Is my house suitable for a solar system? Five points will decide

Who installed a solar system, makes a lot of things right: The technology is cheap, sophisticated as ever, and the concepts for self – consumption with storage,

Is my house suitable for a solar system? Five points will decide

Who installed a solar system, makes a lot of things right: The technology is cheap, sophisticated as ever, and the concepts for self – consumption with storage, heat pump or electric car. This is not only good for the climate, but also for the wallet. Since 2012, self-generated solar electricity is cheaper than electricity from the energy producers. And also, the cost of solar systems have dropped in recent years.

the solar system on the roof to build: Can I?

it's No wonder that many homeowners have questions in Germany: Can I? My roof is fit for a solar system? At the end of five points are decisive in determining whether the acquisition is successful, and the solar system saves even money.


1. Shading

Thus, a solar plant produces as much electricity as possible, should be built on the roof of course as little as possible in the shade – so far, so simple. But every little Shadow is dramatic? When you have exceeded a critical limit? It is important especially when the roof is in the shade. More than 70 percent of electricity is produced in the spring and summer months, between 9 and 17 o'clock. Falls before or after the shadow due to the flat irradiation angle of the sun on the system, it is hardly worth mentioning.

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Dennis Pogonka is the Technical coordinator of the energy company Enpal.

this is Similar for the fall and winter months. At this time, only 30 percent of the annual amount of electricity produced. Shadows in the flat winter sun play no important role. Overall, not should be, especially during the key sun hours, more than 10 percent of the module surface in the shade. Caution: it is Not only trees or other buildings cast shadows, but also satellite dishes, dormers, Chimneys or weather vanes.

2. Roof orientation and pitch

The best is a southern exposure of the roof. Nowadays, a West - or East-Facing are acceptable. Only a North orientation is still unsuitable, since the loss of yield be too high. The pitch of the roof should ideally lie between 25 and 50 degrees, to achieve a good yield. It becomes critical, however, at tilt angles of 50 degrees, because the yield is low and the construction is more complicated. Flat roofs (up to an inclination of 5 degrees) are in principle well suited for solar installations, because the modules can be optimally aligned and tilted.


3. Roof area

must be the size of the buildable and unshaded roof area, depends heavily on the consumption, and thus the target size of the plant, as well as the used modules. The smaller the roof, the more powerful, but also rather expensive modules are used. In the case of an average power consumption of a 6-Kilowatt-Peak system is a good guideline. This needs an average of 20 modules and a buildable roof area of approximately 30 square meters.


4. Roof-cover and land condition

Not every roof in Germany is covered with classic tiles. Straw or thatched roofs come, of course, not in question, but also the increasingly popular slate roofs are unfortunately not suitable. In addition, the last roof renovation should not be much longer than 30 years back. The older the roof is, the higher the probability that it is not suitable for a solar system. Also a restoration with the already installed solar system is expensive and should be avoided. If the roof is also only slightly, incidentally, that is a clear sign that only a thorough restructuring is necessary.

5. Electronics

The electronics will be left on the topic of solar systems is happy to completely disregard. It is at least as important as the condition of the roof. Modernisation in this area are due, this can drive the costs substantially. Particularly on counter Cabinet, you can see where the house electronics. So the meter should have a case first still places available for the connection of a solar system. If the box is black on the inside, he's probably too old. Adequate and modern meter boxes are always white. In addition, the house connection, in the ideal case, should be three-phase, then the size of the plant, there are no limits. In the case of a one - or two-phase connections only a system of a maximum of five kWp is possible. An Upgrade can be requested from the current network operator, but costs a lot.



With solar power from your own roof can be up to a third of the annual electricity consumption of self-produce, and even save cash. As long as the entire current production does not exceed an efficiency of 80 percent, saving a solar system in comparison to a standard electricity tariff of 25 years, there are still thousands of Euro. It is clear that Each roof is different and has its own characteristics, which influence the production of solar power. But even if the roof is not in all points perfect, you can pay off a solar system. Many of the measures that can be due a refurbishment, how to fix, are also independent of the solar system at some point due. In this respect, it is only indirectly, of more cost. Early retirement at 40: How me the financial freedom brought FOCUS garages Online early retirement at 40: How me the financial freedom to garages brought

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