Count your orgasms, not your calories: the business of sex products are making their debut at CES

“The orgasm is a human right”. “Count your orgasms, not your calories”. “According to my smart watch fitness, I've masturbated for four miles”. Are just some o

Count your orgasms, not your calories: the business of sex products are making their debut at CES

“The orgasm is a human right”. “Count your orgasms, not your calories”. “According to my smart watch fitness, I've masturbated for four miles”. Are just some of the phrases that can be read to give a return by the CES, the largest tradeshow of consumer technology in the world, held in Las Vegas (Nevada, EE UU). This event will expose sucking of clitoris, necklaces and rings, vibrators, masturbators and male devices to control the ejaculation. The technology has decades of present in thousands of sexual products from all over the world. But the organization of the CES has taken more than 50 years in allow to exhibit at the fair this type of devices.

he has done It for the first time in this edition, after a sex toy for women was the subject of controversy last year. The robot Osai Robotic Massager, developed by the company Lora DiCarlo, won one of the innovation awards granted by the CES. But shortly after removed it. The rules indicated that the products considered to be "immoral, obscene, indecent, and profane" were not eligible for the awards.

Mazie Houchens, Lora Dicarlo, with the toy award last year at CES Isabel Rubio

Dozens of users reacted to the decision on social networks with the hashtag #CESGenderBias (gender bias in the CES). After the controversy, a few months later the organizers of the CES was returned to DiCarlo the distinction and they changed their minds. Would allow, at least in the test mode, these devices have for the first time an official space within the exhibition.

Vanessa Palestinian, an employee of Satisfyer, with a sucker clit. Isabel Rubio

As expected, the toy who raised the controversy in the past year has been one of the most excitement you have caused. Hundreds of attendees at the fair have been approached to see this flexible device that seeks to stimulate the clitoris and G-spot at the same time. “The fact that we are here is a very important step. People still embarrassed to talk about sexual health and is a part of our lives that can help us feel better and less stressed,” explains Mazie Houchens, Lora Dicarlo.

in Addition to this company, close to a dozen companies in the sex tech exhibit their products in the area of “health and welfare” of the fair. “Sexual health has to do with the overall well-being. If you do not, your health is incomplete. It's like bathing or brushing your teeth,” says Vanessa, a Palestinian, an employee of Satisfyer. This company is popularly known for its sucker clit, aims to bring to market 80 new toys for men, women and couples in 2020.


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in Addition, has just launched an app that allows you to make vibrating sexual devices to the rhythm of the music, create a playlist of vibrations or custom that couples to control toys remotely. In its booth, dozens of people are waiting for a queue to spin a roulette. The prize is insured. Get different sex toys.

In a booth nearby, two girls wearing a white monkey with a message on his back: “Technique of vibrators”. In reality, it does not manage these devices. But you know to the perfection of its operation. And even the lead positions. Working at Crave, a company based in San Francisco that manufactures rings and necklaces to luxury vibrators.

“it's Not just vibrators that are very functional, they also launched a message of empowerment,” says Christine Concho. Is an employee of the company and explains that the goal of these "jewels", for which the price exceeds 60 euros, is to “destigmatize the pleasure and to take ownership of it.” He argues, there is still so much taboo around the industry, especially in the united States.

Christine Concho, of Crave, with a ring and a necklace conosolador. Isabel Rubio


the us giant is considered a real milestone for the presence of this type of companies in the fair. So says Patricia Lopez, an expert in the sector and founder of Myhixel, a company that has developed a device to help control the ejaculation: “The industry of sex-related products has been closely linked to the realm of pornographic. There are many products that continue to be so, but since some years ago, the industry has evolved towards the health and sexual well-being”.

The majority of devices exposed in the show are for women. “This happens because we have normalized the discourse of sexual health and we are used to going to the gynecologist. However, for a man to go to the urologist is a matter of life or death,” López adds. But they also are concerned about the sexual well-being. The research Myhixel has been concluded that among the top searches on Google are “premature ejaculation”, “last more in bed” and “best sex”.

Patricia Lopez, CEO of Myhixel, with a device to control the premature ejaculation

The 31% of men between 18 and 56 years suffering from premature ejaculation, according to a study from the National Health and Social Life Survey. Of them, 85% prefer to take it in silence. “Premature ejaculation can sometimes break relationships. From the Institute Sexological of Murcia added that there are couples who are going to query for it. It is a pity that because of the taboo not to seek solutions,” says Lopez.

Return the spark to couples who have spent many years together with sexual devices is the goal of MysterVibe. “In marriages of long, the sex sometimes goes away. A few years ago I asked my friends and they told me that all they did was take their children to school or have work meetings. In the evening, think of the next thing that would need to be done instead of when they were going to have sex. We want to create products that help couples to regain that mystery," says the founder of MysterVibe, Soumyadip Rakshit, who brings 15 years married.

The founder of MysterVibe, Soumyadip Rakshit, with some sex toys. Isabel Rubio

Between his hands plays with a vibrator in purple. Bends it to one side to the other and says “the more people talk about sexual health, the easier it will be to break down the barriers”. "Almost 60% of women in the world is going to have a baby and 100% of those older than 55 will go through menopause. In the case of men, many have colon problems or erection. Sexual health is something totally normal,” he says before making the following comparison: “sex is like food. If you don't eat, you'll end up dying. If you don't have sex, there will be a next generation and you'll end up being the last person on the planet”.

Date Of Update: 10 January 2020, 12:01