If you hurry, you can take many of Thousands of euros baukinder money

construction and purchase families only have half a year time to secure your Chance to 12,000 euros baukinder money per child. The LBS suggests. Only those who

If you hurry, you can take many of Thousands of euros baukinder money

construction and purchase families only have half a year time to secure your Chance to 12,000 euros baukinder money per child. The LBS suggests. Only those who are up to the 31. December 2020, signed a purchase agreement or a construction permit received can still points by the end of 2023, a request to baukinder money at the development Bank KfW, explained the Bausparkasse and the Sparkassen.

Because the Corona pads are likely to have delayed implementation of many property plans in favour of the Institution for extension of the period of the popular promotional measure.

demands for the extension are to be according to

This is also the view of some politicians: lower Saxony's construction Minister, Olaf Lies (SPD) called for a renewal of the baukinder money for a further five years. "For many families, it was and is in the Corona-time is not possible, to submit appropriate requests in a timely manner," said Read the Bremen-based newspaper "Weser-Kurier" (Saturday). "If we stop the end of the year promoting that, abruptly, get these people a Problem."

Corona-crisis real estate market

The Lockdown have frozen the real estate market temporarily, also carries out the LBS. Especially with the planned acquisition of inventory objects, this was visible. The reason for this Week could take place as a result of the Shut-Downs are not real estate tours.

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requested Almost half of the funds until the end of may

Since the 18th century. September 2018 can provide families with the state-owned KfW-Bank group requests for the baukinder money. The promotion runs for ten years and was backdated to the 1. January 2018 granted. The Federal government will total in the amount of ten billion euros. The purpose of the measure is to enable families with children to the acquisition of real estate.

For building a house or buying a property, the state granted more than ten years, a grant of 1200 Euro per child - so 12.000 EUR in total, per offspring.

According to information from the Federal government went up to 31. In may of this year, 232.803 applications baukinder money in the case of the KfW received.

The individual applications for the payment of baukinder money divided as follows:

  • purchase a pre-owned home: 145.117
  • construction/purchase of a new home: 51.656
  • C on a used condo: 30.572
  • construction/purchase of a new condo: 5457

The financial volume of € 4.9 billion reached almost. A total of ten billion euros are provided for the baukinder money.

These requirements must families
  • the request meet or Single parent families with at least one child under the age of 18 years, must live in the household of the applicant are entitled to.
  • The taxable household income must not exceed € 75,000 per year, plus € 15,000 per child.

That means. A Couple with two minor children may have a taxable income of maximum of the price of 105.000 Euro a year, in order for the application to baukinder money to be approved.

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The KfW explains how interested in the application procedure: From the day you moved into the new property funding have been entitled to six months time to submit the application on baukinder money. Home loans COMPARISON EASY

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the Same, The Institution started with FOCUS Online

Interested advises: "Once you have moved into your new property, notify, you, your Partner and your children at your Church or order." The municipality shall give a certificate of registration. The need to have applicants to your move-in date of proving.

With the Federal funds provided, may be granted at 12,000 Euro per child, a total of almost 500,000 applications for 830.000 children. KfW currently assumes that the Federal funds provided are in the same leibendem the request of pace, "adequate", as the LBS is running.

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