Xbox Series X, this is the powerful new Microsoft console

Xbox x Series. That is the final name of the next home console from Microsoft. Formerly known as Project Scarlett, has resulted in what the company giant of Red

Xbox Series X, this is the powerful new Microsoft console

Xbox x Series. That is the final name of the next home console from Microsoft. Formerly known as Project Scarlett, has resulted in what the company giant of Redmond anticipates that it will be “the fastest and most powerful of all time”. With the occasion of the celebration of The Game Awards —the equivalent to the Oscars of the video game—, the chief of department of video games of Microsoft, Phil Spencer, went up to the stage to communicate something in front of millions of viewers.

Because Microsoft had yet one final surprise is saved for before the end of the year; the response to Sony and also ambitious, innovative PlayStation 5. Both will be released in Christmas of 2020, but it has been Xbox who has shown in the first place how will truly be your bet for the next few years.

Up to 120 images per second and resolution 8K

“For 18 years, and three generations of video games, we designed the Xbox to give power to your dreams. The community Xbox has shown us the power that both the games as fun can have on us all. As we enter a new generation of games, we see a future in which you are absorbed instantly in your titles, in which the worlds are even more real, immersive, responsive, and amazing, and that you are in the center of your gaming experience. With the new Xbox X-Series, materializaremos that vision,” said Spencer early this morning in Spain.

there Are three key words that accompany the Xbox Series X: power, efficiency and compatibility. A machine that promises to be very quiet, all in order to ensure that the experience is as powerful as that of a top-end computer; but with the advantages and immediacy that gives a system designed essentially for playing video games.

Microsoft also aims to ratify its concept of the ecosystem to ensure not only a new technical ceiling in speed and graphical power is concerned, but also in the call backwards compatibility: the ability to bring back your old games to the new console, and run with visual improvements and performance. We speak, therefore, of an offer where there will be thousands of games compatible with the disk drive of the machine from the first day; the margin of what is offered in digital form.

Xbox Series X can be position vertically and horizontally. Also, the promise is that it will become “the console quieter and more efficient” than have ever designed the system architects at Microsoft. Pure-edge technology. The name chosen is “an expression of our long history in the gaming, the relentless passion of our team and our commitment to both our fans as the future of video games at Microsoft”. A comment which, in turn, dissipates any doubt about the possible resignation of the multinational company and technology in the emerging interactive entertainment industry.

On the inside of that chassis, whose design is reminiscent of a current CPU of computer, is a powerful processor AMD Zen 2 with architecture RDNA four times more powerful than Xbox One X —the most advanced model of its current range— whose main novelty is that it will offer support for the technique of ray tracing (Ray Tracing) accelerated by hardware, not by software. To be able to enjoy video games at 4K resolution with 60 frames-per-second will be a standard, not a goal; in fact, you can achieve resolution 8K to change a refresh rate variable. The RAM memory will be GDDR 6, although they have not specified how many gigabytes still. What has been confirmed is that it will feature technology VRS, a shading technique of variable speed and patented by Microsoft itself, which will ensure that developers can take advantage of all the power of Xbox Series X coupled to a memory storage SSD NVMe ultra-fast. The result is tangible: “it will practically eliminate load times”. Screens wait and fade to black will be, in many cases, a thing of the past.

New command. Microsoft

The new controller, the Xbox Wireless Controller

the New console is also synonymous with new control. Xbox Series X will feature an improved version and more advanced technologically that we now know as Xbox Wirelles Controller. All packs will include one of these controllers, whose design and size have been refined “to accommodate a greater range of people.” Its main novelty at the physical level is the addition of a new button located on the front of the chassis, the Share button, with just the press will be able to do a screen capture or record a video clip of our games. Share it on the social networks will be a matter of seconds.

The d-pad leaves behind the classic d-pad eight-way to inherit the d-pad advanced Xbox Elite Series 2 Wirelles Controller, the premium cross-platform solution that can currently be found in stores at a price of around 129 euros, more oriented to professionals. Now everybody can experience the comfort of this pad directional. The concept of compatibility of the games is repeated with the knob: it will be compatible with the current home console from Microsoft, Xbox One, but also with Windows computers 10. In the same way, the current controllers of Xbox One may be used without problem in the Xbox Series X. A family, an ecosystem, without restrictions.

Frame 'Senua's Saga: Hellblade II, Ninja Theory'. Microsoft

video Games more realistic

Senua's Saga: Hellblade II is the name of the first video game exclusive that has been in action for Xbox x Series. Along with the expected Halo: Infinite —that belongs to a video game series that takes accompanying to the brand Xbox since 2001, this title is a sequel to the critically acclaimed Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, developed by the british studio Ninja Theory, and winner of five BAFTA awards, one of them by the interpretation of his protagonist, Melina Juergens. The original work tells of an adventure of redemption made with motion capture of real actors, with the intention of expressing the psychosis of a young woman in the trauma, the sacrifices and exploration were their hallmarks. The game, a commercial success, will now have this sequel even more ambitious technically, touching almost photo-realism. The sequences displayed in the video presentation have been taken from your own graphic engine of the game.

in Addition to this study, Ninja Theory, Microsoft has a total of fifteen internal teams already working on the new platform, Xbox Series X, whose launch is expected around the world in Christmas of 2020 with the service of video games on demand Xbox Game Pass —which offers more than 150 games with a model similar to Netflix— as another of its main strongholds in the digital marketplace.

The price of this powerful machine is still unknown. These details, as well as the catalog of video-game launch, will be revealed throughout the year 2020. Microsoft has moved tab and stood, de facto, determined to dominate the market.

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