Not even 1 Euro per month: if you drive with the E-Bike to work, saves massive amounts of money

The Bicycle industry can hardly believe it - 2019, you scored with bicycles well of 4.2 billion euros in revenue, 34 percent more than in the previous year. And

Not even 1 Euro per month: if you drive with the E-Bike to work, saves massive amounts of money

The Bicycle industry can hardly believe it - 2019, you scored with bicycles well of 4.2 billion euros in revenue, 34 percent more than in the previous year. And now the good weather and the Corona-pandemic for the Rest: experienced Who is currently moving through Germany's cities, on a popular bike because of traffic jams, as they normally only travel with the car.

The Bicycle is one of the great profiteers of the pandemic-time – because-in contrast to the public transport hardly contagion danger on the saddle. "We are currently seeing a huge Run on the bike shops. Without wanting to be a winner of the crisis talk, you need to hold on, that the bike is experiencing a special Moment,“ confirms David Eisenberger, Vice President, Marketing and communications at the motorcycle industry Association, which represents about 100 companies in the Bicycle industry.

Commute with E-Bike 9 euros for electricity per year

While the Germans tend to have high-quality wheels: The average price was 2019 across all sales channels at 982 Euro and around a third higher than in 2018. A significant proportion of this development is the increasingly popular E-Bikes have. Because more and more Germans are choosing to buy a new bike for the electric variant. Shopping-Deal with FOCUS Online

Only a few pieces available: This E-Bike is now available for under 1000 Euro incl. Shipping!

Now to the offer

The good news is that The charging cost of electricity incurred for the use of electrically assisted bicycles is of little weight. The calculations show the comparison portal Verivox in cooperation with "". The experts have expected:

  • German commuters an average of 17 kilometers per distance. At 220 working days the adds up and the way back to around 7500 miles.
  • Depending on Terrain, assistance level and weight need Pedelecs for a distance of 100 kilometers between 0.4 and 0.8 kilowatt-hours.
  • annual power costs for an E-Bike-commuters estimated under these assumptions to 9 up to 18 euros per year.

For comparison: motorists will have to spend for the same distance, an average of 683 euros for petrol and 567 Euro for Diesel. Alone the fuel costs are up to 40 Times higher than the charging cost in an E-Bike – taxes, insurance, maintenance, and repair for as little cost as is calculated as the acquisition cost and the wear and tear. Energy contracts: 80% of all Germans are still paying too much! (Display)

The FOCUS Online Partner lowers, FREE of charge, your electricity bill and even takes care of the Contract changes for you.

Here is a personal savings

check Up to 100 euros in electricity costs in a battery-life

shows A further statement that the electricity consumed over the entire life of a battery that costs just as much as a full tank of petrol:

  • batteries free admission Pedelecs can accommodate between 200 and 700 watt-hours, as the data of 1187 Pedelecs show.
  • When the current electricity price from an average of 30,23 cents per kilowatt-hour cost is a charge between 6 and 21 cents.
  • the entire life of the battery of around 500 charge cycles is thus required power value from 30 up to 106 Euro.

"E-bikers can the cost of electricity safely neglect it," says Valerian bird, energy expert at Verivox. "Considering also the acquisition and maintenance costs, is the E-Bike for commuting in combination with public transport ticket is still a cheaper Alternative than the car." Power to tax? Save money now with a FOCUS on Online (screen), Now electricity prices

infrastructure compare to decide how it goes after Corona more

Even the motorists club ADAC assumes that the bike will win next to the car in the significance of the individual modes of transport. Whether it stands, but in the end, actually as a winner in the Crisis, mainly depends on the infrastructure, means of the composite Service, and Bicycle. "Infrastructure is the key to success," says CEO Albert Lord esthal.

imago images/Petra Schneider of Berlin, Charlottenburg Palace - 3.6 km on the Kantstr.the longest Pop-Up bike lane to protect cyclists

Quick solutions, such as the "Pop-up-Bike-Lanes" in Berlin, which in the short term, on dne sudden rise in Bicycle traffic has been responding, would have to permanently remain in place, calls Lord esthal. The General German Bicycle Club (ADFC) praises the idea, almost over night by using the site bars and stripes of color Cycling set up. Düsseldorf wants to follow suit, says ADFC spokeswoman Stephanie crown.

Bicycle lobby demands mobility bonus instead of auto premium

The largest consumer Association of the cyclists feared after the end of the contact constraints, "an unexpected flood of car traffic", if a lot of people due to the limitations in public TRANSPORT prefer to be back on the car. Accordingly, the German citizens of 2019 have placed around 32 million trips by Bus, Tram or train back. Per day mind you. If only a fraction will dangers of again with the car, the threat of a Super-jam. Everything about the development of the Corona-crisis

Corona pandemic in the Live-Ticker

a Lot of life in Germany: 147 Infected in a Dutch slaughterhouse - 41 Corona-the Dead after the Champions League game?

Instead of now to send with a car premium the wrong Signal, should make the car traffic at the bike place, and if at all a mobility premium to be brought up for all on the way - because the surveyed organizations agree. Waste of electricity: households can save a lot of money - with simple Tricks FOCUS Online/Glomex waste of electricity: households save a lot of money with simple Tricks In the FOCUS Online/Wochit In The PCP In the


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