"Destiny 2" Should End Its Four-Month Season Of The Lost Break Tomorrow

Okay, let me make a prediction

"Destiny 2" Should End Its Four-Month Season Of The Lost Break Tomorrow

Okay, let me make a prediction. Tomorrow, three weeks prior to the launch of the Witch Queen expansion, should be when Destiny 2 will pick up its seasonal story content.

It has been...a very odd season of Destiny 2. A delay to The Witch Queen stretched it to half a year. Season of the Lost started on August 24th and ended on October 5. Every story mission was completed, with the exception of one, after seven consecutive resets of plot developments.

After that, the game was cut off from all seasonal content for four months. This isn't meant to imply that there wasn't happening. Bungie's 30th anniversary event launched in December with a new activity, and a dungeon. While that was substantive and enjoyable, it was very different from the seasonal storyline. Cosmic horses are not related to The Witch Queen's pending exorcism. We don't know of any.

All signs point to tomorrow being the day when the seasonal story will return after a four-month break. I had bet quite hard that it would be this reset or last reset. Since nothing happened last year, I'm putting all my eggs into this basket. Why?
Tomorrow marks three weeks until The Witch Queen's launch on Tuesday February 22nd. Even though the events of Savathun’s exorcism directly lead to what happens to The Witch Queen's, I think players should be allowed to log in for at least 1-2 weeks before they can complete that mission. This would take three weeks.

This year, the seasonal content didn't disappear from one season to another like it did in previous years. You can still play a season's "finale" if you miss it. This is but not true for Season of the Lost. Almost all seasonal content will be removed from the game the minute the Witch Queen arrives. Players have a very limited window of opportunity to see this content, and it is not available for purchase. Three weeks seems to be the right amount of time for players to return and play after a break of four months.


There's also the possibility that this was intended to coincide with an actual life Astral Alignment. Tomorrow, Tuesday February 1, 2022 is the Lunar New Year. This has some cosmic significance and feels like a good day to perform an exorcism. Although I was told by a Bungie writer that this was the plan I didn't believe it. I thought this was a speculation made by content creators. I haven’t seen Bungie say it. It's still a pleasant coincidence.

What do we know about certain is occurring?

One more story mission is possible. It may not be an actual missions, but could be just talking to people or triggering a cutscene. This mission should be joined by one more radio message entry and one additional text lore entry.

We don't know what happens after or during the exorcism. If Savathun escapes and light steals, or if it's saved for The Witch Queen's opening. We don't know if Osiris is returned in this "trade", which is why we are doing this. However, regardless of what happens, Savathun's escape to her throne realm and the lighting of the sun will be significant.

There is no evidence that any season-ending "live events" are planned, unlike the one we experienced before Beyond Light, when the Traveler healed. There has not been any significant change to the map from week to week. This is because the Savathun crystal region is incised. It seems that this will be something that every Guardian will experience, for better and worse.

It could be next week. But I doubt it. Just in case, plan some time to log in after tomorrow's reset. It's definitely worth it.