In-Ear, Wireless, water-resistant: So you can find the right Sport headphones

most of The manufacturers offer special models for the Sport. For whom the purchase is worthwhile and what is there to consider in the selection, betrayed Klubb

In-Ear, Wireless, water-resistant: So you can find the right Sport headphones

most of The manufacturers offer special models for the Sport. For whom the purchase is worthwhile and what is there to consider in the selection, betrayed Klubben, the Scandinavian Audio specialist HiFi.

headphones is not the same as headphones: especially not in sports

All the well-known headphone types, there are also the people in the respective sports variants. These are lighter and more resistant than standard models and have not been optimized for a tight fit, so they do not fall out during movement. "Because cables do not interfere with the Sport mostly and it is driving just to arrive during welding and the movement-intensive units also on the size of the model, have In-the-Ear, Bluetooth headphones in different variations through the set," says Jasper Voigt, sound expert of Hi-Fi Klubben Hamburg.

In-the-Ear, neck – band and a longer battery life

In the case of In-Ear Bluetooth headphones with neck band, a cable connects only the two earphones, which brings especially for endurance athletes benefits. Since the weight is distributed on the neck and ears, the headphones just Run a little harder. Due to the larger battery, the neck band, scores points for this variant in terms of battery life. Practical: in the case of short Breathing or speech pauses, easy to take off and leave it hanging.

are Cordless Features

Completely wireless, however, the most high-higher priced stationary True Wireless headphone. "The continuous development makes this technique even for athletes is always interesting," said Jasper Voigt. Smaller, lighter and more discreet than the interconnected Relatives, make it newer models now up to 7.5 hours of run time. In addition, many of the True Wireless sports headphones to offer for its higher price, usually several interesting Features, such as, for example, a pulse measurement over the ear.

IP certification: strong against water and dust

"Depending on the type of motion, it is, of course, on one's own priorities. During the quieter Indoor sports are also On - or Over-Ear headphones with higher sound quality in question, are to come in the outdoor area of factors, such as the IP-certification an important selection criterion,“ said Jasper Voigt. This is the water and dust resistance certification, which should be for sweaty sports Outdoors as high as possible. Also, the required battery life is not an important criterion, since, for example, in the case of long Bicycle tours, the performance of cheaper True Wireless models is often the requirements. Here is the neckband version comes back into the game.

Undisturbed exercise – tight fit, control and Noise Cancelling

neck-band models are also, due to their tight fit, a useful Alternative. And when it comes to sports, the headphones interfere with light and can not unfold the slip to its full sound potential. This is especially true in the case of movement with intensive Training. "Therefore, athletes should try before you buy, make sure which model you have best in ear holds," said Jasper Voigt more. Ear tips made of silicone and the Wings can also customize in the Form of accessories, the favored model of the ear. In the case of the Latter, there is a small 'wing' on the headphones."

at the same time controlling the music can be very distracting. Here, an operation by finger tip, the touch of a button, or language is recommended, because, for example, the mobile phone does not need to be constantly taken in Hand. Depending on the type of training or on-the-spot is also a noise-canceling Noise-Cancelling function is interesting. Important: Please do not use in street traffic.

This and that: something Extra for the perfect workout

bring expensive sport headphones is usually a lot of Features and accessories depending on the Sport type in question. In addition to the recommended Ear-Tips or Wings is a built - in heart rate monitor or Timer, especially in the demanding Fitness or endurance training interesting. More useful for beginners a built-in Voice-Coaching with different fitness programs that some manufacturers include in their premium segment. Some On-Ear models also have washable ear pads. So there are always more ways, headphones on, the individual needs to adapt to be able to in good Sound light-hearted work-out or relax.

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