The Last Of Us II: If the Infected take over the world, you have to teach it to women

Now, seven years later, is preparing itself for developer Naughty Dog, the epic is worthy to continue. Let's just say There were easier conditions for a game'

The Last Of Us II: If the Infected take over the world, you have to teach it to women

Now, seven years later, is preparing itself for developer Naughty Dog, the epic is worthy to continue. Let's just say There were easier conditions for a game's successor. Because the expectations of the Fans are enormous. The Last Of Us II you will meet?

An emotional vendetta with an uncertain end

The Story of the second part begins five years after the first. Joel and Ellie, now a young woman, living in a comparatively safe Harbor, the small town of Jackson, in a comparatively dangerous world full of Infected people who want each other Bad – or at least very different goals. Tangles early in the game to bring the stone to the plot rolling. Or we can say on the basis of the highly dramatic events at the beginning of the stone avalanche. Sony

for spoiler reasons, is dispensed with further Details. Anyway, Ellie breaks down in an emotional campaign of revenge that leads you to Seattle. The rich and great in Gameplay and cutscenes, the story is this time told not from the point of view of Joel, but from the young woman. But not only: Also other Actors are controlled in the course of the Story by the player. This is the narrative Drive and can lead to changes in emotional entanglements ...

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order The game To do explicitly brutal

there are lots of things: kill Infected, new types of Infected to discover and kill, representative of different human groups meet and kill. The game is so explicitly brutal as it pretends to be the merciless told the world: enemies burn, screaming loudly, to be filmed from up-close, as they are subtly stabbed, wearing ghastly gunshot wounds. Who doesn't like it, the should try to switch to Animals Crossing.

All the other Above-18-happy Years of the pleasant of fear, the trigger encounters with enemies. Of course, Last Of Us II is not a Hardcore Action-Adventure as the Dark Souls series, but the crisp degree of difficulty ensures that the great staged fights every Time the neck hair at Attention position. Sony

this can Also be used if there is a sizable Arsenal of weapons, in the course of the game also improved, should be the fundamental approach to confrontations, first in the Stealth mode. Because ammunition is scarce. So then prefer to change the knife to sink with pre-sneak into the opponent, than to just fire away, only to quickly determine that the gun was empty, fired, and now all the enemies know your Position. Tactical moments caused by different enemy types: - Sniffing dogs must be misleading, and extreme horror-like the Clicker to jump at every sound. Sony presents the Playstation 5: The appearance is different, as is FOCUS Online Sony presented the Playstation 5: The appearance is different, as all had expected

Sometimes, less linearity would be more

Naughty Dog releases a great Gameplay Flow: The exchange between sweat-inducing action scenes or Horror-shocks, and almost calm, Tolkienschem Run through destroyed, by the nature of reclaimed areas, or the history of driving situations, ensures the correct mixture. Neither the game to überforder nerve sample, yet it bores.

the developer Studio current Games with Open Worlds is stretched as a thick finger to the face: is a game with very clearly defined boundaries. Usually this works very well and is clever level design and the above-mentioned Flow hardly. From time to time, we wanted to solve but a little less linearity and more freedom or perhaps even times of several creative ways a task.

Naughty Dog / Sony "The Last of Us 2": New Ellie

graphics and Sound to solve blissful Smile

at Least as tight as the history are also graphics and sound. At the end of the console cycles – in this case, the PS4 or the PS4Pro – is usually brought again everything out, what is the device make to be able to. And so it is with Last Of Us II, Rarely, light, Design, and foresight, were to complement each other so well – rounded off by amazing effects, incredibly detailed representation of facial Expressions and a crazy-voiced Soundtrack. Last was Red Dead Redemption, a blissful Smile on the face of the players conjure up.

What The Last Of Us II, but finally on the Olympus of the best PS4 games the selection of the protagonists is transported. From spoiler reasons, we have to stay here in the car. Only so much: In the selection of the gender of the plot important characters and also the type of narrative of emotions, you have to give the writers just a big praise.

It is nice to be able to characters away from the cliché-playing video games. This is a development that the newer Tomb Raider, or part of Horizon: Zero Dawn-fired power, the learned with Life Is Strange is a preliminary climax and is now even more consistent and more radical next thought was - also in the sense of the LGBTQ Community. Great! And absolutely contemporary! Of which we wish for in the future like more.

At the beginning of this article we asked the question whether the second part can be the high expectations of the Fans after part 1 just. The Conclusion: Absolutely. The Last Of Us II, has earned a full 5 out of 5 spores. Clear Buy Recommendation!

The Last Of Us II appears on the 19. June 2020 cost exclusively for the PS4 and PS4 Pro and around 60 to 70 Euro (display). (Display) The Last of Us II order Now from Amazon In FOCUS Online/Wochit In The PCP In the

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