Home loan and savings contract comparison: rates of building societies

The opportunities for Savers are many and varied. Many building societies are competing in Germany for the favor of the customer. In addition to the private pro

Home loan and savings contract comparison: rates of building societies

The opportunities for Savers are many and varied. Many building societies are competing in Germany for the favor of the customer. In addition to the private providers, there is also the Landesbausparkassen. More than 100 home savings tariffs and tariff variants to choose from – including Wohn-Riester-contracts come once again to the 50 tariffs to do so.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to compare savings and loan rates pre

Which Tariff offers the best loan interest rates? Where are the costs of the savings and loan contract to the lowest, and in which building society customers can benefit from high credit interest? The rates of the building societies differ with respect to various factors. With a savings comparison of conditions and services of the home loan and savings contracts you can compare online. Thus, savers are finding the best deal among the numerous possibilities.

tip: , FOCUS-MONEY, the customer was looking for 2018 satisfaction in 19 of the building societies. Such a Test provides interested savers additional information about the provider. In the survey, the building society cut Schwäbisch Hall BHW Bausparkasse, the Debeka Bausparkasse, LBS Nord, Signal Iduna Bauspar and Wüstenrot Bausparkasse with the rating "very good".

you should in the case of a building loan contract
  • interest: savers who want to take advantage of the bauspar loan for the mortgage, be sure to pay attention in the choice of savings contract, and in particular the amount of the loan interest rate. A lower interest rate lowers the cost of the home savings contract.
  • credit interest: credit interest and the interest of the loan, together mostly hang out with each other. So savings and loan contracts with higher credit interest rates are often higher interest on loans.
  • cost: home loan and savings contracts are usually occupied with the completion of fees and account management fees. The completion fee is for building savings contracts is usually between 1 and 1.6 percent of the Savings. Building societies also usually a fee for account management. According to the building society you between 10 Euro and 24 Euro per year.
  • Other key features of the Treaty: More important data of a building and loan contract, make the minimum savings period minimum savings, maximum savings, and the Option to make additional repayments.

display you will Find the best mortgage

works As a building loan contract

The building loan contract is a combination of a savings plan and real estate financing via a loan. The funding model for the purchase, construction, reconstruction, or modernisation of an existing property, you can Finance.

A building loan contract is as follows.

Phase 1 - savings phase: In the case of a building loan contract are savers in the mandatory, first of all, a minimum balance accumulate. In General, the are 30 – 50 percent of the fixed contract sum. The amount you have accumulated interest rate. Most of the credit interest rate compared to other financial products is low. The loan is evidenced by a lower rate of interest.

Phase 2 - allocation phase: After Savers rating number, minimum balances and minimum savings achieved in time, the contract is "vesting". Savers now have> three options:

li you can take advantage of the bauspar loan.

  • you can perform the saving plan by depositing more funds. As a result, the amount of the loan is reduced, but the yield, as credit interest rates rise. The building society has terminate ten years after the grant of the right to the contract.
  • Savers also have the Option to leave the accumulated deposits, including interest, to pay off. As a result, the home loan savings contract is terminated.
  • Phase 3 - Loan period: Savers, the Option to choose one, receive the loan phase, the difference between deposits and Savings as a building savings loan paid out.

    Phase 4 - repayment: The repayment of the loan via monthly repayment rates. A follow-up financing is with a home savings contract is not necessary, since Savers pay off the entire loan in a specified period of time.

    For whom a home savings contract

    is worth The least of all builders and buyers will Finance a house alone on a building loan contract. The banks and savings banks, popular station wagon model a building and loan agreement plus loan is for customers is only useful, when the best home loan and savings tariff is used, and not necessarily the group's own recommended Rate. Here it is, exactly, to expect.

    A building loan contract is worth it, especially if the home Builder can save over many years. With the savings contract, he secures the contractually guaranteed interest rates to be met no matter what time he later, the contract conditions.

    For savers can be worth home loan and savings contracts not only for the mortgage, but also as an investment. If savers decide the allocation against the home loan, pays to the Fund the amount you have accumulated and the credit interest. Who wants to take advantage of the savings contract as an investment and has no intention to use the loan to, should, if possible, select an offer with a higher credit interest. The loan interest rates are usually Offered higher, doesn't matter.

    you should, before a contract is concluded

    know Before you need to be a building loan contract, you have two things Clear:

    Finance or save: Who are financing a property, or for the modernisation of the house want to save, for the terms and conditions of the bauspar loan, are particularly important. The will depend on whether the customer pays in a larger sum of money on a shock, or month-to-month anspart. Who knows, however, that he would like to save, especially in credit, can neglect the subsequent loan, interest in his Considerations rather. FOCUS Online classifieds Here you will find all the classified ads around the theme of Pets, fashion, Wellness & Beauty jobs leisure & sports real estate family, home & garden, electronics, services, vehicles to buy Find

    Low interest or quick cash : is Used for the building loan contract real estate financing, it depends on other factors: the date at which the favorable building loans are available? You can save a lot or a little on a monthly basis? The subsequent loan percentage greater than the required minimum balance? In the repayment phase, the amount of the loan interest rate and the required reimbursement rate to count, in turn.

    "the lower the loan interest rate, the longer the home buyers will have to wait on the loan," says Max fall of the FMH financial advice. "At the same time, Savers have to pay back the money faster." Second rule of thumb: "The faster the money is needed, the higher the redemption rate will be."

    home loan and savings contracts with state funding to combine

    home loan and savings contracts can be combined with a state funding. Savers can also benefit from pots of two Promotion.

    • employee savings allowance

    Savers, the assets receive effective benefits from your employer and the money in a savings agreement to invest, be promoted, with nine per cent of the amount paid Savers and the employer, by the state. The promotion is capped at an annual maximum of 43 Euro as a Single or 86 Euro as a married couple. To be eligible for the promotion due to an employee savings allowance in question should not be taxable income of home savings in the year 17.900 Euro (Single) or € 35,800 (married couple).

    • housing premium

    The state encourages Savers on the housing premium with a premium of 8.8 percent for the year accumulated sum. Max standing Alone in a housing premium in the amount of 45 Euro. Married couples receive a maximum of 90 Euro in a year. To be eligible for the housing bonus in question, Savers have to Deposit annually a minimum of 50 Euro in the savings plan and the balance in residential economic measures to invest. In addition, the taxable income for Unmarried 2018 under the € 25,600, and if Married must remain under 51.200 Euro

    state funding opportunities are tied to income limits. In addition, there are more promotion options by the employer, regardless of income. The Riester-promotion and the BaukindergeldBauk count.

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