The console covers for PS5 make it feel more like mine

The console's divisive appearance looks much more appealing in a new color.

The console covers for PS5 make it feel more like mine

Sony has taken steps to make its PS5 console more customizable. It first released a set of DualSense controllers, in red and black. Then, it released , a wide range of vibrant colors that I loved. After threatened legal action against Dbrand which beat Sony to the punch by releasing its own console covers, Sony launched its own console covers, in midnight black and cosmic, with more colors coming soon.

I was able to put some new console covers on my PS5 and it helped me see the console differently. It also gave me practice removing them (it still feels less intuitive than what it should). The console covers are color-swaps for the ones that came pre-installed with the PS5 and have microscopic symbols for the face buttons. There's not much to be said about them. They're only $54.99 per set , so you can have a PS5 that reflects your tastes almost as well as a game.

Yet, many PS5 owners might want to get at least one set. If you are like me, you might not find the PS5 the most useful addition to your entertainment centre. Although new colors may not fix the PS5's divisive and obtuse design completely, an all-black PS5 will be easier to see than bright white plates.

Even though black and red are the first options, purple, pink and blue will follow later. However, the possibilities for expression increase if you mix and match colors.

It would be great if Sony released the PS5 with these colors as an option, rather than only offering a white console. These colors are great, and I am glad they exist. After feeling burned by Sony's failure to bring its bold swappable hard drives covers for the original PS4 back to the US, I'm happy that they do. As long as they keep releasing new colors for the PS5, I might be tempted to buy a new one.