Anxiety-free than in the supermarket: guests rave about Corona cruise on Hygiene

"Crowd is doing it actually, only in the Bars," report Michael and Vera Machann. On Monday morning they went to Hamburg from on Board a cruise ship - after a

Anxiety-free than in the supermarket: guests rave about Corona cruise on Hygiene

"Crowd is doing it actually, only in the Bars," report Michael and Vera Machann. On Monday morning they went to Hamburg from on Board a cruise ship - after a Three-day cruise in the middle of the Corona-epidemic, on the strict Hygiene rules were in force.

most of The time have it rather worked, as all passengers were on land, so empty it had been on the ship, reports the Machanns. Overall, the three-member family with the little son Hugo free from fear felt than in the supermarket. dpa, The Tui cruise ship "Mein Schiff 2" is in the Morning after a nearly three-day trip in the harbour on the Elbe.

The Tui cruise ship "Mein Schiff 2", the corona only had 1500 instead of 2900 passengers included, was ashore on the North sea on the way, and put on in the early hours of the morning at the ship Terminal in Hamburg's district of Steinwerder.

cruise in Corona times: in the Morning, all for fever

On Board were a large number of rules came from. So about every Morning between 8:30 and 12:00, had to take the guests in a queue in front of a room to measure fever, says Friederike Grönemeyer at Tui Cruises, responsible for corporate communications.

"Then you go once, is says what room number you have, then measured for short temperature and then go out again."

If not all of the guests appeared, there was an announcement with the friendly Please, on the spot report. More Hamburg

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even before the passengers on Board were, had they let their body temperature and, in addition, a health questionnaire to fill out. The crew members had to each other and to the guests comply with the minimum distance of 1.50 meters, or face masks to wear.

In the buffet restaurants did not have the guests access to the food. They were brought to you by the staff at the table. This is "anyway not so bad" and better than all the people in the food they searched around, says passenger Claudia Willgeroth, which was, together with her friend Dörthe on Board.

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improvement is needed, especially with the arrival of cruise guests

for Improvement Gabriele Strohof and her daughter Julia find the organization of the arrival of the guests at the Terminal prior to the start of the Mini cruise. Four hours, you should have on the day of departure, waiting, in temperatures of around 30 degrees.

"I've seen a lot of older people who were standing in the blazing sun," says Gabriele Strohof and recommends, toilets, vending machines, and tents. Tip of the Hamburg-editors

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download While Tui Cruises is a German port is active, the industry, competitor, Aida Cruises return to the cruise business, according to the Corona-forced break moved.

On Sunday, the company has planned Mini-cruises on the Baltic sea for the first half of August is cancelled. Previously had been detected in eleven members of the crew of Corona infections.

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tourism expert is skeptical: "If there was now a Corona-outbreak on a ship..."

The tourism expert Alexis Papa Thanassis, that the Hygiene contributes to the concept of the cruise shipping companies over the long term.

"I'm skeptical of the extent to which the scenarios are really well thought out. If there was now a Corona-outbreak on a ship - that would be industry suicide," he said recently, the "mirror".

The companies generate their profit not only with the price for the Passage, but also from restaurants, boutiques and other services on Board as well as the Arrangements ashore. All of the falls from the several numbers of small, if barely more than half should be calculated passengers on Board.

The costs are similarly high as in the case of a crowded ship, even if less Service staff and less food needed on Board. Massive rain: the threat Where the start of the week Floods, Massive rain PCP: the threat Where the start of the week Floods


Date Of Update: 03 August 2020, 15:26

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