Millions of iPhone users at risk: how to protect yourself from Mail vulnerability

The American security researchers from ZecOps have put in a report, a Zero-Day Exploit in Apple Mail open, which is according to the researchers, at least since

Millions of iPhone users at risk: how to protect yourself from Mail vulnerability

The American security researchers from ZecOps have put in a report, a Zero-Day Exploit in Apple Mail open, which is according to the researchers, at least since September 2012, the release date of iOS 6 and the iPhone 5. All versions of iOS since iOS 6 are affected according to the research results of the security gap, including iOS 13.4.1.

older versions of the Exploit-prone - this has not checked ZecOps to date simply yet. The results also show that attackers take advantage of the gap since January, 2018 (iOS 11.2.2) is active.

the vulnerability in Apple Mail plays to unsuspecting users with malicious code on their iPhones up, so that attackers, in the worst case-can gain control over the devices of the victims. This is achieved by the iOS users E-Mails will be sent, the particularly a lot of memory in the device as a sort of "overload". For full control of the devices, the Bugs are not enough though - for this purpose, the attacker must consider further steps. The Change, Delete and Publish E-Mails, however, is very possible.

iPhone users by attacks in the Background

at risk is Particularly troubling for users of iOS 13 do not need to open ZecOps, according to the mail once active; it is sufficient if the Mail App is open in the Background. At iOS 12, the Exploit is triggered only if the malicious mails are clicked on, except the attacker has already access to the Mail Server of the victim. It is only in the iOS Beta 13.4.5 the gaps to be closed.

The victim of the attack, apparently, to a slowdown in Apple's Mail, mostly nothing. Just if iOS 13-systems of the attack, without that a Mail has been opened, see the user part, not even the malicious e-Mails, because the attacker can delete them. The attack fails, see the user apparently Mails in your mailbox, with the note that the messages have no content (see image above).

Alternative Mail Apps protect

The gap may be technically complicated, users can protect themselves but comparatively easy. Switch to an alternative Mail App and do not use the Apple supplied Mail App from iOS. Gmail users can access, for example, to use the Gmail App, anyone who spends anyway on the PC a lot of time in Outlook, you may receive the Outlook App happy. Anyone looking for a more flexible Mail Client, you should try Spark. The is not only stylish, but also offers some cool additional options that the default Mailer from Apple.

it is not, but if you like, you can also delete the Mail App from the iPhone. The App Icon is a little stronger and from the menu "App delete", select the tap. Germany bewegendster Corona Song: "Victoriam" - Listen, we support the good cause

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Apple wants security vulnerability fix

Apple is contrary to the statements of the safety experts and declared, that the found represent vulnerabilities in Mail not much of a risk for users, because their use of other security mechanisms to be intercepted in iOS. Nevertheless, the gaps in the iOS Beta 13.4.5 be closed. This pre-release version is available for all interested users free of charge. You can, however, still contain other errors, so that a switch to the Beta stuffs at the moment, although the above-described security vulnerability, but there may occur other problems. Basically, Fiddling around with the iOS Betas is rather something for experienced users.

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Date Of Update: 23 May 2020, 12:27

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