Adobe Max 2021: Photoshop will soon be available in web browsers. This includes new tools for authenticating content

You can find all the latest updates from Adobe's Max conference, including Creative Cloud Spaces and Photoshop, Illustrator, and many other features.

Adobe Max 2021: Photoshop will soon be available in web browsers. This includes new tools for authenticating content

Adobe will now allow users to access, edit and share projects created in Photoshop and Illustrator via a web browser. This is in keeping with its focus on content authenticity and connected creativity. Adobe has also introduced a 'Content Credentials" feature for Photoshop that allows creators to protect their work by securing it with their identity. The announcement was made at the company's annual Adobe Max conference. It also announced a number of new features for its products that are focused on connectivity.

Here are the top announcements from Adobe Max.

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for the web

Adobe is making a major change that will allow users to access Illustrator and Photoshop files using a web browser. Accessing files via the web browser is all that's required. To open the file, you don't need a Creative Cloud subscription.

Creative Cloud subscribers can make minor edits to shared Photoshop and Illustrator files from their browser. To make minor edits, collaborators will be able use the browser's basic editing tools.

Adobe states that while Photoshop on Web is in public beta, Illustrator on Web will be available as a private beta.

Adobe states that while Photoshop on Web is in public beta, Illustrator on Web will be available as a private beta.

Photoshop Content Credentials - NFTs

Adobe has expanded its efforts in the Content Authenticity Initiative, which was launched two years ago. This initiative is designed to combat visual misinformation and ensure that original creators are given credit for their work.

Adobe has now added the ability to attach Content Credentials in Photoshop as part of its efforts. Adobe states that these "secure credentials" include information such as who created the image, when it was taken, and where it was taken.

According to the company, the new CC feature will help protect creators' works and prevent them from being sold as non-fungible tokens (non-fungible) by unscrupulous individuals. Adobe has partnered up with NFT marketplaces KnownOrigin and OpenSea to display Content Credentials.

This beta version is available to Adobe Creative Suite customers who use key products like Photoshop. The feature can be enabled in Photoshop to capture edits and information about an image. This information can be attached by the creator to an image during export.

Adobe will also allow users to connect their crypto and social accounts to their Photoshop desktop app work. The company stated in a blog that adding your wallet and social media addresses to your Content Credentials will further ensure consumers that you are the creator of your content.

Adobe's social network Behance is designed for creative professionals and will display Content Credentials when an image has these attached. A developer kit is available for anyone to integrate Content Credentials in their product.

Creative Cloud Spaces and Canvas

Adobe has also announced the Creative Cloud Spaces feature. This is a digital online repository that can be used for common projects. As part of the Space, everyone working on a project can access, organize, share and share files and libraries in one centralised location. This feature will be available as a private beta within Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Fresco.

Canvas, meanwhile, will allow you to visualize and display all the creative work in a project. The team can collaborate with others and share ideas, all in real time and through the browser. Both Spaces as well as Canvas will be available in private beta. They will be made more widely next year.

Other products get new features

Adobe also announced new features for Photoshop and Premiere Pro. Three new neural filters have been added to Photoshop to enable users to create landscapes from multiple photographs and to instantly transfer colours between them, thanks to its Sensei AI.

Premiere Pro is now in public beta and it has a new remix feature that makes it easier to create a music bed. It is allowing Character Animator to create "more immersive, realistic animations" with a new body tracker.

Adobe Illustrator for iPad will be getting a preview of a new vectorized technology that will transform hand-drawn sketches into vector graphics.

Fresco, Adobe's drawing and painting app, can convert any drawing layer into animation layers to create motion.