Digital Stalking via Smartphone: On these warning signs you should be aware of

With the increasing digitization of all areas of our lives has shifted, unfortunately, also Negative, such as Stalking in the digital world – and thus has even

Digital Stalking via Smartphone: On these warning signs you should be aware of

With the increasing digitization of all areas of our lives has shifted, unfortunately, also Negative, such as Stalking in the digital world – and thus has even more possibilities than in real life. In the case of digital Stalking is the secret and illegal Spying on people with the help of so-called Stalker goods. This means spying programs, allow a third party, via the Smartphone of the victim whose private life house. The offender can access after a successful Installation messages, photos, social media, geolocation data, as well as Audio or camera shots – and in some cases even in real-time.

In contrast to legitimate parental control Apps with a similar scope of function to be installed Stalker goods of programs without the Knowledge or consent of the victim, the offender and run in the Background. They are often advertised as a Software for Spying on the private partner. The Bad thing about Stalker goods of the fact that many are not even aware of being a sufferer, and that you will always need more as a digital tool in cases of domestic violence, and Stalking abuse.

The current Situation in Germany

Worldwide Stalker goods learned in the past year, a tremendous boost. Our Kaspersky had to find experts in their analysis [1], an increase in attempted breaches by 67 percent. In Germany, 77 percent – and the trend is rising. This is a sad top European value and world course three.

To the Person

Marco Preuss was appointed in March 2013 to the Director of Europe Global Research & Analysis Team of Kaspersky. Prior to that, he led the Global Research & Analysis Team in Germany.

Together we are strong: The coalition for Stalker goods and assistance to Affected

Until Recently, there was neither a single standard definition for Stalker goods of clearly formulated criteria for Recognition. One of the first tasks was the in November, 2019 based coalition for Stalker goods [2] – an Association of internationally renowned IT security companies and associations-to find an exact Definition for this new type of Malware and to formulate criteria for their detection. Via the Online Portal find Victims to help and share and the Public is educated about the dangers of stalkers product.

help and contact addresses for victims of digital Stalking available on the Website [3] or in the victim protection organization White Ring [4]. The White Ring is a founding member of the coalition against Stalker goods and help on the phone as well as online. Also Affected will find a useful Anti-Stalking-App [5], about the self-evidence can back up.

On these warning signs taken

should be There are typical signals for a possible contamination of the Smartphones that are apparent even to laymen, quickly, since it requires a lot of computing power. The following points speak for a infection:

  • The data consumption is rising.
  • battery performance decreases.
  • The Smartphone will be generally slower.
  • There are Apps on the Smartphone, to their Installation, you can't remember.
  • In the case of calls, it often comes to strange background noise.
  • Other people know Details of the private life, which can only come from your own Smartphone.
So you can keep the risk to victims, minimise

To stalkers from your Smartphone to the remote, we recommend Kaspersky, together with the coalition against Stalker goods of the following protective measures:

  • Installation of programs from unknown sources in the settings of their own Smartphones, to block, to protect yourself from a Stalker ware and Malware.
  • All devices with a strong password [6] to protect and never disclose to anyone – not even to family members or trust persons
  • none None unknown files or applications to download or to save, as this could affect their privacy.
  • finished with a relationship, should be used to check the security settings on all devices, passwords, and optionally also the E-Mail addresses to be changed, so that the former partners may not have access to personal data.
  • Regularly all the installed applications and unneeded Apps deleted. But caution: Is Stalker goods away from the Smartphone, it is expected that this is also the attacker's hearing.
  • A reliable security solution [7] use informed when you attempt an Installation of a commercial Stalker goods of the user.

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each and Every should pay attention to infection precautions and basic safety measures to minimize the risk of becoming a victim. If you suspect abuse: Urgently in need of a suitable place for advice and tools for Collecting Evidence to use to be able to legal steps. Footnotes








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