Electricity is significantly more expensive - changes to the VAT reduction?

For consumers in Germany have become current in this year significantly more expensive. A household with an annual consumption of 3500 kilowatt-hours and a basi

Electricity is significantly more expensive - changes to the VAT reduction?

For consumers in Germany have become current in this year significantly more expensive. A household with an annual consumption of 3500 kilowatt-hours and a basic service agreement to pay, on average, 5.9 percent more than last year, such as the database analyst Enet has calculated. For such a model household, that means a surcharge of € 57 in the year.

each of The suppliers have announced price increases gradually, - stated in the market report. The later the new prices came into force, the higher was unusual in the cut of the premium. While the increases to the beginning of the year, on average, would have amounted to 5.3 per cent, have the Plus the 1. May entry into force of new rates calculator be table 13.3 percent. The subsequent price increases had been higher than the increase of grid fees and levies, which together account for about 52 percent of the retail price accounted for.

current in the primary care is usually very expensive. According to Figures of the Federal network Agency, more than a quarter of the households had a such a standard tariff.

the price of Electricity could decrease due to the lowering of the VAT

In the second half of the year, the current could decrease the price due to the planned reduction of the VAT, but for all households. According to the calculations of the Comparison websites Verivox and Check24, a family has to Pay 15 to 20 euros less. 1. July to 31. December 2020 should be reduced the VAT rate from 19 percent to 16 percent.

  • VAT is reduced from July: How you can benefit and save money
7 tips for lower power consumption in the own four Wänden1. Current contract - and, where appropriate,

go be sure to Check your current electricity tariff and check if your provider may have a more favorable contract for you. Also, you should check whether you are the best electricity provider. Compare electricity providers in the CHIP to compare electricity prices.

2. reduce electricity costs reduce in the case of Notebook and PC

the power consumption of your Computer, you can change, for example, the energy-saving options. The following example applies to Windows 7, but also all other versions of Windows and Linux, and iOS, you can find appropriate options.

  • Open the start menu and select the "control panel".
  • Click on "System and security" then "power options".
  • In the menu "power plan settings" adjust the screen brightness, set when the Display is darkened automatically, and select the period of time after which the computer automatically goes into energy saving mode.
  • Where in Windows is the difference between "power save" and "sleep" is, you can find here.
  • 3. To save energy costs caused by the light

    permanent festive lighting - all the more so, if you use the old bulbs. Therefore, the first tip is: Replace the old honey against energy-saving lamps, especially LED lamps to save electricity. Meanwhile, there are also energy-saving lamps with warmer light - pay attention here to a low Kelvin number of 3000.

    The second tip may sound mundane, but effective: to Make you just in the spaces of light, where you are staying. Around you don't like dark rooms, then you can in the other rooms just have a little light with energy saving lamp. In the process, 176 to 286 lumens are quite sufficient. So you have enough light sources in the household, but consume hardly any energy.

    4. Energy saving tumble dryer and washing machine

    Also, the washer and especially the dryer are energy verschleu of those. Thus, The Laundry drum is always in a good fill, even so-called austerity programs for the half-filled machines consume a lot of electricity. Do not wash the Laundry to hot, usually they also come with 30 to 40 degrees. This is also gentler on the Laundry. If you buy a new dryer, choose a dryer with a heat pump.

    5. Refrigerator and freezer

    refrigerators, freezers and freezers can reduce your budget significantly. Select the space for the refrigerator or freezer right next to the heater or stove, the appliances need more energy to cool down the. Annoying, but no less important, regular defrosting is. An icy freezer consumes large amounts of electricity.

    6. Oven and stove

    you bake regular bread roll or slide a Pizza in the oven, a small oven may make sense. The are relatively cheap to buy and save a lot of electricity in contrast to a large built-in-ovens. In the case of Amazon (display), you will find a self-explanatory proposition.

    • At the stove, you should select the pots and pans suitable to the size of the cooking plate.
    • water for pasta and potatoes, you can heat it with a kettle. This is faster and saves on electricity.
    • Generally, gas cookers and Induction hobs consume the least energy.
    7. Stand-By operation

    The Stand-By operation of electrical appliances is convenient - costs on the year but also a lot of money. An Alternative time clocks, and multi-plug with a switch.

    current measuring devices, with which you can determine how much electricity your devices consume even in Stand-by mode, can you borrow most of the electricity suppliers. Special "Stand-By-Killer" (display) are a convenient and eliminate the Stand-By mode of your devices.

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