Stale aftertaste: My first visit to the Café and beer garden - Video

Breathe a sigh of relief! Since the 18th century. May may finally receive the gastronomy in Bavaria your guests in the outside area, since the 25. May this is a

Stale aftertaste: My first visit to the Café and beer garden - Video

Breathe a sigh of relief! Since the 18th century. May may finally receive the gastronomy in Bavaria your guests in the outside area, since the 25. May this is also possible. In North Rhine-Westphalia Restaurants were allowed to from 11. May open - for indoor places. For me, living in the heart of Munich, in the hustle and bustle and new dining Locations tried, was the Lockdown is a hell of a long thirst. So get out in the crowd!

the beer garden were as described already from the age of 18. May open. For Munich, the beer garden is much more than just a self-service Restaurant. I don't want to praise it to the sky, but to drink in the sun, his first Radler-level, people-watching, and besides (Baier for fresh) Pretzels with a Obazdn to best, gives me an inner satisfaction that can't even provide Yoga classes to me.

"Now, on to the Park principle!"

So I went together with my best friend on the first visit to the beer garden in 2020 - the choice fell on the large beer garden at the Chinese tower in the English garden. Why? Because I thought to myself that here is enough space for all the beer would be Starved. But far from it, on Friday evening, the beer garden was already tight, all the tables are occupied. "Now, on to the Park principle. Only when one goes out of here to be able to get the next," says a beer garden-overseer pragmatic. My girlfriend and I are optimistic, and to provide it to us (with a mask) at the first snake of the registration Checkpoint. Name, time of arrival and mobile phone number you want to know about us. Whether the data is correct, checks that no one a card you don't need to see. However, it is used only for our own protection, that you provide the correct data, in the event that a host was infected at the same time, corona. Well, we find that there is no list, where the data of the other guests, but each guest is a separate piece of paper to fill. Not every beer garden is such a good example.

The rather unpleasant weather from the middle of may postponed my first visit to a normal Restaurant with outdoor Seating. However, immediately after the Opening of catering for indoor places, nothing kept me at home. Three days after the easing, I arranged to meet with two friends for Breakfast.

The first hurdle: Without a reservation is nothing. After all, there were no problems. At the Cafe arrived, we asked our mask, where our table would be. The first had to be provided, the top pushed together two tables, we were able to put us. However, the next guest was at the next table, a maximum of 50 inches from us. It is fair to say, however, that we wanted to take us because of the nice weather on the terrace. Photograph: Georg Hochmuth/APA/dpa CHIP Corona

The operation came with a face visor, so we could also see their facial Expressions, which makes the communication much easier. First, they disinfected our table (we were sitting for 10 minutes) and then gave us the menus and took the drinks order. Also had to tell one of us his data (i.e., re-Name, phone-number, number of persons and time of arrival) on a piece of paper. Whether the cards were disinfected, we couldn't find. 15 minutes later the operation was surprised that the drinks are still there and took the order and food again. The Cafe and the terrace were full, spontaneous visitors had no Chance. Another 15 minutes later, our Breakfast came.

"shit, mask forget"

The toilet I had to go with mouth protection mask, in the Toilets, and also between the tables disinfection machines found for the hands. When I came out of the toilet, I got to meet a guest without a mask. When he saw me, he turned immediately, muttering something like "crap, mask forget" .

Pay with Contactless was not possible, we loaded all the cash. Then it was time for the next two meters: mask, until we made our way through the tables to the exit of the terrace.

According to a beer garden and a Cafe visit, I wonder now: Can I to me this is new for me, although understandable, but at the same time arg cumbersome nature of the gastro visit, to get used to? The appetite is not me passed, but the ease of which you want a meal or a visit to the beer garden feel is there. A "Come on, let's quickly get something to eat" I'm not going to listen to - as long as the rules apply - probably not in my circle of friends or even pronounce. It remains to hope that the Restaurants, Cafes and beer gardens still busy stay - already alone because of the significantly lower number of guests, the welcome you.

According to the registry: Wait. Only when a space is free, we can move on to the next Checkpoint. It takes but 20 minutes, until it is finally so far, precious time, finally had to the beer gardens to close on these days is already at 20 (now 22 hours) applies. Other guests pass us. Because you have already well-Known in the beer garden, which had managed to get a table already, and may then draw understandable way past us. How many people are allowed to take a seat at a table, is not told us.

Finally, we're off and the next controller with the mask on the registration slips. He assigned us a table number, we may advance to the next queue, the flows of a cash register. There, ordered his food. The menu is extremely slimmed down. So there is only a spritzer (Apple juice), when food has quickly made a choice. You could go earlier to the bar and the crispy chicken and a Roast, admire, or even for cold food use, flies over the small card. Finally, we are at the cash register on it, to give our order and pay at the cashier - he rips a couple of jokes, but behind his mask, they will not come quite so directly with us.

farewell, free choice!

next stop, as we are one of the oodles of signs leads: The beverage edition. Here, too, is, of course, Wait again. I finally got my beer in Hand, we prepare by by shut-off bands to the next folder. There we will show our table number, he points us where we need to. It is a pity a shade space. Almost at the same time the operation of our food comes from. Then are we allowed to remove finally the masks. We sit now in the big beer table, proposing a toast to us somewhat artificial, and wait for the beer garden Feel to the setting. It does not do it. Look around, other guests it seems to go like that. The Bavarian hospitality is not, perhaps, because it is so different than in Corona, and you have to get used to the new procedure.

After 45 minutes, the controls with the emptying of the beer garden about to begin. "At a quarter before Eight need to be all out.", it is. For us, it's no great sacrifice, finally, we are freezing in the shade, with the cyclists, I'll sink the last crumb Pretzel. Mask back on and we leave a re-marked path to the separate output. Previously, you just got up and strolled between the tables through, to leave somewhere the China tower beer garden. Now my girlfriend and I are standing there, the dream has burst visited by the first cozy beer garden. So I fell back on the days of known patterns of behavior and got me something for "To Go", to find myself in the Park a place in the sun.

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Date Of Update: 15 June 2020, 03:27