Baltic sea, camping and the garden, So the summer vacation will 2020 look like | travel

summer holiday high season. But still, the Corona epidemic is not were in Germany, and creates hardly any planning. Alternatives ago. sun in Tuscany, partying

Baltic sea, camping and the garden, So the summer vacation will 2020 look like | travel

summer holiday high season. But still, the Corona epidemic is not were in Germany, and creates hardly any planning. Alternatives ago.

sun in Tuscany, partying in Ibiza or Sightseeing in New York - the Corona-crisis makes this year's vacation plans of many people on the streets. A study by the market research Institute Forsa found that almost every second person in Germany for 2020 already concrete travel plans, and at least one holiday booked . However, the opportunity to travel abroad, is currently anything other than safe. Alternatives for vacation days and the holidays there is plenty - and are asked about Camping*. What the people in Germany have this summer?


many people set on free days at home, on the balcony and in the garden, suggests the strong demand barbecues, swimming Pools, sand boxes and swings in home improvement stores . In the past few years, increasingly, products from the garden and leisure had been sold, "but this year, the demand is significantly stronger," said a spokesman for the Hornbach DIY stores. Also toom-Baumarkt currently own, according to increased demand, among other things, to sun protection and swimming Pools.

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a Lot of people who do not have their own garden, would spend their free days in this year in the Allotment - the waiting list for small point gardens. "We have at least a doubling of demand for small gardens , in comparison to otherwise," says Stefan basic setting, managing Director of the Federal Association of German garden friends. In Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and other cities have quadrupled the demand even partially. In the Association of clubs are nationwide, with nearly one Million small-organized gardens. Small leased gardens, according to the Federal small garden law of unlimited duration and price are capped contractually.

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holidays in Germany

A survey conducted by the consumer forum "Mydealz" according to which every Fourth wants to make this year's vacation within the Federal Republic of Germany. "Travel within Germany this year have a special meaning," says a spokeswoman for the platform "Airbnb".

A third of people spend the holiday anyway, in Germany, says Jürgen Schmude, Professor of tourism Economics at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich and President of the German society for tourism science. The remaining two-thirds of the people who travel otherwise, in the cut abroad, I offer the German tourism landscape is something to : "We have coasts, mountains, an Alpine tourism." The holiday in Germany get now are a lot more expensive than the bargain-travel to the Canary Islands, he will not believe it. Various estimates suggest that 20 to 35 percent of the people in this year waived, but even on their vacation, says Schmude. Reasons for such concern for the safety or an uncertain professional future.

A survey of "Airbnb"users showed companies reported that 39 percent of holiday joy travel walk-in to the pandemic in Germany. 61 percent of the respondents to the first trip within Europe and spend.

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summer vacation of 2020, in spite of Corona: Apartments and courtyards

On the apartment portal "FeWo-direkt" was week in last April - when it became clear that holidays in Germany in the coming weeks, especially after accommodation on the North sea and the Baltic sea sought. the Vorpommern-Rügen, in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and North Frisia in Schleswig-Holstein were particularly high in the course. On place three and four of the most searches for vacation rentals on the Portal of the city of Lübeck and the district of Ostholstein, in the North-most province, as well as the district of Aurich, in lower Saxony were.

a vacation to farmers and tourist farms is in high demand. After a few weeks of uncertainty, the demand was "exorbitant," says Susanne Wibbeke, Executive Director from the national Association of farm and country holiday in Bavaria , in the 1400 farms have closed.

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summer holiday at the campsite

the campsites in Germany are expected in the coming months, and well attended. While the operator is experienced in the first weeks of the Corona-crisis, a huge cancellation wave, increased booking requests after the announcement of the re-recording of the camping tourism in the respective state for Whitsun and the summer holidays, such as the managing Director of the Federal Association of the camping economy in Germany, Christian Günther, tells. "In particular, this applies to the classic holiday regions." Günther recommends, in this year, no travel without advance booking to compete.

That apartments or houses and Camping are popular at the moment so, it is not surprising to the experts, he says. "That's not security, because one is always in public space, a hideaway has."

From outside: summer vacation time is different

The Corona-pandemic brought the Bicycle dealers an unprecedented Boom, it was said by the Bicycle industry Association. Also within walking distance are many people on the move: According to the German Hiking Association, the booming Hiking during the Corona-crisis. "This is going to be Hiking a particularly sought-after holiday activity, even for people who do not, or only rarely so far hiked," said recently managing Director Ute Dicks. Thus, it is not too tight, advises the Association to avoid crowded trails . It could be useful to "plan a hike off the beaten track".

On the long term, the Corona will leave a crisis, a significant mark in the tourism industry, says Schmude. He expects to vacation and recreation are the future of outdoor and nature - oriented. To leave, associated with large gatherings of people, such as, for example, cities tourism or cruises , will be omitted in the next time more likely. Already in the last few years, natural - and health-oriented vacations have increased. "Now, once again, reinforced."

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