Record phone presented: this is The new Power-Smartphone

Asus has announced the ROG Phone 3, and is thus in the third Generation of its Gaming-phone-number. The basic conditions are clear: The ROG Phone 3 is designed

Record phone presented: this is The new Power-Smartphone

Asus has announced the ROG Phone 3, and is thus in the third Generation of its Gaming-phone-number. The basic conditions are clear: The ROG Phone 3 is designed for Hardcore gamers and users who want the full performance. For the maximum Gaming Performance much computing power is needed.

The concern of the Qualcomm processor Snapdragon 865+. He is considered the beast in Benchmark Tests and, together with the X55 also 5G connection. The processor but also offer other high-end models. So must be Asus to come up with something, to be able to stand out from the competition.

Asus ROG Phone 3 with a record

The result is: Asus builds a whopping 16 GB of memory. Thus the capacity of the RAM is as large as the normal memory of some of the entry-level mobile phones from the past few years. However, he is not only big, but also fast. Asus builds namely LPDDR5. Also the 512 GB of main memory, Asus continues with UFS 3.1 on a High-Speed Standard. The Whole performs according to the manufacturer's 655.306 points in the Benchmark Test of Antutu.

Asus ROG Phone 3

data sheets


the Software is Android 10 processor Snapdragon 865 Plus Display 6,59-inch, 1,080 x 2.340 pixels memory 16 GB internal storage 512 GB main camera 9248x6936 (64,1 Megapixel) Battery capacity of 6000 mAh inductive Charging USB Port IP certification weight 240 g colour special introductory price market

data sheets


The mass of power for an ugly always produces a by-product. The cooling element of the ROG Phone 3 is according to the Asus six times greater than that of the ROG Phone 2. To do this, the manufacturer has an active air cooler beige. He can be plugged in and cooling down the ROG Phone 3 up to 4 degrees. The fan is 40 per cent faster than the predecessor. An alloy frame, a graphite layer, and a revised air management also contribute to the cooling of the system.

Gaming-specialist – Here are the real Highlights

not lurking But just cooling Gaming is Relevant. Also the service is tailored to gamers. In addition to the conventional Touch controllers include shoulder buttons. You are not mechanically, but by means of the pressure-sensitive part can be realized. The AirTrigger 3 to area as a probe or use as a Slider. A Simulation of L1/2 and R1/2 is integrated. As a last feature, a Trigger is programmed in the set, for example, for continuous shooting. If all that is not enough, you can draw on the gamepad and Docking solutions from the accessories program.

Asus Inside mobile phone

The Display Asus relies not only on 144 Hz and 1 millisecond response time, but especially on a minimal latency between the touch and the following action. The scanning speed is 270 Hz and the latency is 25 milliseconds.

on the software side, Asus has the ROG monitor is a Theme that is kept in the Gaming style. There is also the X-Mode to Adjust the performance and behaviour in different situations. As the last of the access to the Republic of Gamers the world will be presented very prominently on the Software interface, and when Setting up queried.

battery – Fast, big and slow

The 6,000 mAh large battery charging with up to 30 watts and the predecessor, optionally via a second USB-C Port on the left-hand longitudinal side of the mobile phones. Who throws a closer look in the battery Management App "Power Master", can do a lot of charging options. So it is "Slow Charging", "Scheduled Charging" and "Charging Upper Limit". The ensure, inter alia, protection functions, or to treat the battery than in the conventional Store.

Asus Inside mobile phone camera – under-represented, but improved

The camera of the ROG Phone is as is the case with many Gaming specialists treated as the Cinderella. The Sony IMX 686 provides 64 megapixels at an aperture of 1/1:8. The combination of the main sensor and the lens for normal photos responsible. The 12-Megapixel secondary camera will shoot ultra-wide-angle-images. To do this, Asus builds in a Macro-camera, in the camera module. The front camera dissolves, meanwhile, with 24 mega pixels and offers a portrait mode.

the Highlight of the camera equipment is the video resolution of the main camera. You make it 8K to produce Videos. If you turn the resolution screw down, there are 4K with at least 60 fps.

Asus Inside mobile ROG Phone 3 – what's in The box

The ROG Phone 3 is a very special Smartphone, that is certainly not suitable for everyone. Who has pure power and eye-catching Design with no problems, should see the ROG Phone 3 is still accurate. Because of the Software, you can quickly restore a "normal state". And The performance as well as the bombastic Sound, the Stereo speakers give of themselves, will appreciate a normal user.

In the elaborate packaging is also an equally eye-catching protective case, spare rubber to cover the additional USB Ports, a USB-C is next to the phone Jack Adapter and the external cooler that can cool the ROG Phone 3 to 4 degrees. This has a built-in USB port and a Jack Port.

ROG Phone 3 - The versions and the prices

Asus has announced the ROG Phone 3 in three versions. We describe here the maximum equipped Version. A memory-side stripped down Version of it, however. It comes instead of 16, and 512 GB, 12 -, and 256 GB capacities. So you save 100 Euro in the acquisition.

As the third Version of a power-sided limited Version comes on the market. Asus named it Strix-Edition, and not equipped with the Snapdragon 865 Plus, but the current Snapdragon 865. Here, the following applies: The processor is extremely powerful, and you can save a few Euros. The ROG Phone 3 is actually recommend as such, only specialists, as it should be then the maximum power.

  • Asus ROG Phone 3 16/512: 1.099 Euro - here
  • ROG Phone 3 12/512: € 999 - here
  • ROG Phone 3 Strix-Edition 8/256 pre-order pre-order: 799 Euro here

Asus ROG Phone 3 in the Test

This article was written by Michael Büttner

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