Govecs Elmoto Kick in the Test: Einhell batteries provide Wow-effect

From many cities they are a part: E-Scooter Sharing services, such as animal or Lime. You will provide flexible mobility both on and off of Taxis or car-sharing

Govecs Elmoto Kick in the Test: Einhell batteries provide Wow-effect

From many cities they are a part: E-Scooter Sharing services, such as animal or Lime. You will provide flexible mobility both on and off of Taxis or car-sharing Offers. Anyone who borrows regularly on a E-Scooter drives under certain circumstances, but with a purchase better and in the long term, above all, cheaper. At the disposal of the Elmoto Kick from the German manufacturer Govecs, for example. In 2011, the Munich-based company brought an electric scooter with a maximum speed of 80 km/h on the market. Now also an E-Scooter with the Elmoto Kick available. We looked at the not-inexpensive everyday companion very carefully.

Elmoto Kick - The Assembly

a Whopping 15 kilograms of the Elmoto Kick without inserted rechargeable batteries to the scales. According to Smith, and so on the package in which the E-Scooter is waiting to be unpacked is. You're not well-versed with craftsmanship, so? Don't you Worry! The Assembly of this electric scooter is also done for the laity in around 10 minutes without any problems. All you have to do are two things: Two cables of the on-Board computer between the Handlebar and the handlebar slot and the Handlebar using the four screws provided and an Allen key with the handlebars connect. Finished.

Did you overcome this small hurdle, you can start already. From on the road. Or maybe not? Who has never used a E-Scooter, you should locate a place where the first can be practiced. In the best case, by the way, for your own safety with protection helmet. This is because the Handling of a scooter is basically very simple, the fleet acceleration and, above all, the strong brakes, but require a certain settling-in time.

Hayo gap / inside digital Inside phone the Elmoto Kick is allowed to Fast on the road up to 20 km/h

on German streets, is limited the maximum speed on the 500-Watt Motor, 20 km/h. With a small lever on the right Handlebar of the E-Scooter fast speed. From 0 to 20 km/h in a Sprint is sufficiently full battery in about 8 seconds. A Roll takes about twice as long. You've reached the maximum speed, cruising, you normally almost silent, with 19 to 20 km/h through the area. Partially minimally faster - but that is the exception.

striking: Even downhill, the Elmoto drives Kick barely faster than 21 to 22 km/h. And even in the case of smaller slopes of the E-Scooter is capable of, he thought to reach a maximum speed of 20 km/h. But then, there is to remember, that the E-drive must be quite a struggle. The maximum possible reach is the Govecs, with 20 kilometers. A value that looks as nice, but hardly is. Realistic a range of 12 to 15 kilometers is more like it.

Especially important for the security of an E-Scooter is the built-in brakes. And here, the Company makes no compromises. The front and the back are padded to the 10 inch wide tire (air), namely hydraulic disc brakes installed. Let the Elmoto Kick immediately come to a stop, it should be, for example, before a traffic light or a dangerous situation is necessary. This is not good on the one hand, on the other hand, but also dangerous. Especially when you Press the front brake, you should exercise caution. Braking is really important, if you're not over the Handlebars sailing want. Tip: the Primary on the rear brake set.

Hayo gap / inside digital Inside mobile phone

LED lights front and rear, you can also at dusk and in the dark, safely on bike paths to ride. They are always active, not shut down. On the Handlebars, a bell is also to the left to find. Secure state-of-the Elmoto Kick takes place on a small stand on the left edge of its tread. And: Your current speed, battery status, as well as the overall scooter on the distance you can even in strong sunlight, easy-to-read LED Display.

Hayo gap / inside digital Inside cell phone Einhell batteries for the drive

Particularly makes the first E-Scooter by Govecs but not only the good, robust processing, but also the used battery technology called Power X-Change. Because the two are interchangeable (!) Energy storage, you can insert under the tread, are made by Einhell. And, in theory, you could both of these batteries with a capacity of 5.2 Ah at a battery drill, a cordless lawn mower or other Einhell tool to use. More than 170 devices from Einhell will work with this battery technology. Under the circumstances you have at home so everything, to be able to with the first E-Scooter Govecs go. Afraid that they would steal the batteries, you don't have by the way. Because they are protected by a lock before long fingers.

Hayo gap / inside digital Inside mobile phone

Speaking of long fingers, you will scare quite a bit, if you want to move the parked Elmoto Kick away. Because of the E-Scooter is still switched on and in the lock mode, is parked, is heard immediately in the case of a movement of the wheels is a pretty shrill alarm, which immediately attracts everyone's attention. Off can you on a small remote control that you have to the vehicle are also switched on. Without this activation does nothing to the E-Motor at all.

Hayo gap / inside digital Inside mobile phone

you Should by the way, the question of how it is to have spare parts for the Elmoto Kick ordered: easily available on the market, the manufacturer promises. This applies, for example, for a tube and tire. However, a change at the rear is not quite so simple. Here, the manufacturer advises to let a professional to work. If you have any questions of the Govecs customer service with our own workshops and a Germany-wide service network is available.

What is the Elmoto Kick cost?

finally, of course, the question of the price. The high-quality processing of the E-scooter has the consequence that the E-Scooter is just cheap. Currently, 770 euros in the Online Shop from the manufacturer due. Buy you can the E-Scooter there and is available in Blue or Black. Until the end of August you can get by entering the coupon code "Schotter3" 3 percent additional discount, so the price drops to just under 747 Euro. The required batteries are still not included. You cost, including charger 194 Euro extra. And 38 Euro shipping cost also.

Elmoto Kick in compare prices

conclusion: fun is guaranteed

Sure, the Elmoto Kick from Govecs is not a price value. Fun to Drive but still. Those who opt for the E-Scooter, made in Germany, gets a miniature electric vehicle that allows you to, for example, the way to work to be more relaxed than on the bike. Especially in the case of high summer temperatures, you can casual the wind blow in your face to come, but guaranteed not to sweat on your goal.

Hayo gap / inside digital Inside mobile phone

a Little uncomfortable, however, is that you have to press the small Gas-lever permanently with the thumb down, to stay in travel. Just for longer distances, the thumb hurts a little bit. Another disadvantage of the manageable range is certainly. It was in the Test at a maximum of 15 kilometers. Urban this is less of a Problem, but anyone who has a further journey to his goal, connecting in the rule at the destination, a current to the battery with a new power supply. Do not forget charger!

Practical: a folding mechanism on the handlebar that you can fold the Elmoto Kick in the blink of an eye "together" and (more or less) relaxed to wear through the area, or in Bus and train transport. 15 kilograms of drag, but not chicken.

Govecs Inside mobile phone

it is Somewhat unfortunate that the Company has decided against an additional suspension of the front tire. Because if you're on paving stones on the road, on rail drive or a lowered curb seemed like, by shaking it, you as a driver, but a little. It's fun but still, to drive over turf areas. A spokeswoman from the Company said at the request of inside digital: "The E-Scooter category available spring elements are most critical in terms of durability, maintenance and even comfort." Therefore it has been limited to the air-filled tires.

And so the Elmoto Kick is a true E-mobility all-rounder that can enrich your life in some situations. Be sure that you can that you get for your money is a very ordinary quality.

This article was written by Hayo Lücke

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