Headphones with cinema sound? Epic Sennheiser want to the egg-laying Audio-Jack of all trades

if you are looking for the perfect Sound for video games, is no longer with the speakers from the TV for an answer. Surround is supposed to be the best powerful

Headphones with cinema sound? Epic Sennheiser want to the egg-laying Audio-Jack of all trades

if you are looking for the perfect Sound for video games, is no longer with the speakers from the TV for an answer. Surround is supposed to be the best powerful and most dynamically. Anyone who plays, however, in a normal city apartment, quickly encounters the limits of a neighborhood friendly volume headphones can be a solution.

epic is a provider whose Name promises high quality sound. In this case, the conglomerate, the eggs legend Jack of all trades wants to become the manufacturer of headphones: Both cinema sound as well as eSports-suitable for products want to be. We have looked at the epic Sennheiser GSP 670 (319 Euro), the epic Sennheiser GSP 370 (199 euros) and the epic Sennheiser GSP 300 (99 Euro) in more detail, and consider whether the promise is redeemed.

epic Sennheiser GSP 300 - headphones for beginners

the beginning of the epic Sennheiser GSP 300, which is 99 euros, the entry-level model of the series. It is cable-bound, but it works also with Switch Mac/Windows, PS4 and Xbox One.

  • appearance and equipment: blue color accents emphasize the modern Design. The ear cups are large and fit comfortable. On the right ear an easily accessible volume control. The microphone can also be high under fold down and thereby activate it. The cable is two meters long and is connected via the Jack. With 288 g of the headphones is also suitable for long Sessions well. There are no LEDs or Diodes are used here sober Design rules, no playfulness. eposaudio.com epic Sennheiser GSP 300
  • the sound and the microphone: Important: Before the first use of the headphones via Sennheiser should be patched in Software. Then GSP 300 has a powerful sound. In the Test, no oversteer was audible. The MIDs are clearly defined, at most, the Bass is in the standard settings, maybe a little weak – here can be helped with the Equalizer. The highs come across as not quite as clear as expected. The overall sound is more than ok.

Noise canceling the microphone, even in the most exciting Multiplayer situations just what it should: the human voice. Game partners were positively impressed by the Sound.

  • conclusion: The headphones firmly and comfortably. The Sound is massive and very ok, however there are small smears. For the price there is to complain about, however little. For entry into the headphone world when it comes to Gaming, the GSP 300 is a clear recommendation. Best offer on BestCheck.de
epic Sennheiser GSP 370 - wireless headphones and 100 hours of battery

The epic Sennheiser GSP 370 is almost twice as expensive as the GSP 300, but wants to score points with cable lack. How does it otherwise?

  • appearance and equipment: Simple Design, no color accents: for those Who like it playful, is misplaced. All other get an almost timeless product. Supplied with a Dongle, a USB-part, the connection to the headphones with a simple push of a button is made. The headset is charging with an included Micro-USB cable are promised 100 hours (!) Battery life. In the Test, we were not able to reproduce this number exactly, but a high level of maturity is definitely confirmed.

The earpads of the GSP 370 are made of a comfortable Material and enclose the ear completely. However, the outside world is not shielded hermetically sealed, which is great, because as a result, the wearing comfort increases, and the condensation risk is reduced, but at the expense of the undisturbed sound. The volume is regulated with a rotary switch on the ear Cup. The microphone can be activated by flaps also. eposaudio.com The GSP 370

The GSP 370 with Smartphone, Mac and PC – console players need to watch out for: The epic Sennheiser GSP 370 works with the PS4, but not Xbox One. The 7.1-surround-Sound-mode only works on the PC with the Sennheiser-Software.

  • the sound and the microphone: here, Too, the following applies: Prior to use highly recommend this one to lift the GSP 370 to the next sound level. But: What is the next sound level is actually called? In comparison with the GSP 300 to little differences be noticed, to justify double the price in the area of sound. The MIDs are precise and expansive, but here are the heights in the area of Definition, and the bass in the area are force clear weak points.

While opponents in Multiplayer you can Play like Call of Duty Warzone or Battlefield good places and also cinematic games like Metro Exodus, or The Last Of Us 2 make fun – but a bit more we would have expected us already. The microphone works great on the slightly cheaper model.

  • conclusion: to Anyone looking for a gaming headset, and to access epic, you should think carefully, if the cable is not sufficient. Since then GSP 300 is the better choice. Who would expect a Plus to the sound, but be unattached, expect a stand-out battery life and a very good wearing comfort. Best offer on BestCheck.de
epic Sennheiser GSP 670 - the Premium headphone with Super Sound

With a hefty price jump to more than 300 euros, we reach the Premium Level of epic. The GSP 670 is the expectations for a high level of sound experience?

  • appearance and equipment: At the Opening of the high-quality packaging the almost chunky Design of the GSP 670 immediately. We had to think on the line of a formula 1 race or the command center of a battleship. If you like it delicate, is found rather in front of the head. All the others call it stylish and enjoy the additional possibilities for the fine adjustment, which can be quite heavy headphones well and for longer gaming Sessions to the head to adjust. The padding on the ear are slightly thicker than the GSP 370 and screens better. Condensation Alarm is not due to the material used still very good! eposaudio.com epic Sennheiser GSP 670

Here are a micro-USB cable and a small USB Dongle. Is also integrated Bluetooth. This expands the possibilities for Connecting with Devices, here, too, however, only Smartphones, Mac, PC, and PS4. Is charged via the cable. Epic promises to be, depending on the type of connection between 16 and 20 hours of battery life – that we were able to confirm in the Test. The wireless connection in the Test was stable, lightweight walls reduce hardly.

compared to the cheaper headphones in the Portfolio of the epic Sennheiser GSP 670 with additional control elements is equipped on the outside: A large wheel on the right ear Cup toggles the headset on and off and adjusts the volume, a smaller, changed the chat volume. A push button activates the Bluetooth mode, a slider called the current state of charge of the battery. Maybe not necessary, but nice-to-have! The microphone can be activated by flaps also. All of which makes the headphones with about 400 g a bit heavier.

  • the sound and the microphone: unlike its smaller brothers, we are convinced by the sound quality of the GSP 670 at all levels: The bass is warm and round, which come in the Midst of massive and the highs clear and precise. The mix is already in the default settings is very round and pleasant, but it can by the Equalizer to individual requirements. Also here is an Update by the Gaming Suite is essential. Through the transparent sound, only video games do not make fun of, also series and movies can be so very good looking. Depending on the setting, we heard cinema Bombast or Multiplayer optimization. For the music-would recommend we Hear, however, on specially designed headphones to access. In the area of Gaming epic with the GSP 670 but a clear reference in the area of Audio.

The microphone serves its purpose very well, the noise suppression filters out background noise constant. It is in the Test, but not a leap in performance compared to the other two headphones.

  • conclusion: In the area of sound of the GSP 670 of epic plays in the front of the Gaming Headsets - who is on well-balanced sound in MIDs, highs, basses, passing comes even hardly in it. However, the price is of course relatively high. The headphones is more than 300 Euro value? In the Test, our result is a few minor weaknesses in the area of microphone: Yes. Best offer on BestCheck.de
More than Gaming?

in addition to the use of the tested headphones for Gaming and Multimedia, you can also be used in the home office use. Here is recommended due to the thinness and lighter weight design just the cheapest product. For calls and conferences, however, use all three products well.

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