Local authorities threatens the land tax fiasco: not a single country has started to Reform

From 2025 on, must be calculated the property tax in Germany - but the majority of the countries has not yet decided how this is going to work. A survey of the

Local authorities threatens the land tax fiasco: not a single country has started to Reform

From 2025 on, must be calculated the property tax in Germany - but the majority of the countries has not yet decided how this is going to work. A survey of the German press Agency, according to six länder will review whether to implement the Federal model proposed, or a private develop. Four countries have decided to develop their own concepts, but not a single one is definitively decided.

It's not much time, because the changeover in the financial offices, and a revaluation of land will take a long time. The German tax trade Union warns already. "The Minister of Finance, now need to tackle, finally, the estate tax, otherwise it will be a fiasco for the local communities," said Union boss Thomas Eigenthaler, the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung". According to the Corona-crisis you are in need of every Euro.

municipalities can determine the amount of the basic tax itself

at The turn of the year, the cities and municipalities, the change was not for the restoration of their funds to take advantage of. Because, ultimately, the municipalities determine their rates the amount of the land tax, irrespective of the calculation model of the country. It is not a case of additional revenues, the cities and municipalities covered. Whether this is due to the massive Tax break-ins due to the Corona pandemic is open. The bottom line is, however, a further default, not allowed to take the local authorities with the new property tax in total than in the past. So, it's more likely that some municipalities will flow in the future, more money and others less. (Display)

apartments, houses and commercial objects.

here you will Find the right property

For the municipalities is the property tax one of the main sources of income. In the past year, approximately 14 billion euros came together. The are to be paid 15 percent of municipal tax revenues, of which about roads, swimming pools and theatre. Most of the apartment owners pay a few Hundred euros land tax, tenants are asked the utility billing to the checkout.

"Light relief for a tenant in normal situations"

The Federal government had decided by the end of 2019, a new calculation model, for which many a land but little can inspire. You must therefore develop their own concepts. Bavaria, Hesse, Baden-Württemberg and lower Saxony want to do that. Berlin, Thuringia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Schleswig-Holstein, Bremen and the Saarland, in contrast, have decided, according to the dpa survey to keep to the model of the Federal government.

Berlin's Finance Senator Matthias Kollatz (SPD), promised: "For tenants in normal residential areas - and that is the Bulk of the population - should it stay with the previous volumes, or even a slight relief to give." It is the fairest and most efficient model, the Bremer financial management said. Which is hardly a tenant knows... Our PDF guide to inform you about your rights and obligations as a tenant and explains to brake the Rental price.To the PDF guide

Several States are planning their own way

However, all land and buildings must be evaluated in the next few years, consuming new. The concept is based on the value of the soil, a statistically determined base rent, of the land area, as well as the type and age of the building.

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Several Federal States is the complicated to - and above all, Bavaria, wants to rely solely on the surface. This, however, would be a rating of equal-sized plots of land in Munich's Prime location and the country are identical. Hesse and lower Saxony have recently presented models that take into account, in addition, a lump sum, the location of the property. Baden-Württemberg is likely to put surface and soil underlying indicative value. Decided nothing.

"Each reform model will produce winners and losers,"

Who benefits and who pays for it, is in all countries is still open. "Each reform model will generate in comparison to the unconstitutional unit of assessment of winners and losers," predicts the state of Hesse's Finance Minister Michael boddenberg. To come across out whether the plot had so far been unusual in a rating of low or not.

Currently, the basic tax must be calculated after completely outdated, decades-old information - a lot of land in Germany at that time were worth much less than it is today. Real estate Atlas 2020

In this PDF guide you will find everything that is Important to the topics of rent, the purchase price for condos and houses in 100 cities.

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in Order to save his village, or given to a mayor to save the land of his community FOCUS Online To be the village, giving away the mayor plots his Church

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