the Kiosk? Otherwise, everything would be in Rottach ready for the Start. Bickel and his Team will make the plant already fit.

Also Warmbad Kreuth opened only on 15. June

the same applies to the Warmbad in Kreuth. It is also to 15 on. June open, says the mayor, Josef Bierschneider. A maximum of 340 bathers at a time to the bathroom, not more than 50 into the pool. To keep this in mind, it means a considerable effort. "But it has to be anyway, Supervisory personnel at the pools," says beer Schneider. It is certain that the reduction in the number of visitors makes the operation of the baths even less viable than he already is. Yet was not never thought to open. "The citizens have the expectation that there is such an offer."

No fences and parzellie brackets on the beach

In the cold lake Tegernsee – currently the water temperature is 15 ° C – currently, only Iron. But that will change, which is why the valley-the mayor is the question of how to regulate the Situation on the beaches, recently the subject of a service meeting with tourism-Chef Christian Kausch have made. "They decided against fencing or parzellie increases," says Kausch. Finally, it was natural bathing places. Instead, you'll set up in the bathing places signs remind to the distance requirement and the rules of hygiene. At the Tegernseer Tal Tourismus GmbH (TTT) create Christine Miller, a concept for all five valley locations. The uniform signs should be placed to the beginning of the North German summer holidays in three weeks. The implementation of the concept is a matter for the respective municipality.

signs of bathing beaches

Also popular swimming spots such as the Point to be ultimately stressed to treat it as any other open area, the Tegernsee mayor Johannes Hagn. There is a public way that could not lock so easily was. From his point of view, a signage should be sufficient. Like his colleagues Hagn also relies on the individual responsibility of the visitor. According to his observations, people were observed also on very high whit the distance requirement to a large extent.

Opening of the Lido lake Tegernsee in the stars

is Still completely unclear when the beach Tegernsee opens. It will be operated by Monte Mare, together with a lakeside sauna. The latter is closed due to the Corona-crisis. So far, the state has provided no date for the re-opening in view. "We are the last link in the chain," says operating Manager Daniela Hidalgo. Usually the Lido open at 18 degrees water temperature. "But for the next two weeks bad weather is announced," says Hidalgo. In this respect, an opening is not already in view. Moreover, it is questionable whether the operation of the beach without a lakeside sauna is economically at all possible. "Usually, we can pair the well." However, currently, 40 employees are in short-time work. Only a core team is on-site. It works to monitor: The system gets a new kitchen, the beach is a wooden deck. The investment had given the town before Corona in order.

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Updated Date: 03 June 2020, 01:33

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