70 minutes to Mallorca and back again: a Test vacation for a German couple to the Odyssey

debt is a computer glitch of the tour operator TUI. Kai-Jörg K. from the vicinity of Trier, together with his wife to a total of 10.900 sun-hungry "trial touri

70 minutes to Mallorca and back again: a Test vacation for a German couple to the Odyssey

debt is a computer glitch of the tour operator TUI. Kai-Jörg K. from the vicinity of Trier, together with his wife to a total of 10.900 sun-hungry "trial tourists" from Germany, who are allowed to return as part of a pilot project ahead of Spain's opening of the border on the island. But unlike the tourists, are yet to be received on the same day with the enthusiasm of the Locals, witnessed the Couple at the time of his arrival to Mallorca for a nasty Surprise. Police officers deny the 40-Year-old and his wife is the entry - the beginning of a true Odyssey.

the Morning of the 15th begins. June well. Kai-Jörg K. and his wife are excited to be a part of the TUI test group. Already around 4.00 o'clock in the morning on the way to the Frankfurt airport. Karl-Jörg K. Since the mood was still left out: The "Test travellers" on the way from Zurich to Palma.

"Everything is as usual, only a lot of Empty," says Kai-Jörg K. in a Facebook Post. The Lufthansa flight, on the the Couple from the tour operator TUI was posted, starts promptly at 9.00 am. After a stop in Zurich, it goes on also on schedule. At 15.00 the German land at the airport of Palma. Karl-Jörg K. The airport in Mallorca - in the framework of a pilot project were allowed to enter the country on Monday, the first tourists from Germany. A Ticket costs EUR 19.90

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At the port of entry control in Mallorca, the longed-for trip to find her abrupt end to

on the airport in Mallorca yawning Void. Only three other machines were seen on the apron, and told Kai-Jörg K. However, before it goes from there by bus to the baggage claim area, the traveler is a control point, passing the Spanish border police. Kai-Jörg K. and his wife are well prepared: explain that you are part of the pilot project and demonstrate this with their TUI travel documents and identity cards. The health survey, the Spanish authorities have completed the two already on the plane. Kai-Jörg Krall/Facebook Spanish police officers and tourists in a Bus in Majorca

But when the border guards ask, from which country the Couple arriving, experienced the until then, so smoothly up to that point the trip suddenly your crash. The Spanish police are denied entry. The reason: you are on Switzerland entered the country. For travel between the neighbouring Germany and Spain, restrictions are still in place. Kai-Jörg K. and his partner are shocked: "TUI booked us on a package tour with a stopover in Switzerland, we must not, however, enter the country ever had".

All of the explanation of the two compared to the officials fail attempts. Under the number stated on the booking confirmation from TUI, you will reach no one. Also, the travel Manager can not help. And so it goes, after only 70 minutes on Spanish soil back to Zurich - with the same pilot, and Kai-Jörg K. and his wife arrived. Kai-Jörg Krall/Facebook

With this document, Karl-Jörg K. and his wife were sent back to Switzerland.

"We are an experience richer and almost 2,500 Euro lower,"

"Since we are now in Zurich, 500 km from the starting airport. No flight, no train, or the like in the direction of“, het up over the German. He and his wife rent a car and drive to the Frankfurt airport, because that is where the car is parked. Physically exhausted from the now 18-hour trip, check the Couple to a clock at night in a Hotel near the airport. All contact to TUI pass on the next day, unsuccessfully, as a rebooking on a flight two days later. Kai-Jörg K. says disappointed: "too Bad for us the Experiment of Mallorca, has not been definitely successful! Ultimately, we are an experience richer and nearly 2,500 EUR poorer“.

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TUI received apologizes and makes the system error - for the Horror-Trip responsible

On request by FOCUS Online, TUI explains the Odyssey of the pair with a computer glitch: "Individual travel services such as flight and Hotel have been in the electronic booking system of a travel package. The System searches automatically the cheapest option. Unfortunately, a bad flight is in the process of combination takes place“. You regret what has happened and would take care of a corresponding compensation, insured TUI.

Meanwhile, has missed Kai-Jörg K. his Post on Facebook an Update. From this it is apparent that the organiser has contacted the Couple and the case "promptly and favorably" would like to edit. His holiday spends, the Pair now in Cologne instead of on Mallorca. Summer is turning it on: as long As the heat hammer PCP summer keeps on going: as long As the heat hammer

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