After 24 years in the city Council: Now, Gerlinde Zachmann has finally time for your Hobbies | Olching

your presence and your commitment have brought Gerlinde Zachmann again and again in the Olching city Council. Now the 74 has adopted-Year-old final. Olching

After 24 years in the city Council: Now, Gerlinde Zachmann has finally time for your Hobbies | Olching

your presence and your commitment have brought Gerlinde Zachmann again and again in the Olching city Council. Now the 74 has adopted-Year-old final.

Olching – You had promised her that she would not be chosen. The only reason Gerlinde Zachmann had declared himself ready to go for a short term, the failed candidate to the city Council a list of Free voters. Her husband Ewald had finished his second and last term as mayor. They even teased anything to a seat in the municipal Board. But she wouldn't get insured, you, your. Of course 29 never someone will be elected into it. And then it happened yet.

Massive hostility

"hit Me almost the blow," recalls Gerlinde Zachmann and laughs. 24 years ago, three times, you should be re-elected. The second Time, you have to prove that not only the Name had pulled Zachmann, exactly, had been in the first session, more often under. "I was pretty hostile to massive and had six years with the poison arrows of life," says the former social officer. She took note of that, to let it wear down. That would be even nicer.

The second Time, she got from the citizens even more votes. The term was came up with the idea for a social centre on the Table – for the then managing Director of Olching, social service, a project of the heart. And because planning and construction until after the next election lasted, remained with the local Board a further six years. Now, however, it should be with the busy meetings, the "could go in a quarter of the time" on the stage when it would be received objectively.

focus on projects

At the Council elections in 2014, Zachmann pulled back on the top of the list of 15, and was re-elected. For you their popularity may have been a Surprise to the outsider, it opens up quickly. "I'm not a politician. For me, it was the projects,“ says the 74-Year-old. She sits in the Sunny courtyard of the senior living facility on Isabella street and is completely happy.

Engaged for seniors

+ A guest commentary by Gerlinde Zachmann in the newspaper from the year 2004.©tb

Many friends have wondered, as Gerlinde Zachmann in the relatively young age of mid-60s with her husband out of the big house Duke. However, the Zachmanns have regretted their decision for a Moment. Everyone knows the two of them here, all of the moments remains to someone on a chat are. Since the beginning of the Corona-crisis Gerlinde Zachmann organized every Sunday for a food order from a local economy, and every Monday for a cake delivery. As Chairman of the Association "getting Older in Olching" has to be the mother of three children, and seven times that of the grandmother last summer, the project Log started, the senior brings to dealing with Smartphone, Tablet and co. closer to realizing how important the technique would be a couple of months later. Now all are glad that you have learned to chat with members of the family to whatsappen.

Tragic experience

Up to take care of people always Gerlinde Zachmanns was a thing. She began her professional life as a children's nurse in Ravensburg, experienced early and dramatic situations. Once you woke up during a new year's eve night in a heart-sick girl. As the fireworks was over, asked the Little one to drink a SIP. Zachmann was still shook from the door, as a belated firecrackers all over the hospital. "I turned around and the child was dead." Since you do not like the pounding.

From the home of Baden-Württemberg, she was followed by husband Ewald to Munich, deserved at times for both the money, because he was still studying. As 1969 came the first daughter, he assumed, of course, a part of the child care, which was unheard of for the conditions at that time advanced. "My mother-in-law was horrified," says Gerlinde Zachmann and laughs.

in 1972, settled the family in Esting. Quickly, the young mother was engaged in public life, built with other parents, a Playground, and worked as a volunteer in the social field. "It was a great time."

care service is established

With up to 40 a rose for you as a nurse, in Brucker, Josef pen back into working life. And had to be occasionally ask you if you have as a mayor's wife "the necessary". That you had to care for the elderly, honest joy, "could not take the people". But so it was. And because Gerlinde Zachmann also like to be organized, to handle you, as the AWO offered to her, in Olching an ambulatory care service.

That she was scared during the first mayoral election campaign of her husband, of the SPD-close-to-carrier really has you ticked off as experience. "I was never resentful, and have no grudge." She moved with the entire care team to Olching, social service, and later became its managing Director.

No time for Hobbies

That you never had time for Hobbies, does not interfere with the passionate cook. "My Hobby was always working." Today, the winner of the German order of merit, enjoys cross it, to spend more time with her husband, and is happy when the grandchildren come to visit. The seven children, adolescents and young adults with parents of photos in the hallway of the spacious apartment. "They are all great people," says Zachmann and look at the pictures. Your life balance ("I'm so happy with all of it") if you believe your word for it.

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Date Of Update: 03 June 2020, 06:35

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