The best bags for Laptops and cameras

So thin and light, our Tablets, Laptops and cameras have become in recent years: In the shirt pocket, they don't fit still. You carry, you need some kind of tr

The best bags for Laptops and cameras

So thin and light, our Tablets, Laptops and cameras have become in recent years: In the shirt pocket, they don't fit still. You carry, you need some kind of transport container. And as far as the, the available choices are much larger than in the case of the devices: There are bags, backpacks, Messenger Bag, suitcase and trolley in all sizes and designs – and with a very wide range of fashion claims.

And like any Notebook, or Tablet is proud of its technical Features, also each backpack that holds something on, and extra pockets for memory cards, adapters, cables of all kind and the Powerbank. Some even have a let-through for the charging cable, so you can keep the phone in your Hand while it is powered on, the well-packaged extra battery.

If you want to separate the chaff from the wheat, the First a basic question: does it Need a special Tech container? Why you don't take a dog commune, briefcase or backpack-classic Eastpak or Fjällräven?

The answer depends on how often the device has. This is constantly the case, it is worth the Extra investment. A special bag offers more safety: it is better padded and has depending on the model, a certain amount of crumple zone. Should you fall, the risk is for the Display and housing are lower.

Well-protected against water and thieves

A Laptop container should be waterproof. And some models also have a means of a theft protection: The, that you can not just cut, Zips hidden or extra are protected, or that there is a difficult-to-access inside pocket.

Even if these safety features are not insurmountable, they increase the security. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended that you turn the device encryption on your Laptops or Tablets (FileVault on the Mac, Bitlocker in Windows Pro), your data is regularly back up and a possible Search - and-remote-wipe function is switched on (in the case of Apple through the Where-is-App).

The right number of pockets

The second important question relates to the Size. Since one has the choice from a few to several dozen litres. At Peak Design, there are bags with 45 liters, and even a monster bag with say 65 litres is liable. It is worth, the capacity to focus on all that you need in everyday life most of the time, and a bit of Reserve schedule – but not too much. If you fly occasionally, it should be the pocket suitable as hand Luggage. As for the baggage you don't want to bring his Laptop.

make Sure that there is enough pockets for small things like adapters, memory cards and the like are not present. Also quickly accessible outer pockets, for example, for a water bottle, does not make sense, if you have Tragbehältnis just for Commuting. Too many bags, however, are impractical: they increase the probability that one looks unnecessarily long to the objects.

comfort is more important than Design

third question: the comfort. Just backpacks and pockets with large capacity should be convenient to carry. Comfortable, adjustable straps for backpacks, and good padding are essential and more important than the Design.

The Design is the aspect on which the views are drifting apart at the most: Whether it is fashionable, elegant, state of the art, or Recycle-Look à la Friday – about taste can not argue. Occasionally, it is argued that a nondescript model on thieves seems less appealing than one that is obviously intended for expensive technology. In the case of inexperienced thieves to the functioning mag. But there is certainly also the well-trained eye, the expensive equipment also detects cloaked.

The last criterion is the robustness and longevity. Here is the manufacturer of best Outdoor products have a natural advantage, for example, Deuter or Thule. Also, the suitcase manufacturer Samsonite, or as a local representative of Victorinox or Friday bags to the Latter, there are padded versions for Laptops and Tablets.

The most exotic transport for technical equipment, there are naturally on the Crowdfunding platforms. Two representatives, who were able to hold on to for some time, the minimalist Nomatic Bags or the bags of Korin Design with special anti-theft mechanisms.

Laptop to turn off or not?

one thing Remains: you Should turn off the Laptop before you put it in the bag, or is it safe enough to move him on? The risk of data loss after a fall, has become in recent years. Instead of the rotating hard disks are SSD drives in the devices, and are much less susceptible to bursts.

but There are also other dangers: If an App continues to work in full swing, there is a risk of Overheating. In addition, it is useful, power adapter and external devices to define and ensure that the lid is well closed.

A work animal with Swiss Design

Enough space, convenient to carry, were a well-padded compartment for the Laptop, waterproof, and durable: these are the criteria That have led me to the purchase of the Vargu Roll-X. Thanks to the Rolltop (the one we all know of the Bicycle courier bags), it is also suitable for bulky items. The capacity is 23 liters. There is a tablet suitable pocket, a special compartment for the power Bank with Opening for the cable. The backpack is, like the Freitag bags, partially made of recycled Material and the (designed in Switzerland) Design to a real working animal. Price: 169 Swiss Francs. (gunfire)

holiday greetings from Kos

I've always had a weakness for small leather shoulder bags. Much more than an iPad and a photo camera don't have to fit in. My old leather bag of Aunts And Uncles was falling apart in the term, as I found in a small leather goods business on the Greek island of Kos this bag. Indestructible and very robust, it has been for seven years my almost constant companion. As the Surface Pro 3 or the iPad Pro, my first question was: do they Fit in the bag? They fit just. My 11-inch iPad fits today perfectly. Price: forget. (show)

tripod instead of ice pick

As my Dakine rucksack was last year, finally unbearable, had to be a replacement. Finally, I need the backpack for reportage and travel. I was able to make friends with any body Design. Either too sporty or too impractical, or even practically, with a myriad of pockets and compartments. I found what I was at Fjällräven. In one Outlet there was last year's model of the otherwise expensive Keb Hike reduces 30L pleasant. The backpack has two large compartments and is extremely comfortable. The mount for an ice axe is great for a photo tripod or an umbrella. Price: 280 Francs. (show)

The multi-talent

If I can't decide between a backpack and shoulder bag that strikes the hour of the Wotan craft Messenger-Bag/sailor bag. The bag was invented couriers in 2015 for watch straps and camera bags well-known Taiwanese manufacturer of Bicycle. Times small shoulder bag, sometimes shoulder bag, the bag can be everything. Especially at airports, where you have to constantly stuff in and unpacking needs, she proves herself again and again. In the meantime, there is a whole collection of Sling Bags with different sizes and prices. Mine has a padded iPad compartment. Price: from 200 CHF. (show)

hand-made and inclusive

The business bag "Pändler" not only has extra compartments for the Laptop and the cable, but also for pens, glasses and business cards. They can be worn either as a backpack or over the hand strap. The upper material is water-repellent, and the textiles are organic and part recycled. Price: 380 Francs. The bags from the manufacturer Kokoté ( are produced in the Canton of URI country with a social mission to hand. The founder, Franz Huber has started production four years ago as a project of integration for refugees. Each bag is a card of the Person which has produced it. (gunfire)

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