TAG Heuer presents new Smartwatch

The Surprise was a success. And he knew it. The joy was Jean-Claude Biver, the mastermind of the Swiss watch industry from afar, as he was able to introduce in

TAG Heuer presents new Smartwatch

The Surprise was a success. And he knew it. The joy was Jean-Claude Biver, the mastermind of the Swiss watch industry from afar, as he was able to introduce in 2015, Google and Intel as a Partner for a Smartwatch . And of all places at the Basel watch fair, the most important event in the Swiss watch industry.

The watch became a success. A big for the watch company from La Chaux-de-Fonds, and a surprising for industry experts, the computer watches for bells and whistles or worse stopped.

50’000 are not enough

That there is a marketing professional, such as Biver, has previously made James Bond for the Omega-makers and the brand Blancpain resurrected, was not a success and something over 50’000 selling of watches that would leave, of course.

in 2017, to put Biver with a new model, and to the horror of the Swiss competition flashed up on the latest model of the lettering "Swiss Made" (Jean-Claude Biver in the big Interview).

made Possible by the Hardware partners of Intel and a factory in Saint-Gallic. In La Chaux-de-Fonds, Biver set up a separate production line for final Assembly, quality control and Software supply.

Count in millions

the second watch sold said to be good. How many of them there were exactly, does not reveal the company. Were planned originally 150’000, and to all been sold.

Apple and other tech corporations expect of course in the millions, but for a watch manufacturer like TAG Heuer, the numbers are already impressive piece. From merchant circles was repeatedly heard that the Smartwatch was the best-selling watch in the assortment of TAG Heuer.

it was announced barely the second Version of the watch, there was bad news. The Hardware Partner, Intel withdrew from the business of watches and other portable computers. And the end of 2017, Google's watch-boss joined the industry and went to Stripe, a digital payments specialist company.

Alleged Flop

Who gave the idea of using the Smartwatch for a nonsense and the Apple Watch for a Flop, confirmed felt. Just Apple managed to hide the success of its own clock. Until today, the Belief that Apple holds after the modest Start in many places-watch is a Flop – even though it is already a billion-dollar success.

In consequence, it was quiet around the Connected Watch from TAG Heuer. In 2019, followed by a special edition for golfers, but based on the model of 2017.

Also in the case of Google, it has been quietly with Android Wear. Apart from a name change to Android Wear OS, not fact, in the last years, a lot of. Manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei or Garmin sat prefer to use your own Software instead of Google's solution.

the third round

Now, the DAY after this year. The new Connected Watch (1750 francs), the on 13. March comes in the shops, continues to Google Software, and is characterized mainly by two innovations: firstly, it is more elegant and sophisticated than their predecessors.

this is made Possible by advanced miniaturization of technology. Big bulges for antennas were for earlier models, is still necessary, the PM today without. Who doesn't look closely, could you keep smooth for a mechanical watch. Only the screen after a few seconds, in a black-and-white-saving mode, reveals the digital origin.

the watch is significantly more pragmatic than their predecessors. Without the former Partner Intel DAY left this year nothing else, as with the Chip-maker Qualcomm (which supplies almost all the Android phones with processors and other Chips, and after a long legal battle in the future, again Modems for iPhones will deliver) team.

China instead of Switzerland

Differently than earlier and a little ambitious Smartwatch-Chips of the group, the latest, is also in the Connected Watch makes a better impression. Since the Chip didn't come from Switzerland and the watch is assembled in China, loses TAG Heuer the precious "Swiss Made" Label.

Instead, on the back there is a discreet "China". The production line in La Chaux-de-Fonds, where previously, the Smartwatch has been mounted, is already removed. Traditional watchmaker working today in the most expensive and most complicated watches in the TAG Heuer range.

a second prestigious project of Jean-Claude Biver has to give up TAG Heuer. The new watch is no longer in a mechanical watch rebuild when the Chips are outdated and the battery has given up the Ghost. This was exactly Biver is always important. Finally, a watch to keep forever. In the case of Smartwatches, and the rapidly advancing technology is, however, not possible. That's why the Trick with the subsequent conversion.

How often the Option has been used, does not reveal the TAG Heuer. The presumption is, however, obvious that the has not been in demand until today, all too often.

first impression

Overall, behind the new Smartwatch from TAG Heuer a good first impression. The battery lasts, as is the case with the Apple Watch, a day, and the operation is thanks to two buttons and the rotating crown simply. If you have something to criticize, then the Software of Google. Here, there is a noticeable Effort of the tech group would be needed to with Apple in terms of comfort and functionality at least equal to.

That companies such as TAG Heuer to rely on it for complex and costly operating systems to Google, is a crucial disadvantage compared to companies like Apple or Samsung, the hardware and Software control.

Curious one may be, therefore, on the approach of the Swatch group. The Swiss watch group develops its own operating system. A watch was originally announced for the end of 2018. A first Tissot with its own Software this summer to follow, as the company's chief Executive Nick Hayek promised in this Interview.

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